How to Tell If a Scorpio Man Is Interested in You (10 Signs He Likes You)

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Fortunately for you, if a Scorpio man likes you, it’s super obvious.

Here’s how to tell if a Scorpio man is interested in you:

  • He stares at you and his gaze is full of intent
  • His hugs are long and deep
  • He has no problem approaching you and asking about you
  • He gets your number and keeps checking in on you
  • He’d prefer alone time with you

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How to Tell If a Scorpio Man Is Interested in You

When Scorpio men like you, they don’t hide it.

Instead of getting awkward and shy, they get bold and move into your personal space.

See why it’s so obvious when they like you?

Even if they’re tight-lipped about their feelings, their actions give them away every time.

Let’s dive into the specifics of how an interested Scorpion acts toward you.

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1. He stares at you from afar

Many are familiar with the Scorpio stare.

This sign is well-known for the dreamy, deep, smoldering look in their eyes.

They have it all the time, but when they like you, they direct at you.

You can feel the intensity of their gaze—is it getting hot in here, or is that a Scorpio who can’t take his eyes off you?

A Scorpio will full-on stare at you from across the room.

Without taking a polite break.

And he will not pretend he isn’t interested in looking at you if you catch his gaze.

2. He gazes at you intently while you’re talking

That same look in his eyes will persist while you’re chatting.

When you talk, the Scorpio becomes very quiet as he’s listening intently and absorbing everything you say, and all the while you feel like he’s looking into your very soul.

Yeah, it’s that intense.

It also has the effect of making you as focused on the Scorpio as he is on you.

You will find yourself completely absorbed by his presence.

3. He comes up to you and initiates a conversation

The Scorpio may watch you from a distance for a while at first, but he will approach you.

It’ll probably happen out of nowhere.

You’ll be sitting by yourself and he’ll plop down next to you, give you a smoldering look and say something you’re not expecting.

It might be a question, or it might be an observation about you.

But it’ll be direct and focused on you, like he’s been watching you and waiting to say something.

Because he has.

4. He asks you personal questions

Scorpios need to know everything about you.

It’s the Scorpio’s thing to start figuring out what makes you tick the moment he meets you, and he usually does.

What he can’t find out about you by digging, he’ll ask.

So expect the questions to be on the personal side and pretty precise in their intent.

No broad, general questions like, “What do you like to do?”

A Scorpio question would be, “I noticed you always carry a notepad with you—what are you writing in it?”

His questions are meant to get to know you on an intimate level quickly.

If he’s asking these sorts of questions, he’s definitely interested.

He would never bother just to pass the time with someone.

5. He gives you verbal hints

Scorpios are direct when you want to know something.

But at the same time, they like to see if you can figure out their meaning by dropping verbal hints and innuendos.

What they say might not be an open invitation, but it’s meant to draw you in and see if you’re on a level with them.

If they suddenly share points about what they wish they had from a relationship, that’s a hint.

If they talk about sex and sexual stuff, that’s probably a hint.

It’s the content of the conversation rather than the exact words they use that gives them away.

If a Scorpio man is talking romance, sex or dating, he’s probably interested in you.

6. He holds you close

There’s something super physical about the energy of a Scorpio.

This is the most sexual of the zodiac signs, and you know it just by standing next to a Scorpio.

When the Scorpio male is into you, he finds ways to touch you.

But it won’t be just a light, “accidental” touch.

He’ll hug you and keep you there against his chest and maybe stroke your hair.

His hand will linger on your cheek.

His touches will be tender and full of meaning.

If you’re not sure how to balance a Scorpio man’s sexual passions so that he doesn’t simply use you for sex, read Scorpio Man Secrets.

7. He wants to know where he can find you

A Scorpio with his eye on you will want to take charge.

He’ll want to know where you are and what you’re up to throughout the day.

Even if he doesn’t show up, he’ll want to know where he can find you at any time.

Questions he asks can make this clear.

He might walk up to you at a bar and ask things like, “How often do you come here? What days?”

