How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You (10 Ways to Get Him to Want You)

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Need to know how to make a Scorpio man miss you before it’s too late?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Know when to give him space and when to reach out
  • Be friendly and open, but don’t smother him
  • Use social media to get him looking through your pictures
  • Tactfully show up to places you know he’ll be

If you’re afraid you’ll lose your Scorpio man, get inside his mind and learn to react to him the right way.

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How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You

Maybe you had a breakup with a Scorpio man, or you’re afraid he’ll never be interested in you again.

Whatever the case may be, it’s time to act before the door closes permanently.

If you’re looking for ways to make the Scorpio man miss you, you’re doing a wise thing.

Trying to chase the Scorpio man never works.

In fact, it has the opposite effect by making you appear desperate or making the Scorpio man feel like you’re trying to control his life, something he will never let happen.

So, it’s important to let him come to you.

Let’s talk about how to get him to do that.

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1. Take a communication break

First and foremost, it’s imperative to allow the Scorpio man time to start missing you in the first place.

Absence makes the Scorpion’s heart grow fonder.

On the flip side, always seeking attention and texting nonstop makes every Scorpio under the sun think twice about responding.

Scorpios hate being pushed and find clinginess unattractive.

What’s more, they need a lot of space to themselves to think things over, sort out their feelings and think about you.

Contact him too soon, and he’ll go further into his shell.

2. Show up where he is

A great way to make a Scorpio man miss you is to get him to set eyes on you.

Not by pressuring him to see you, but by ending up in the same room or event as him.

Know about a mutual friend’s party he’s attending? 

Get on the invitation list.

The reason you want to get his eyeballs on you is that the Scorpio guy is extremely touchy-feely and, deep down, nostalgic.

Seeing you can trigger his desire to touch you and hold you all over again.

It’s helpful when you have mutual friends so that there’s more social crossover, which means more chances to bump into each other.

But you can certainly put your feelers out to see what his upcoming schedule’s like.

Just be sure you’re not making it seem like you’re stalking him by showing up at his work or his favorite lunch spot every day.

3. Demonstrate that your life goes on without him

Scorpio men aren’t dumb—they know when you miss them.

They’re extremely emotionally in tune, especially because they’ve worked so hard to get to know you inside and out and predict your every action, thought and emotion.

Still, Scorpio men are turned off by desperation and dependence.

To become re-attracted to a woman, the Scorpio man needs to be able to see that she hasn’t been broken by his absence and that she’s actually thriving.

Present a face that’s upbeat and optimistic.

Show that you’re happy and successful, not moping around.

It’s the kind of motivation he needs to chase after you again.

4. Give him time to reach out to you

A Scorpio man who misses you will reach out to you.

The key is to wait until he’s ready to start talking to you.

Waiting for him to text you, message you or call you first is good because you don’t have to worry about making a move too soon.

Many times, women have to wait months for their Scorpios to get back in touch with them.

However, if you’ve successfully gotten in front of him at an event, there’s a good chance he will be texting you soon since the memory of you is so fresh.

5. Text him

If the Scorpion doesn’t talk to you first, don’t lose hope.

You can definitely reach out to him, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve left enough time and space in between.

You’ll have to use your judgment as every Scorpio man is different, but you should likely wait longer than a couple of weeks for best results.

Dip your toes in the water by sending a simple text.

Ask him how he’s doing in a casual, friendly way and give him a chance to respond.

Sometimes reaching out to him is what he really needs if he hasn’t been able to justify to himself a reason to talk to you first.

He wanted to, but he was nervous about what would happen if he did.

You can gauge how it’s going by how he responds. No response, he’s probably not ready.

A slow response, he’s guarded but willing to let things play out.

Being immediately responsive to your texts and keeping up the conversation is the best sign that he not only misses you, but he’s also actively interested in getting back together.

6. Be open but not easy

When you’re talking to your Scorpio guy again, you’ll need to walk a line between seeming distant and being overly available.

Closing off to the Scorpio man will not encourage him.

It could potentially indicate to him that you don’t really want to be with him, that you’re not sure what you want or you’re just playing games.

All of which will cause him to walk away.

At the same time, throwing yourself at him presents zero challenge and makes him nervous that you’re too dependent on him.

What you want to do is slowly rebuild a connection with him.

This is all the more important if his trust was damaged before.

He’ll start to miss you as he grows more emotionally open and bonded to you while at the same time knowing that you have limited time in your busy life and absolutely zero time for games.

If you need help striking the right balance to re-attract a Scorpio man, be sure to check Anna Kovach’s real-world tips in Scorpio Man Secrets.

7. Look great

It’s never a bad idea to work on your look to make a Scorpio reminisce.

This possessive sign easily becomes jealous when a woman he used to have is ogled by other men.

And of course, looking gorgeous will up the temptation factor.

