How Does a Pisces Man Test You? (12 Tests and How to Pass)

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Are you trying to find out if a Pisces man is playing mind games with you? How does a Pisces man test you, exactly?

Here’s how a Pisces guy will test you:

  • He will test how emotionally stable and mature you are
  • He’ll be hot and cold and show distant behavior
  • He’ll push your buttons to test your reactions
  • He will make sure his family and friends like you
  • He’ll show all sides of his personality to see if you can handle it

Most women can’t pass every Pisces man test—it’s nearly impossible to read this secretive zodiac sign.

But if you’re determined to keep a Pisces man, you can learn how he thinks with a tried-and-true guide like Anna Kovach’s Pisces Man Secrets.

Click the link above now, or read on to find out—how does a Pisces man test you, and how should you respond?

How Does a Pisces Man Test You, and How Should You Respond?

Pisces guys can really throw you for a loop.

They’re incredibly sensitive, loyal and sentimental, but they hide this to protect their hearts.

Rather than making themselves too vulnerable, they’ll test a woman like no other zodiac sign and push her to her limits.

So saddle up and get ready!

Here’s what the most common Pisces man tests look like, and how you should react.

1. He makes sure you’re not an emotionally immature woman

couple sulking at a restaurant with a quote about not bringing emotional drama in a pisces man relationship

A Pisces man is always watching and observing your behaviors.

What’s important to him is seeing that you’re stable and grounded.

If you’re an emotionally immature woman, Pisces males will run far away from you.

This is because Pisces are not very good at separating their stuff from yours—so your personal life will spill over into theirs.

If your emotional drama becomes his, he will detach from you.

So in order to keep his world peaceful, he will be careful not to invite someone in who can easily turn it upside-down.


Never be an emotional wreck around him!

It’s okay to show him you have feelings—he knows you’re not a robot.

But you want to dial down the volume of your reactions and show him you generally have your stuff together.

Work on your emotional intelligence.

Show that you know how to resolve conflict peacefully.

In short, be the emotionally stable partner he’s looking for.

2. He demands his personal space

man standing facing a gloomy landscape with a quote about pisces men needing alone time

Like the fish that represent him, Pisces is hard to catch.

He likes to swim in a deep ocean rather than a shallow pond—needing plenty of space to do his thing.

Because he’s such a extreme introvert, he needs a lot of alone time to recharge.

And he definitely doesn’t like someone keeping tabs on him.

Ways that he creates personal space between you include ignoring your texts, being super casual and not committing to any definite dates.


Don’t chase after him. Give him alone time when he needs it.

Show him that you’re supportive and you’ll be there when he’s ready to come up for air.

Remember, you want to create a relaxed environment for the Pisces to pursue you in.

To him, there’s all the time in the world to get to know each other. So what’s the rush?

If you give him the solitude and space he needs without having to defend himself, he’ll be drawn to you like a magnet.

3. He gives you the silent treatment

If a Pisces guy is giving you the silent treatment, you may have done something to give him pause.

He feels slighted, overwhelmed, offended or uncomfortable.

And since Pisces is hella non-confrontational, he’s not going to call you out on it.

Instead, he’s going to give you the cold shoulder.

Meanwhile, he’ll wait for your reaction.


Basically, your Pisces is waiting to see if you care.

When it comes down to it, Pisces just wants a caring, compassionate partner who is worth giving his heart to.

So if you’re that person, you’ll give him some breathing room, but let him know that you’re there.

Tell him that you want to make things right if you offended him, and show him you’re sincere.

Then let him mull it over without over-contacting him about.

If he feels you’ve been genuine and he really likes you, then you’ve passed this Pisces man test and his silent treatment will end.

4. He checks whether you’re dating other guys

woman playing on her iphone with a quote about a pisces man testing your interest in other guys

This star sign is very insecure about how you feel about him.

He may seem cool as a cucumber, but it’s an act—as the most sensitive sun sign, he’s deeply afraid of getting hurt.

So naturally, one of the Pisces man tests is figuring out who else you might be flirting with.

If you met on a dating app, he’ll be paying attention every time you log on.

He’ll scan your social media for interactions with other guys.

It’s not a jealousy thing—it’s more for him to understand where he stands with you.

And of course, to protect his overly emotional nature.

He can’t allow himself to get involved with a woman who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.


Show your loyalty.

You’re not overwhelming him with declarations of commitment. But if you really want a Pisces man, he’s got to be the only one.

If he sees you messing with other guys, he may stick around and watch for a while.

But ultimately, it will push him away and he won’t let you get close to him.

5. He doesn’t call

Are you totally shocked and confused as to why the Pisces hasn’t dialed your number yet?

You two hit if off right away, the conversation just flowed…and now he’s silent.

What’s up with his distant behavior?

Well, this Pisces man test means that either:

  1. a) he’s making up his mind about you, or
  2. b) he figures he’ll leave it up to you to call first

So what do you do now?


It can be difficult to figure out the exact reason he’s not calling you. But nevertheless, your reaction should be the same.

You should call him!

Be casual but bold enough for the Pisces to react.

