How to Make a Scorpio Man Happy (11 Ways to Boost Your Relationship)

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If you’re dating a passionate Scorpio man, you’re going to want to keep him.

Here’s how to make a Scorpio man happy:

  • Don’t let the flame of your love go out
  • Listen to him and make him feel understood
  • Stay active, have fun and laugh together
  • Be loving and affectionate without suffocating him
  • Give him the control he craves in the relationship

Because the Scorpio man is secretive, you might not know he’s unhappy until you break up.

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How to Make a Scorpio Man Happy

Keep the love alive

Love is possibly the most important thing to a Scorpio man.

After he achieves world domination, anyway.

I’ve personally talked to Scorpio men who were in unhappy relationships because they didn’t feel that loving connection.

And those relationships were rocky, if not short-lived.

If you don’t want a Scorpio man to withdraw from you emotionally, and then finally physically as he walks out the door, work on your spark.

Fan the flames of your love.

Keep doing things new couples do.

Stay up all night talking and cuddling.

And don’t ever take him for granted—he needs active reassurance that your relationship is special and you’re not just going through the motions.

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Stay passionate

You’ve probably heard that Scorpio is the sex god of the zodiac.

And it’s true, Scorpios are extremely sexual by nature.

They love sex, but it’s that special form of unity with another person that they’re really after.

Scorpios throw themselves, emotions and all, into the act.

And they want the same from their partner.

A cold bed is grounds for a breakup to a Scorpio because it means that you’ve lost that connection.

So does sex that’s routine and passionless.

Keep passion going between the sheets. Explore new sensations together if things are getting stale.

Express yourself and don’t hold anything back!

Get outdoors together

You might not realize it, but Scorpio men are typically nature lovers.

Many have a passion for hiking, camping and other activities that take them deep into the woods, away from civilization.

Being alone, or getting away from society, is a way for Scorpios to center themselves and feel peaceful.

Why not get out there in nature with him?

Make it a point to go on day hikes on the weekend.

Or go on an overnight camping trip if you’re feeling up to it.

Whatever you plan, make sure it’s somewhere beautiful and not heavily trafficked by other people so he can recharge and feel closer to you at the same time.

Laugh together

Scorpio is a rather dark and brooding sign.

We expect Scorpios to be serious all the time, and much of the time they are.

But who doesn’t need to laugh once in a while?

To make your Scorpio man feel good, tell him a joke here and there.

Laugh at his jokes, too, and appreciate his humor, which will probably be on the dark side.

Laughter can lighten his load and remind him that some silliness is good for his soul, too.

Listen to him

If you’re going to be with a Scorpio man, you must do your best to really know him.

If he feels like you don’t get him, he won’t know what the point is of trying to be close with you.

And he definitely won’t be happy.

To understand him, start by really listening when he talks.

Listen without judgment or without waiting for your turn to speak.

Sympathize with him but don’t patronize him.

He’s a man who doesn’t share about himself very often, so when he does, you’ll need to be ready to catch it.

It makes him feel appreciated, but equally as important, he may drop information you need to prove your loyalty (which is huge to Scorpio guys) and avoid doing things he wouldn’t like.

If you want to understand him like no other and have that kind of connection where you can read his mind, get Anna Kovach’s advice in Scorpio Man Secrets.

Let him know you love him, always

As mentioned before, Scorpios need reassurance in their relationships.

Quite a bit, actually.

You wouldn’t pick that up from how confident and stoic they are, though.

But this emotional water sign relies on you to feed his soul with plenty of verbal “I love yous” and tokens of your affection.

Tell him how much he means to you.

Look into his eyes while you say it so he knows you mean it.

Words are important to a Scorpio man, but actions speak even louder.

So be sure to do things that demonstrate you love him.

Like being supportive and reliable and accepting him for who he is.

And maybe giving him a little gift every now and then that’s handmade or personal in some way.

Be patient when he isolates

If you’re dating a Scorpio guy, you either already know or need to be prepared for mini disappearances.

