How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Falling in Love With You?

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So, how do you know when a Scorpio man is falling in love with you?

  • He shares his secret thoughts and feelings with you
  • He acts possessive and “claims” you
  • You know he’s not talking to any other women
  • He keeps in constant communication with you
  • He gives you little tests to see how trustworthy you are

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How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Falling in Love With You?

He merges with you emotionally

Scorpios are known to hide their feelings and true motivations from others.

They’re secretive by nature and hate being left out in the open.

Their fear of being taken advantage of emotionally (which is pretty much impossible to do with a Scorpio) causes them to be very careful about who they open up to.

But in love, a Scorpio man’s desire for a unique emotional connection becomes a driving force.

Because of this desire, he will naturally become emotionally demonstrative and, dare I say, vulnerable-seeming.

You will sense his feelings for you, but you will also feel that yours are being reciprocated.

It will feel like you’ve created a sacred world that only you two inhabit.

Love for him is transformational, meaning he is—and you will be—transformed by it, together.

You will feel that in your heart.

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He’s in continuous communication with you

Women in happy relationships with Scorpio men know that their Scorpios love them in large part because of how communicative they are.

If your Scorpio man is texting you every morning to say hello and every night to tell you “Sweet dreams” when you’re not together, it’s a good sign he’s hooked on you.

Outside of relationships, Scorpio men are pretty solitary creatures.

They have friends but they have a real lone wolf streak.

They’ll talk to a woman they’re interested in, but they’ll only do it on their terms, or when they feel like it (Scorpio is a water sign and ruled by emotion, so yes, Scorpios are moody).

However, love turns the Scorpio into a regular chatty Cathy.

At least where frequency of communication comes into play.

Scorpios men tend to say less than other men, so when a Scorpio man is reaching out to you pretty much every day like clockwork, that’s something to pay attention to.

He claims you

Touch is a big way a Scorpio man expresses his love.

Not just gentle, affectionate touch, but also some straight groping.

Scorpio men who are in love want to hug you and hold you like you belong to them.

“You are mine” is the message you’ll receive when you’re in your Scorpio man’s lovin’ arms.

Because to the Scorpio, that’s the truth.

His need to touch your body, stroke your hair and hold you close is part of his love language but also part of his innate possessiveness.

If your Scorpio man is always touchy-feely with you, he’s in love.

He tests your love and loyalty

Yes indeed, Scorpio men test you when they love you.

It can be exhausting because you can’t understand why they do it.

But Scorpios’ deep trust issues drive them to do it.

There are endless ways he may test you.

He might test your physical attraction to him by wearing a muscle tee to see if you can’t keep your hands off.

He might start to push you away out of nowhere just to see whether you give up or stay true to him.

If you want your Scorpio man to know you love him, you will have to pass his tests.

Don’t be thrown off-track! Just be patient.

He’s in love with you but he needs to know that you truly are all his, and that he can count on you.

His gaze is more intense

Everyone who has been the object of interest to a Scorpio man knows that crazy intense look in his eyes.

He focuses on you in such a way that you feel helpless and turned on at the same time.

But the deeper he falls, the more intense that look gets.

And the more expressive.

It’s like he can tell you everything just with his eyes.

And indeed, Scorpio men do a lot of nonverbal communication.

They feel that if you share a connection, you should be able to intuitively understand each other.

For Scorpios, a lot of that action takes place in an exchange of glances.

So pay attention to the way he looks at you and if you feel like he’s burning a hole in your back every time you’re not looking—

And if you can feel the emotion from him just by gazing into his eyes—

That’s a big sign of love.

He doesn’t want you to talk to other men

As mentioned, Scorpio men are possessive.

Though it might not seem like it to the untrained eye since they can hide it so well, Scorpio men do indeed get crazy jealous.

But they can only get jealous when their feelings are involved.

Have you noticed your Scorpio man making rude comments about a male friend of yours?

He may feel threatened by that male friend, perhaps because he has observed your relationship and seen that you and said male friend are close.

You have to realize, it’s the emotional closeness of your friendship that bothers your Scorpio—because he wants all of your love.

So if you find that your Scorpio is a little standoffish with other guys around you, you can take it as a good sign that he’s being (perhaps overly) protective because he’s in love.

He shares secrets with you

Once a Scorpio man starts telling you things he doesn’t say to other people—

Ding ding ding!

That’s a sure sign he’s caught feelings.

Scorpios don’t let anyone in who they do not trust.

They definitely don’t share things unless they want you to see a fraction of their “real” self, which is also something of a test to see how you handle it.

As sharing secrets is a way of bonding and merging with their loved ones, Scorpio men let the woman they love in.

Mind you, Scorpios will still pick and choose what to share—until they trust you completely, they can’t become an open book with you.

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He’s concerned about your safety

Does the Scorpio man insist on walking you home if you say you’re going to walk alone?

Will he walk in front of you in a crowded room to make it easier for you to get through?

These little acts show how protective the Scorpio can be when he loves you.

Your physical safety is a big concern for him and he feels at least partly responsible for it.

In this way, Scorpio men are pretty traditional in a relationship.

It’s not that he doesn’t think you can handle yourself.

It’s more that he worries about you in a doting way.

He’s loyal to you

Scorpio guys give as much loyalty as they expect from the one they love.

When he’s in love, he won’t be giving you any reason to suspect that he’s talking to other women.

Or looking at other women.

Beware the Scorpio man with a roving eye.

He’s probably not commitment-ready and has not settled on loving you with every part of him.

However, if he loves you completely, you’ll feel utterly consumed by his love.

You won’t even have time to get jealous.

It’s important to him that he proves to you just how sincere he is.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

Can a Scorpio man fall out of love easily?

Even though Scorpio men can seem like they can turn off their emotions when they want to, it’s more that they’re determined to be in control.

The truth is, Scorpio men do not fall out of love easily.

Their feelings are as intense as they are and they don’t readily let go.

Scorpios can easily come back after years apart from an ex with their love still intact, if the relationship was profound.

Do Scorpios ignore their crush?

Not really.

A Scorpio man might play like he’s not really focused on you temporarily at a social function, but only because the moment isn’t right to approach you.

If he’s crushin’ on you, he’ll make a move when he can get you alone.

In general, Scorpios are attentive when they like you, but only to a point.

They need a lot of space, so don’t misinterpret their desire for privacy as ignoring you.

Where do Scorpio men like to be touched?

Scorpio rules the genitals, so that is the prime spot to be attentive to on a Scorpio man.

However, a Scorpio man’s entire body can be an erogenous zone if you’re touching it right.

Touch your Scorpio with hunger.

Run your nails over his body.

Give him the most passionate night of his life as detailed in How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man and he’ll be crawling back for more.

Signs a Scorpio man is playing you

It’s easy to tell a Scorpio man is playing you when he puts absolutely no effort into creating a real relationship with you.

That is, he doesn’t share himself emotionally with you, he doesn’t want to go out on dates with you and he makes no moves to confirm your exclusivity.

He may even be chatting up other women, too.

On the more subtle side, a Scorpio man could be using you if it seems like your relationship with him is incredibly one-sided.

As in, he isn’t generous with you, he doesn’t spend time with you unless he needs something (ahem, physical) from you and you can never get a response from him when you text.

Watch out for those warning signs.

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

If your Scorpio man misses you after you haven’t seen each other for a while, he’ll start keeping his eye on your whereabouts (more than usual).

He’ll be very interested in who you’re hanging out with and what you’re doing.

He’ll also reach out to you if he hasn’t done so lately.

You’ll get a text, or maybe even a phone call, out of the blue.

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