Pisces are huge procrastinators and have trouble making up their minds, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

They really need you to be the catalyst.

By calling him, you show him that you’re really interested and give him fuel to snap himself out of his dreamy, indecisive state.

If you keep calling and he’s just not responding, Anna Kovach shares some reliable techniques on getting him to pursue you in Pisces Man Secrets.

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6. He pushes buttons

woman talking animatedly to a man with a quote about a pisces man pushing your buttons

Pisces men are strange ones.

They’re sensitive, emotional and sweet, and at the same time they can be annoying and argumentative.

But there’s a method to this man’s madness.

When a Pisces is sussing out the situation with you, he’ll be looking for buttons to push to see how you’ll react.

It’s very important to him to know who you really are deep down.

He’s interested in your knee-jerk reactions, whether you’re hot-tempered or chill and laid-back.

If you’re thinking it’s kind of unfair to search for ways to ruffle your feathers, you’re not alone!

But that’s the only way he’s going to be convinced he’s seeing the real you.


If you want to pass this Pisces man test, keep your cool!

Be ready for him to get strangely confrontational about pointless things or to press you on subjects that make you a little uncomfortable.

It won’t last forever—he’ll stop playing mind games like this once he’s more sure about you.

But you have to let him do his thing in the early stages of dating.

7. He’ll test whether you’ll come between him and his friends

group of friends laughing at a table with a quote about a pisces man getting his friends to size up your dating potential

A Pisces man’s homeboys are everything to him.

He’s not going to get into a romantic relationship with any woman who threatens his friendships.

So expect his friends to tag along too when you ask the Pisces to hang out.

Pisces men rely on their friends to help them size up a romantic interest.

So while it may seem like the Pisces doesn’t want to be alone with you, he’s actually trying to figure out whether you fit into the group.


If you want to pass this Pisces man test, make sure you win his friends over.

Take advantage of the fact that they have such a huge influence on him.

Be welcoming of his buddies and show them that you have the Pisces man’s best interest at heart.

Because a Pisces man’s friends know how sensitive he is, and they will be protective of him.

But just recognize that they’re actually some of your best weapons in trying to get the Pisces guy to get serious about you.

8. He’ll show you his split personality

If you’re wondering, how does a Pisces man test you? This is a big one.

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

You can’t get a better representation of the Pisces personality—contradictory.

Similarly to Gemini, the Pisces male has a well-earned reputation for having something of a split personality.

He has mood swings, he’s low-key one minute and jazzed up the next.


Basically, he needs to know that you can handle it—all his separate personalities and mood swings.

Go with the flow and never be judgmental toward him.

Show him you’ll put as much effort into your relationship whether he’s up or down.

And never tell him you can’t understand him or why he acts this way.

For him, this is perfectly normal.

He is who he is, and the woman he ends up with will appreciate him and nurture all the unique sides of him.

9. He cancels plans at the last minute

close up of a man texting on a cellphone with a quote about being patient and understanding with a pisces man

Don’t get him wrong.

A Pisces isn’t cruel—he wouldn’t stand you up just for fun.

But Pisces are known to be rather loosey-goosey, and they’re not the most reliable when it comes to sticking to plans you’ve made.

If he cancels on you, it probably means he’s not in the mood.

But, he does want to make sure you’re flexible.


If you want to be with a Pisces, you need a lot of patience and understanding.

It can be disappointing when your plans fall through with him, but show him kindness.

Let him know you get it and then leave it at that.

TIP: If you don’t hear from him for a while to reschedule, a gentle nudge is helpful for the flighty Pisces guy.

Shoot him a text saying, “Hey, you free this week?”

And let him pick it up from there, no pressure.

10. He introduces you to family members

Have you met the Pisces man’s mom, dad, sisters or brothers?

Even if it’s still the early stages of a romantic relationship, the Piscean is known to introduce you to the fam.

But—while many men do this to get closer to you, the Piscean does this to test you.

He wants to find out if they like you and you like them.

You see, Pisces men care a lot about the opinions of their loved ones and crave their approval.


Impress his family!

You really just need to show them you care about the Pisces man and you’re in it for the long haul.

Never be rude to them, ignore them or talk badly about the Pisces man’s family to him.

If his family members get bad vibes from you, he’s going to have to call things off.

But if they love you, you’re in.

11. He’s hot and cold

brooding man with a quote about pisces man being hot and cold

Nobody can go to extremes of playing hot and cold like a Pisces.

You’re pretty sure he likes you. He’s sweet and affectionate, and yet he gets distant and non-communicative.

It doesn’t make much sense considering the Piscean’s overly emotional nature.

Isn’t he supposed to be an empathetic, romantic and considerate partner?

So what gives?

If you can’t figure out his behavior, it’s because he can’t figure it out himself.

Pisces are all over the place with their feelings.

He wants you, but he’s also scared.

Scared the relationship isn’t going to work out, or that he’s making the wrong decisions.

He lets his feelings get the better of him sometimes, and other times he pulls away.


If the Pisces guy is playing this game with you, ultimately you’re going to have to give him some sort of motivation.

He needs a nudge—not an ultimatum.

When he goes cold, don’t chase him. Live your life and stop reaching out to him.

