Will a Taurus Man Fight for You? (5 Things He Needs First)

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Will a Taurus man fight for you?

Whether you two are in troubled waters or your relationship is ending, here’s the answer:

  • A Taurus man will do what it takes to be with you if he doesn’t see problems standing in the way
  • He will not throw caution to the wind
  • You’ll have to prove you want him and that you’re loyal to him

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Will a Taurus Man Fight for You?

The short answer is yes, a Taurus man will fight for you.

He will fight for you and to have a relationship with you, no matter how impossible the odds may seem.

As a fixed sign, he has a tremendous amount of willpower to put thought into action.

This man won’t just pine for you. He’ll do what it takes to win you.

But he will only do so under certain conditions. 

If they’re not met, then no matter how he may feel about you, it won’t sit right with him and he’ll let you slip through his fingers.

Here are his conditions.

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1. If he’s in love with you

Of course, the Taurus man will need to have strong emotions for you if he’s going to go to battle for you.

This man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. 

He holds the ideal of true love in a very high place in his heart, way up on a pedestal.

Chivalrous as he sees himself, the idea of riding in on his white horse to scoop you up seriously appeals to him.

You just have to hold that important place in his life to motivate him. That is, he has to love you romantically.

Another way of putting it is that he can’t just love you. He has to be in love with you.

2. If you’re loyal

Tauruses demand nothing but absolute loyalty from their lovers.

This is one reason why casual relationships don’t really work for them.

Even if you and the Taurus haven’t had the talk about being monogamous yet, it’s important to him and it’s on his mind.

Let’s say you broke up, or maybe you never got “serious” from your perspective.

Now you’re single and you’re dating or flirting with other men.

If you still want the Taurus to chase after you, you must drop all attention from other guys.

Without a doubt, the Taurus is quietly observing you from the sidelines.

If he sees you going out with other people, he’ll think you’ve made your choice not to be with him since you won’t be with him exclusively.

In this case, he won’t be able to risk his heart.

3. If you haven’t given him a reason not to

A Taurus man doesn’t need a list of reasons to come knock on your door.

However, he will consider any reasons that maybe he shouldn’t.

For him, the biggest reason not to fight for you would be an act of betrayal or disloyalty.

Like if you cheated on him when you were together or started seeing other guys while not dating, but emotionally involved with the Taurus man.

Beyond that, there could be more practical reasons to not fight for you.

After all, this earth sign is as practical as they come.

For example, he may decide to leave you alone if in the past you’ve threatened to leave him over small matters.

He’ll be weighing the pros and cons and thinking in future terms.

Is the relationship worth saving? Are you going to be committed and devoted to him if he comes to sweep you off your feet?

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4. If you haven’t rejected him

Taurus guys take rejection hard.

They may not show it at all to you, but they’re sensitive and need a lot of reassurance from you in order to pursue you.

Sadly, many women underestimate this and that’s where things turn sour.

If a Taurus man reaches out to you and you don’t reciprocate, he’ll take it as instant rejection.

You may be just trying to understand what’s going on with him, but stopping him to question his behaviors will look to him like you not really wanting him. Or being wishy-washy.

What about trying to play a little hard to get?

With a Taurus man, it will not go to plan.

Anything short of you greeting him with open arms and acceptance will feel like abandonment to him, and he’ll shut down.

5. If he thinks he’s good for you

You probably won’t get a Taurus man to slay dragons for you if he thinks he’s not the one for the job.

Since he cares for you deeply, he wants you to be happy.

Selfishly, he wants you to be with him, but what if you start resenting him?

Maybe he thinks being with him will hold you back in some way.

You may have said as much yourself.

If he wants a future with you, he will not be able to take the heartbreak down the road if you’re not meant to be together.

Other Taurus Man Questions

Are Taurus guys clingy?

A Taurus man can seem clingy because he’s so possessive.

But he’s not clingy in the true sense of the word where he can’t be without you.

It’s not that he wants to be attached at the hip all the time.

But he does want to know where you are and what you’re doing when you’re not with him.

When he first starts courting you, he may be super clingy with lots of phone calls, telling you he misses you and giving you relationship vibes.

But this will cool down for him at some point. In fact, you can almost count on him disappearing for at least a few days at a time, which can confuse you.

Sometimes he gets clingy as one of his Taurus man jealous signs, in which case, he’ll try to pull you in close.

Will Taurus man pursue you?

Yes, a Taurus man will pursue you if he wants you and he knows for sure that you want him back.

That last part is crucial.

He prefers to be in control, so he will pick up the chase.

But not until he has proof that you’re interested in him and him alone.

Until then, he’ll sit back and watch your moves.

And probably test your actual interest in him.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

A Taurus man tests a woman’s feelings for him as well as her trustworthiness.

Many women who report their Taurus men going hot and cold on them are actually being tested for how much they want their Tauruses.

If she wants him badly enough, a woman will not be deterred.

The Taurus man may do wild things like encourage her to go on dates with other men just to see if she will refuse (he hopes she will).

He’s also listening to her carefully to find out who she is, what she wants out of a relationship and whether or not they share the same values so he knows whether it’s a good match.

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How do you know a Taurus man likes you?

Here are big signs a Taurus man likes you:

  • He’s a show-off around you, but shy when it’s just you two
  • He runs into you out a lot by “coincidence”
  • He tries to make physical contact with you
  • You’ll hear from him several times a week, if not every day
  • He tries to get the scoop on you from social media and people who know you

What’s bad about Taurus men?

The most famous negative Taurus man trait is his outright stubbornness.

He won’t budge no matter how wrong he may be or whatever the consequences are.

As a fixed sign, Taurus has a hard time with change.

So while he’s great at sticking to a plan, he’s also not very flexible.

One of the biggest challenges with a Taurus man is his possessiveness.

It can get so out of control that it can end the relationship.

Dating a Taurus man is not easy, but the loyalty, romance and love a Taurus man gives a woman is why so many chase Taurus men.

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