How to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested (9 Tips to Keep Him Hooked)

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Now that you’ve got a Scorpio man’s attention, you need to work to keep it.

Here’s how to keep a Scorpio man interested:

  • Don’t be afraid to be different
  • Build an emotional bond through romance and deep conversation
  • Keep your sex life wild and passionate
  • Never put on a false front or lie to the Scorpio man
  • Follow your Scorpio’s lead

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How to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested

1. Let your uniqueness show

Having something different about you is one of the most important factors in keeping a Scorpio man interested.

For a love interest, he picks the woman in the room who stands out for her aura and personality.

Not necessarily the way she dresses.

You have to capture his imagination. 

The sign of Scorpio represents transformation. As it happens, romantic relationships often serve to help a Scorpio man evolve.

But he needs a woman who inspires him through her individuality.

Not someone who follows the crowd.

Don’t be nervous to express and assert yourself.

Confidence is sexy to a Scorpio man and shows strength, an important quality in the woman he chooses.

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2. Be real, all the time

The key to successfully standing out to a Scorpio man is to be yourself.

If you’re not genuine, he’ll sense it immediately and very possibly write you off.

Scorpio’s co-ruling planet is Pluto, which rules secrets, the underworld, death and rebirth. 

In other words, Scorpio can see right through to your soul. You can’t hide anything from this man.

Nor would you want to. 

A Scorpio man is only interested in a woman he can merge with on a soul level.

He needs to trust you in order to do that.

So, look him in the eyes and let the Scorpio man see who you really are and he’ll be ten times more interested.

3. Have deep conversations

Nothing bores a Scorpio man faster than humdrum conversation.

Shallowness puts him off and small talk is pointless to him.

What he craves is a meaty conversation.

Topics that interest him are usually considered “heavy”: metaphysics, philosophy, the dream world and other subjects that encourage deep thinking.

Even though Scorpio is an emotional water sign, his sharp intellect can compete with the cerebral air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Unlike an air sign, Scorpio views these conversations as something much different from a mental exercise. 

It’s a way for him to identify with you and ensure that you’re a match on a deeper level of mutual understanding.

Which allows for an emotional connection.

He wants to get inside your mind, and if you’re doing it right, he’ll let you inside his.

4. Be unavailable sometimes

No, you won’t lose a Scorpio man just by answering your phone.

However, you should never be so available to him that it takes the thrill of the chase out of it.

Scorpio men bother going after someone who doesn’t answer their texts or pay them any attention.

On the other hand, they can easily feel suffocated by a relationship that develops too quickly.

That is, you’re sleeping over every night and you never have a break from each other.

Which will drive you crazy because it’s often the Scorpio man himself who hits the gas hard.

But if you don’t want him to realize he’s in over his head, slow it down.

Have other plans on the third night in a row that he wants to see you.

It’ll help keep the mystery alive, which is what drives a Scorpio man to chase you.

Even if you’ve been dating for a little while, it’ll do the trick to keep him missing you enough to always want more.

5. Let him lead

A Scorpio man needs to take the reins when you’re dating him.

He needs the sense of control that it gives him, but Scorpios are also simply natural-born leaders.

They just don’t get the credit for it like Leos do.

So let the Scorpio man lead.

Allow him to make decisions like where you’ll go on a date and what time to pick you up.

Beyond this, try to let him set the pace for major dating milestones like calling it an official relationship and down the road, moving in together, if that comes up.

Not pressuring him will encourage a Scorpio man to actually pull the trigger on these kinds of things.

Alternatively, applying pressure can make him start to question whether being together is the right thing for both of you.

6. Open up emotionally

Having meaningful conversations isn’t the only way to a Scorpio man’s heart.

The connection he so intensely desires is built on trust and understanding.

First, he wants to understand you.

Later, he’ll want you to understand him, which Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s Scorpio Man Secrets will help you do.

But the first step is opening up enough to the Scorpio man that he can get to know you intimately.

Share with him your private thoughts and feelings.

Give him insights into your life that feel like you’re sharing secrets with him and he’ll feel closer to you as a result.

The closer he feels to you, the further he’ll want to take your relationship.

7. Be romantic

A Scorpio man lives and breathes romance.

Just not typical romantic things like buying you expensive gifts.

To him, that’s not romantic—lying under the stars on a hilltop talking into the wee hours is.