When he calls you up to find out where you’ve been, let him know how his behavior has been affecting you and talk about the relationship you want with him.

Pisces hate hurting other people, and seeing that he’s upsetting you will be hard for him.

It will push him to confront his own actions and put his money where his mouth is.

Side note: If he never calls you and you’re the only one putting in the work, he’s not worth it.

That kind of one-sided thing is not a healthy relationship, and it points to the possibility that he’s playing you.

So don’t be afraid to make this move, because a male Pisces who cares about you won’t ignore you.

12. He slowly starts to open up

Because this sign is so guarded, it takes a long time for the Pisces to open up to you.

In fact, you won’t catch him sharing his deep, dark secrets with you in a heart-to-heart at all at first.

More likely, he’s going to test you by slipping random deep thoughts or personal information into conversations to see what you’ll say.

Depending on how you respond to him, he’ll claim he’s just kidding or change the subject as quickly as he can.

But make no mistake, he was definitely telling you something real.


Be open, honest and genuine with him.

Try not to have quick or judgmental reactions.

You need to demonstrate to the Pisces that you can relate to him.

Share your own personal stories to show he’s not alone.

In his heart, all the Pisces really wants is to be understood.

He’s searching for his twin flame, that one special person he connects with. A woman he can be himself with.

If you give him that space and acceptance, he’ll stop playing around and actually open up to you.


If we are to answer the question—how does a Pisces man test you?—we need to look at the patterns of behavior the Pisces man is showing.

If he’s acting sweet and sincere, but at times keeping you at arm’s length, you’re deep in the thick of it with him.

With a Pisces, you’re going to go through a lot of push-pull interactions in the early stages of a romantic relationship.

The best thing you can do is keep your cool.

Be understanding and flexible—but do not be a doormat.

A Pisces will test your boundaries and do everything in his power to reveal the “real you” while he decides what he ultimately wants.

If you can ride out the storms with him, be there for him and charm the heck out of his friends and family, you’ll pass his tests with flying colors.

Pisces Man FAQ

What type of woman does Pisces man like?

A Pisces guy likes a woman who’s easygoing, empathetic and in touch with her emotions.

He likes passionate women who are fierce and individualistic.

Pisces needs to put a woman on a pedestal. He craves a romance he can idolize and a woman who inspires him to be more and do more.

So if you’re trying to catch a Pisces man’s attention, make sure to stand out and show your unique side.

Show him your ambitions and most of all, be yourself.

How do you make a Pisces man miss you like crazy?

Be sentimental and romantic with him.

Nobody is more sentimental than a Pisces!

So being lovey-dovey, sharing cute inside jokes and reminding him of sweet moments together will make him miss you like crazy.

You can romance a Pisces man by predicting his needs.

Mostly, this means being emotionally open, compassionate and very attentive toward him.

Dote on him!

How does a Pisces man in love behave?

It’s hard to miss when a Pisces male is in love with you because he can’t hide it very well.

When a Pisces has fallen for you, he’ll probably outright tell you.

But he’ll also show you by constantly trying to nurture and grow your emotional and spiritual bond.

Think long talks late at night, lots of staring into your eyes and being vulnerable with each other.

Not only this, but he was also go above and beyond for you.

He would rather sacrifice himself and his happiness than put you in a bad position or see you sad.

He would do anything for you, and you don’t ever have to ask.

How do you know if a Pisces man is serious about you?

It’s clear that a Pisces man is serious about you when he starts acting like a committed partner.

That is, he isn’t subjecting you to repeated rounds of silent treatment or acting like he’s not sure about you.

He’ll talk about his future and dedicate a place to you in it.

A Pisces who is serious about you is all in, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep you by his side.

Signs a Pisces man is sexually attracted to you

If a Pisces man is being touchy-feely with you, he’s sexually attracted to you.

He’ll do things like touch your hair, put your feet up on his lap and give you a gentle foot rub.

You’ll know it by the way he touches you, with his hands lingering and the softness in his touch.

His sensuality comes out and he’s very romantic with you, even if you just met and you barely know each other.

This is just the way he expresses sexual attraction, because he’s emotional and romantic by nature.

How does Pisces man show interest?

A Pisces man shows interest by being the best listener you’ve ever had in a conversation.

He doesn’t just listen to you—he actively seeks out your opinion and encourages you to share your thoughts and feelings with him.

Your opinions genuinely matter to him, and he wants you to feel comfortable sharing with him.

It’s a big way he connects with you.

In addition to this, he’ll make you a priority in his life.

He’d rather stay and hang out with you longer than get where he’s going on time.

And he will be there for you any time of day or night.

Which zodiac signs are Pisces men attracted to?

Pisces males are attracted to other water signs Cancer and Scorpio as well as the earth zodiac signs, particularly Virgo and Taurus.

Other Pisces women who are as sensitive as he is can also greatly attract a Pisces male, but it can be an emotional rollercoaster.

A Virgo woman represents the Pisces’ opposite sign, so there’s a strong force of attraction as well as a some playful friction.

A Pisces man also tends to be attracted to neighboring signs Aquarius and Aries woman.

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