Physical beauty is not the most important thing to Scorpio men.

Nevertheless, they’re enchanted by a woman who takes care of her appearance and is proud of the way she looks.

A confident woman is a missable woman to a Scorpio man.

At the same time, you’re much better off appearing like a natural beauty than appearing like you’re consumed with your own beauty.

That is, put in effort but don’t worry too much about it so that you need to fix your makeup in a mirror every five minutes.

Confidence is about knowing you’re beautiful, not just looking good.

8. Post on social media

One thing you have to know about Scorpio guys is that they will, for sure, stalk your socials after you break up.

They don’t want to lose sight of you no matter how firm they are on distancing themselves from you.

Which gives you an opportunity.

You can use the Scorpio’s need to see what you’re doing on social media by posting regularly.

Not sad posts about breaking up or being alone.

Rather, you want to post selfies where you’re having a good time out with friends.

Write captions that are exciting and reflect the good things going on in your life.

You may even get the Scorpio to message you (privately).

9. Spend time with people outside of the Scorpio’s social circle

As mentioned above, Scorpios like to stay in the know about your whereabouts and who you’re hanging out with.

Hang out with people that he doesn’t know and it’ll drive him crazy because it means there’s a big part of your life he can’t be a part of from a distance.

He’ll be insanely curious about who your other friends are and what your life is like now.

Obviously, posting pictures with new friends and people he’s not familiar with is a good idea.

Just beware, you don’t need to focus on a new “man friend.”

Simply showing that there’s a part of you that’s out of his reach through your social life is enough to get him curious.

10. Don’t pry into his life

While you’re building new bridges with the Scorpio man, leave it up to him how much he wants to share with you.

It can be tough because obviously, you want to know if he’s seeing anyone else.

But a Scorpio man who doesn’t want you to know about his life isn’t going to let you in anyway.

What’s more, pushing him makes him suspicious and closed off.

If your goal is to get him thinking about you and wanting you again, playing it on the cool side is important.

Let him know he’s in control and that the choice to come to you is his.

Control is what he’ll need to come back.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

The most telltale sign that a Scorpio man misses you is when he contacts you after not speaking for a while.

He probably won’t gush or make any big confessions.

Just hearing from him is the big sign that you’re looking for.

It means that he couldn’t stop himself from hearing your voice or talking to you directly because he missed you that badly.

Otherwise, any evidence that he’s stalking your socials is a good indicator that he misses you.

Or if your friends tell you he’s asking after you.

These are all ways he keeps an eye on you from afar so that he never loses his link to you entirely.

How do you make a Scorpio man addicted to and obsessed with you?

Being subtly sensual without coming across as attention-seeking or easy is important to get a Scorpio man hooked on you.

His obsession, however, comes from getting a peek into your inner world and seeing the depth of your emotions, your thoughts and your heart.

However, you’ll need to be cautious that you don’t give everything away without making the Scorpio man work for it.

How to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed With You explains how.

How does a Scorpio man react if you ignore him?

Straight up ignoring him is not a good way to handle a Scorpio man.

Giving him space is one thing, but pretending he doesn’t exist or mean anything to you backfires quickly.

He’ll go tit-for-tat and be sure you get the same treatment.

And then he’ll likely drop you like a hot potato in favor of a woman who doesn’t play games.

If a Scorpio man is ignoring you and you’re looking for the right approach, check our advice in How to Deal With a Scorpio Man Ignoring You.

What is a Scorpio man’s weakness?

Scorpio’s weaknesses are his extreme trust issues and his need for absolute control.

In terms of trust issues, he’s known to push and pull in a relationship constantly, one day needing you close and the next day icing you out.

Often, he does this to try to get a reaction from you to prove to him that you love him.

It can get pretty unhealthy, as can his need to control others.

In a relationship, he likes to be the dominant one, but many Scorpio men get consumed by power struggles where they push away someone they love trying to “own” them.

Unevolved Scorpio men can make a relationship so toxic that even they know they can’t stay.

How to text a Scorpio man and get him to text you

If you’re at a loss as to what to text a Scorpio guy, check out our tips in How to Text a Scorpio Man.

But as a rule, you want to be responsive and show interest in the Scorpio man by asking him thoughtful questions.

Additionally, you want to show that you’re not boring by stimulating his intellect and showing your own sense of curiosity about the world.

Be interesting and you’ll get a Scorpio man interested.

How do you know if a Scorpio man loves you?

If you’re curious, we cover this topic in detail in How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is in Love With You?

If he loves you, you have an emotional connection with him where he opens up to you and tells you things he doesn’t tell other people.

He shows his trademark possessiveness, but also his deep concern for your wellbeing, safety and security in an old-fashioned type of way.

And then, there are the little tests he prepares for you to see how much you love him.

Watch for these signs!

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