For Scorpio men, it’s the intimacy that counts.

If you want to keep a Scorpio man for good, don’t let it fizzle out.

Sex is also incredibly intimate to Scorpios, making the bed a prime area to turn up the romance.

You don’t need to go all out with scented candles and mood music.

Often, too much of these types of mood-setting elements can strike a Scorpio man as artificial.

He’d rather listen to the rain on the roof in the dark with you snuggled up under covers.

8. Make sex passionate

Every Scorpio needs sex to be on another level to stay in a relationship.

But sex is not just a physical thing for these guys.

It’s—yes—another emotional expression and a way to bond with you spiritually.

For this reason, sex with Scorpio guys tends to be extremely passionate and intense.

They need a partner who can meet their sexual energy and give it back.

Bring your full animalistic energy to bed with you.

Give in to your emotions and let them show.

Make sex spontaneous and make it last.

9. Be loyal

As we’ve hinted at already, Scorpios are big on trust.

They have deep-down fears that someone is going to betray them and hurt them, making them do crazy things like test your faithfulness to them.

If you want a Scorpio man to stay, you’ve got to prove to him that you are dedicated to him.

And only him.

Flirting with other people is a huge problem for the possessive Scorpio man.

As is saying one thing and doing another.

Your words have to match your actions—if you say you’ll do something for the Scorpio man, follow through and don’t flake.

Being there for him and demonstrating that you’re not interested in anyone else, even when the Scorpio gets hot and cold with you, proves to him that his heart can be trusted with you.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

What does a Scorpio man find attractive?

There’s no one type of woman for the Scorpio man physically.

Some Scorpio guys are into vampy and mysterious.

Others like sweet and feminine looks—pretty dresses, low-key makeup.

It matters less what exactly your look is and more that you have an inner sex appeal that shines through.

However, what you wear should be tasteful and not too revealing.

A Scorpio man wants to be the only one privileged enough to see more of what’s under your clothes.

Take care of yourself physically and the Scorpio man will take notice.

What to text a Scorpio man

Examples of great texts to shoot a Scorpio guy you like are: 

  • Links to online articles on an interesting topic you and the Scorpio were talking about earlier to keep the vibe going
  • Flirty games using innuendos
  • Questions that show you want to get to know him
  • Offbeat and taboo subjects because that’s where the Scorpio mind is

If you want to know more, How to Text a Scorpio Man has you covered.

What a Scorpio man wants in a relationship

Above all, a Scorpio man wants true love.

To him, that means sharing a depth of connection that’s almost otherworldly—intuitive, emotional and even spiritual.

A soul bond.

The woman who fits the bill will be faithful to him and always tell him the truth.

She’ll let him be the dominant one in the relationship and call the shots, because that’s what a Scorpion really wants.

Still, a woman should never let anyone, the Scorpio included, walk all over her or she’ll lose her Scorpion’s respect.

How to make a Scorpio man chase you

Invite the Scorpio to chase you by opening up to him just enough to let him see the “real you.”

At the same time, practice enough distance that he just has to know more or he’ll go crazy.

If you do it right, he’ll be so intrigued he’ll call you the day after he gets your number.

The trick is to show him the potential for having a deep and special connection with you while making him earn it.

Learn how it’s done in our article How to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase You.

How to turn on a Scorpio man

Things that get a Scorpio man hot are:

  • Playing the submissive role
  • Being willing to get down and dirty anywhere, any time
  • Bondage, handcuffs, the works
  • Lingerie he can tear off your body

Check out more tips in How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man.

How do you know when a Scorpio man has feelings for you?

His secretive nature melts away and you find that he’s sharing his actual feelings with you.

He makes sure you know he wants you by never letting communication slip.

Pretty soon, the Scorpio man’s famous possessiveness comes out and suddenly you know that you’re his and other men should beware.

Then the tests of your love and loyalty begin!

We explain these tests and more in How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Falling in Love With You?

How do you make a Scorpio man fall in love with you?

If you really want a Scorpio man to love you, the most important thing is to make sure he knows you understand him.

Like, really get him like no one else.

This is because he’ll never settle for anything other than the most profound level of intimacy with another person.

Be passionate and attentive but resist becoming needy.

How to Get a Scorpio Man to Fall in Love With You explains the details.

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