Don’t jump to conclusions—just because you don’t hear from a Scorpio man for a couple of days doesn’t mean he’s gone cold.

If you think a Scorpio man is purposely ignoring your texts, though, find out why.

But in general, it’s totally normal for a Scorpio man to need some space.

Even from someone he cares about deeply.

Give him his space to sort out whatever he’s going through.

Let him know you’re there for him but don’t pressure him to see you if he’s not ready.

The more you can be patient and understanding, the more open he’ll be with you and the less inclined he’ll be to push you away.

Allow him to be the dominant partner

Scorpio men have a need to be in control.

They like to control their environments and have the upper hand in any given situation.

They definitely don’t like to be put in situations where they’re at the mercy of someone or something else.

To help him be happy and satisfied in a relationship, let him be in the driver’s seat.

Let him make the decisions.

This can be hard for his partner if they’re also a dominant type, but it’s not impossible to please the Scorpio man with some compromise.

As long as he doesn’t feel like he’s lost control.

Don’t mess with his mind

A Scorpio man will not tolerate manipulation.

It can often feel like a Scorpio man is messing with your mind, but this is in part because of how complex he is emotionally combined with his secretive nature.

In other words, you can’t try to get even with a Scorpio man.

This sign is known for seeking revenge, so it’s just plain not a good idea for a healthy relationship.

Furthermore, Scorpio men need to know that you are 100% trustworthy.

So no matter what, avoid playing any games!

Don’t try to make him jealous, trick him or force him into anything he doesn’t want to do.

Be straightforward, loyal and always honest and he’ll learn that you’ll never betray him, which he needs to know.

Touch him

Scorpio is a very physically affectionate sign.

This man needs to feel your arms around him and your lips on his cheek, often.

Cuddling is important to him, not just sexual stuff.

He feels loved when you keep that physical contact going.

Throughout the day, squeeze his hand and put your head on his shoulder.

Placing yourself in a position where he’s physically protecting you also satisfies his desire to take care of you.

Don’t smother him

Even though Scorpio men need physical touch to express love, they can easily get overwhelmed by too much attention.

Too much attention would be spending no time alone, away from each other.

Or always expecting him to be at your beck and call.

It’s important to let your relationship breathe.

Let your Scorpio man take his time when he needs to.

Do this and you’ll avoid a situation where he freaks out because he feels pressured, which kills romance for him.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

How do you know a Scorpio man loves you?

A Scorpio man who loves you will want to be one with you, mind, body and soul.

He’ll be intense about your relationship and it’ll be clear that he doesn’t want to share you with anyone else.

Attention you get from other men will make him territorial.

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How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

If he misses you, a Scorpio man will try to get in contact with you and find out what’s going on in your life.

He’ll feel separate from you and need to reconnect, either through text or in person.

Most likely, he’ll stalk your social media and put his feelers out to gather info on you.

If you want to make him pine for you, we tell you what to do in How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You.

What is a Scorpio man’s weakness?

Without a doubt, one of the biggest weaknesses for a Scorpio man is his inability to trust others without a massive amount of effort.

He thinks people are doing shady things when they’re not, and he’s often suspicious.

As you can imagine, this can wreak havoc on his relationships.

Another weakness of his is getting too power-hungry.

Scorpios crave power and control, which can lead them to dark places and even get them into trouble.

It’s not necessarily typical, but it can happen.

How to make a Scorpio man chase you

Scorpio men love a little bit of sexy and innocent mixed together in a woman.

They’re also crazy about a woman they can’t figure all out right away.

This can be grounds for obsession, actually.

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What to say to a Scorpio man to turn him on

Say things that show your submissiveness.

Get in the mindset of the submissive partner and play it up.

Ask for her permission and let him dominate.

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What to text a Scorpio man

I have a secret. Want to hear it?”

“Here’s a puzzle. If you can figure it out, I’ll do whatever you want next time we see each other.

“Hey, I was thinking about what you said the other day and wanted to share my insights…”

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