How Will a Scorpio Man Test You? (7 Tests You MUST Pass)

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Every test your Scorpio man gives you is to see if you’re the right one for him.

How will a Scorpio man test you?

  • He’ll play hard to get to see how badly you want him
  • How trustworthy are you? He’ll put this to the test
  • He’ll look for your weak spots and check your reactions
  • He will test your sexual compatibility

Making mistakes can be costly—but they’re also avoidable if you know how to read a Scorpio man’s mind. 

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How Will a Scorpio Man Test You?

To understand a Scorpio man’s tests, you must first understand his deepest insecurities.

A Scorpio man will never admit it, but he’s afraid of being used and abused.

He’s an intense lover and a hopeless romantic.

When he loves, he loves hard and he’s terrified of leaving himself open to someone who will take liberties with his feelings, or worse, betray him.

Most of the time, his paranoia is not warranted.

But a leopard can’t change his spots.

So if you want to be together, you’ll need to be ready for what he throws your way so you can stay on your toes and react the correct way.

That is, in a way that shows him that you can be trusted.

Let’s get into the tests now.

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A Scorpio man will test how much you want him

When you first start talking to a Scorpio man, he knows if you’re attracted to him.

But it’s not enough for him to know it.

He wants you to be caught in a vulnerable moment of showing how much you want him.

It gives him the power, after all, to have you show your true intentions.

So definitely expect the Scorpio you’re talking to to do things like get thisclose to you and see if you can’t help but touch him.

Or text you constantly, then stop texting you for a couple of days to see how long it takes you to reach out to him.

He’ll test your overall compatibility

Scorpios aren’t the types to get even a little bit involved with someone unless they’re impressed right from the beginning.

You need to be intriguing enough to them, and they have to think there’s enough compatibility between you to make dating worth it.

For these reasons, you’ll be tested on how well you vibe with each other.

He’ll be wondering, do you have similar interests in fringe and taboo topics?

Are you quick with the witty remarks and comebacks?

Are you a deep thinker?

If you can charm him and at the same time spark his imagination, you’ll pass this test with flying colors.

He’ll want to know your sexual compatibility

Having great banter and harmonious energy is important, but so is having great sexual energy.

Scorpios need sex to be nothing short of mind-blowing.

They look for passionate lovers who have a healthy libido, like them.

If sparks don’t fly between the sheets, how compatible can you really be?

Once you get to this part of your relationship, let him see your uninhibited side.

Surprise him. Be spontaneous.

It doesn’t hurt to know how to sexually please a Scorpio man.

He’ll find out how faithful you are

In a relationship, a Scorpio expects nothing short of absolute loyalty from his partner.

But for a Scorpio man, he’s not convinced just by what he sees on the surface.

And so he puts you through a battery of tests—yes, expect many!

If you’ve been confused by a Scorpio man encouraging you to hang out with another guy, don’t assume it’s because he’s not interested in you.

Scorpio men have been known to pull this tactic when they want you to prove yourself by turning all other men down.

He’ll watch you when you talk to other men to see if you flirt, or how you deal with another man flirting with you.

Even if you think he’s not, he’s always watching.

He’ll put your commitment to the test

A Scorpio man is probably the most intense man you’ll ever date.

For some women, this can be challenging.

The Scorpio wants to unleash all of his love and obsession, but he has to know that you’ll stay.

So, a Scorpio man may start subjecting you to a lot of moody behavior to check how you’ll handle it.

He may also close off suddenly, give you the “silence test” and disappear to see how long you’ll stick around and if you keep reaching out to him.

For a Scorpio man, a serious love interest is a potential match for a lifetime.

As strange as it sounds, he’ll try to poke holes in it to see if your love is unsinkable.

You can learn exactly how to respond to a Scorpio man’s confusing behavior with Scorpio Man Secrets.

He’ll try to catch you in a lie

How truthful are you, really?

The Scorpio man has to see if you can be trusted.

He’s deeply suspicious by nature and thinks that everyone has the potential to betray him.

In other words, you may be guilty until proven innocent.

The Scorpio may bring something up that you said at one point to see if your story is still the same.

Or he may put something you told him to the test.

Maybe you said you were busy next Friday, so he planned a wild night out without you to check if your availability suddenly opens up.

He could also straight up ask you if you’re being honest with him.

It’s important not to get defensive, but also to stand firm without making excuses to show the Scorpio that you have nothing to hide.

He’ll push your boundaries

A Scorpio man will set out to find your weaknesses immediately.

He’ll look for where the line is, then purposely cross it to see what you do.

Being with a Scorpio man means being subjected to power struggles here and there, especially before he really trusts you and opens up to you.

He likes to be in the position of power, which means knowing how to push your buttons.

However, it’s important that you keep your boundaries intact.

He will respect them as long as you make things clear.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

Do Scorpio men lose interest fast?

Unless you really shine when he first meets you, a Scorpio man can definitely lose interest quickly.

You have to hook him with your unique personality.

Then make sure he’s the one who does the chasing.

How to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested shares the secrets of getting a Scorpio guy hooked on you.

Signs a Scorpio man has a crush on you

It’s the way he can’t stop staring at you, even when you turn around and catch him.

If you’re thinking he might be shy, guess again!

A Scorpio man has a thing for you if he comes on strong and starts digging into your personal life to learn more about you.

He might not say he has a crush, but he’ll give you hints to see if you pick up on it.

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Signs a Scorpio man is playing you

The more separate he keeps you from his life, the higher the chances that a Scorpio guy isn’t taking you seriously.

Signs he’s playing you include refusing to meet up with you anywhere but his or your place and never being reachable on his phone except when he talks to you first.

Though Scorpio men are extremely sexual, you can tell they’re just in it for the sex if that’s all you do and they don’t show any interest in you or your life.

Basically, you’ll have your clues that a Scorpio man is just using you by the way he treats you—like an object to pick up and play with when he wants, or like his girl.

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

If something has kept your Scorpio man away, you’ll know he misses you when he shows back up looking to reconnect.

He’ll be wondering what’s going on in your life not out of passing interest, but out of possessiveness.

Contacting you, especially after a period of not talking, is a huge sign he misses you.

But so is the way that he behaves—overly protective and like he’s reestablishing that you are his.

Here’s How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You.

How do you know if a Scorpio man is serious about you?

You can tell by his desire to meld with you emotionally.

He’ll want you to open up to him quickly and totally, and he’ll also start to open up to you, slowly.

Chances are, things will move quickly as he’ll want to dive right in!

Once a Scorpio man knows what he wants, he goes for it.

Everything will be more intense—the way he stares at you, his expectation of loyalty and yes, the tests!

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How to play a Scorpio man at his own game

Be careful if this is what you’re trying to do! You can’t win, no matter how hard you try.

A Scorpio is vengeful and will strike when you least expect it.

If you want to give a Scorpio man a little taste of his own medicine when he ignores you, go ahead and live your life as fully as you can and post about it on social media.

Don’t be rude or cruel to him to try to stir up his passions, or he’ll cut you off emotionally.

The key is to keep your independence and not show the Scorpio man that he gets to you when he does.

The best way to handle a Scorpio man, though, is with your eyes wide open, before things get beyond your control.

You’ll need to understand what makes your Scorpio man tick, what he wants deep down and what triggers him to close off or walk away, which Scorpio Man Secrets teaches.

It’s your sextrology guide, relationship guide and Scorpio man bible that gives you the power over your Scorpio man, while still allowing him to be the dominant partner.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Scorpio Man Secrets.

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