Yes, he can be that forward.

8. He asks for your number

You’re probably not surprised to know that the bold Scorpion is going to ask you to give him your number.

He won’t wait, either.

When a Scorpio man knows what he wants, he goes for it.

If he wants you, he will make sure he can get a hold of you.

And when I say he asks for your number, I mean he outright says, “Give me your number.”

No dancing around it trying to act like there’s another reason he might need to call you.

Remember, if he wants something, he takes a direct path to get there.

9. He checks in on you

When a Scorpio who’s into you texts, he might not be doing it to make plans.

Scorpios drop in randomly just to remind you of them.

If a Scorpio likes you, he will want to see what you’re up to, if only to make sure you’re not giving your attention to another guy.

You see, Scorpios get possessive.

Pretty quickly.

They don’t want to spend their time on a woman who isn’t completely available and interested in return.

So if the Scorp seems like he’s just texting you for the sake of knowing what you’re doing right now, it’s probably because he wants to be more than friends.

10. He wants to spend time alone with you

Some signs, like Libras and Sagittarians, like to make you part of the group to express their interest in you.

But Scorpios do the opposite.

They want you all to themselves.

If a Scorpio is trying to get you alone, even in a crowded room, or if he follows you to a quieter spot at a party, that’s your sign.

He probably wants to suss out the situation or make it clear to you that he wants you.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

What does a Scorpio man like in a woman?

Scorpio men like mysterious women who are hard for them to figure out.

They love powerful women who will also be vulnerable with their Scorpio men.

They’re also attracted to smart women with something to say.

Above all else, Scorpio men are looking for a partner they can trust.

Someone who will be loyal to them and willing to prove that loyalty if the Scorpio asks.

Read more in How to Attract a Scorpio Man.

Where do Scorpios like to be touched?

Well, would you believe me if I said their erogenous zone is the genital area?

All the signs rule a specific body part or parts, and Scorpio rules—yes—the genitals.

So yeah, that’s where they like to be touched!

Check out How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man for details on what a Scorpion likes in bed.

Signs a Scorpio man is playing you

The telltale sign that a Scorpio man is playing is you that he’s only reaching out to you for sex.

If he steps on the gas in that department fast and that’s all you do, that’s not good.

Like, if he doesn’t take you out on dates and you never meet any of his friends.

Scorpios tend to be loyal folks, but when they aren’t, they can be very manipulative and try to balance two (or more) women at the same time.

You may not even realize it’s happening at first.

But if you’re getting ghosted and the Scorpio is out of reach unless he wants to make himself available to you, he’s likely using you.

Signs a Scorpio man just wants to be friends

If a Scorpio man would rather be friends than lovers, he probably won’t try to get one-on-one time with you.

It’ll be fine for him to see you at a social event with friends.

You won’t catch him staring at you and he won’t talk romance or sexual stuff with you.

He’ll be nice to you, but he won’t in any way try to give you that personal or intimate energy he does when he’s interested.

How to know if a Scorpio man misses you

A Scorp who misses you will definitely reach out to you.

He’ll text you, call you and check up on you.

But sometimes a Scorpio man ignores you when he does, in fact, miss you.

In which case he’ll be looking at your socials and finding ways to know your whereabouts without asking.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is falling in love?

Again, you can see it in his eyes.

But if that’s not a clear enough sign, you’ll know by how attentive he is to you and how he constantly keeps in touch.

He’ll romance you and though his sexual appetite will be strong, there will be much more to your time together.

He’ll want to cuddle, hold you and share things with you that he doesn’t share with other people.

We dive into this subject in How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Falling in Love With You?

What does a Scorpio man want to hear?

At all times, a Scorpio man wants to hear the truth.

Don’t try to spin things because you think that’s going to get him more interested in you.

Scorpios have a way of knowing that you’re not being truthful.

If a Scorpion senses you’re lying to him, he may just walk out of your life before you have a real chance with him.

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It’s the window to his mind, heart and soul.

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