How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man (10 of His Secret Desires)

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So you want to give a Scorpio man the time of his life in bed.

Here’s how to sexually please a Scorpio man beyond his wildest dreams:

  • Play with bondage and submissive-dominant roles
  • Tease him during foreplay
  • Bring all your passion to sex with a Scorpio man
  • Let your emotions come through
  • Have discreet sex out in public

Sex and love MUST go together if you don’t want a Scorpio man to lose interest.

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How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man

1. Play dominant-submissive roles

Being obsessed with power and control, the Scorpio male is a dominating presence.

In bed, he will likely want to dominate you.

If that’s the case, embrace the submissive role.

Let him toss you up on the kitchen counter and take you right there.

Ask his permission to pleasure him, too.

You can also try actual role playing that fulfills his control fantasies.

But sometimes, Scorpio men like to switch it up and let you take control.

In bed, that is.

Whatever the case may be, assume the role he wants you to play and don’t be shy about it.

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2. Try rough sex

Though not every Scorpio man is a walking stereotype, the reality is that most Scorpios love, want and need sex to be rougher.

At least some of the time.

One sexual encounter might be slow and tender while the next could be a wild ride.

Scorpios are known to leave hickeys.

You’ll get bruises and scrapes from doing it on the bare floor.

However, if you’re not sure how you feel about rough sex, you can and should establish your boundaries and make them clear to the Scorpio.

Any man worth your time and energy should treat you exactly how you want to be treated and never cross any lines.

3. Do it somewhere you’re not supposed to

Naughty sex is the Scorpio’s thing.

He’s a habitual taboo breaker and gets excited by sex that breaks rules.

Like sex in a bathroom or on the beach.

Somewhere public but also private.

Having sex where people don’t expect you to is like sharing a secret with your Scorpio man.

And Scorpios love secrets like these.

4. Have sex in nature

Scorpio men tend to be fans of the great outdoors.

They enjoy hiking, solo camping and being out in the woods.

So naturally, Scorpio men also like to have sex in the woods.

Whether you’re in the water, against a tree or on the bare ground, the Scorpion will relish the remoteness out in nature and having you all to himself.

5. Wear lingerie he can tear off you

If you’re in a sexual relationship with a Scorpio man, chances are, some of your panties have suffered a rip or two.

Scorpio men are incredibly passionate.

Tearing your clothes off your body is second nature to them.

Especially after it’s been hidden in clothes all day long.

If you want to give him a little something extra, put on lingerie that he can unsnap, untie and undo in a hurry.

Give him a present he can really pull the wrapping off of.

6. Don’t skimp on foreplay

Scorpio men relish everything about sex.

Though a Scorpio man is sometimes overly enthusiastic to jump into penetration, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need foreplay.

There can be a kink in holding out as long as you can before penetration for the sex-obsessed Scorpio.

And Scorpios like kink.

Tease your Scorpio man and practice self-restraint.

You can work up a good sweat just pawing each other.

Bring your passion to your foreplay.

Anything you do to draw out and heighten the sexual experience for the Scorpio man will put him in a state of sexual bliss.

7. Get into bondage

If any sign likes bondage, it’s Scorpio.

It kind of goes along with his power cravings.

So if you’ve always been too shy to break out the bondage gear, now is the time to do it.

Even if your Scorpio has never tried it, he’ll love the chance to get into it.

As mentioned before, taboos get him hot and he loves the physical dominance that goes along with his partner (or him) getting tied up.

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8. Lose yourself in sex

Scorpio men need a responsive sexual partner who can be uninhibited between the sheets.

Being too timid or insecure to really give yourself over to the Scorpio man will cool his passion.

This is not advice to scream as loudly as you can.

It’s a tip to open yourself up to the Scorpio and let him possess you completely.

Putting on a show for him is not his cup of tea.

Rather, connecting with him physically and emotionally is the key to unlocking his pure desire.

Don’t be afraid to give him eye contact.

Be sexually adventurous.

Make giving and receiving maximum pleasure your ultimate focus and goal.

9. Bring your emotions to the foreground

This goes hand-in-hand with losing yourself in sex with a Scorpio man.

You also want to put your feelings into it.

Scorpio is a water sign, which rules emotion.

So connection with a Scorpio happens inherently on an emotional level.

Including in bed.

And that special, electric connection is what he’s looking for.

Just opening up to the Scorpio man and sharing your vulnerabilities with him can make sex more magical for him because he’ll feel closer to you.

10. Give plenty of attention to his nether regions

The zodiac sign known as Scorpio rules the genitals on the human body.

No kidding.

So as you can understand, Scorpio men are into any sexual acts that put their manhood at the center of the action.

Oral sex, for example.

When you want to tease him, put your hand on it through his pants.

When in doubt, ask him what he wants you to do with it.

He’ll have no trouble letting you know.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

What a Scorpio man wants in a woman

All a Scorpio man truly wants is to meet his match in a woman.

Scorpios want a woman who is strong, independent and emotionally deep but not emotionally immature.

They’re looking for absolute loyalty from a woman as well as passion, excitement and mystery.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man has more details.

How do you make a Scorpio man obsessed with you?

If you can keep a Scorpio man guessing when he meets you, he’ll soon become obsessed.

Scorpio guys want to know everything about you, and yet there’s nothing in it for them if they have you figured out in no time.

So maintaining mystery about you is the key to making Scorpios crazy about you.

Check How to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed With You for more key tips.

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

When a Scorpio man misses you, he makes moves to get in touch with you.

If he’s been absent, he’ll call you.

He may try to see you right away, or he may just want to hear your voice.

Maybe he’ll text first, but the point is that a Scorpio man who misses you puts action behind his feelings.

Do Scorpios move on quickly?

Not usually.

If a Scorpio was emotionally invested, he won’t just forget about you and move on.

This makes one-night stands less of a desirable thing for Scorpio men, although they are capable of them.

But Scorpios hold onto a connection and it can take years to sever.

If you want a Scorpio man to surrender his heart to you, you can’t expect him to do that without ensuring that you understand him on a deep, deep level.

Anna Kovach wrote Scorpio Man Secrets to help women understand their Scorpio men and win them back from breakups, keep them hooked and get them to commit.

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