Is Pisces Man Good in Bed? (10 Reasons He’s a Sexual Master)

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Are you dying to know—is a Pisces man good in bed?

The short answer is yes, and here’s why:

  • Pisces men are hyper romantic and sensual
  • A Pisces man attends to your every need
  • He intuitively knows how to please you
  • Sex can last for hours as he prioritizes foreplay
  • Sex with him feels intimate, special and emotionally satisfying

But hold on—you can’t get into a Pisces man’s pants just by batting your eyelashes and flirting.

He needs to feel that unique bond with you first, or even the most turned-on and sexually charged Pisces man will lose interest fast.

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How is a Pisces Man in Bed?

1. Romantic

Pisces men bring their romantic natures into the bedroom.

They don’t like to rush into things, and they’re masterful at setting the mood with music and candles.

They’ll wine you and dine you and shower you with affection.

The thing about Pisces is that he doesn’t do all of these romantic gestures just to get you in bed.

They’re simply part of who he is, but they do make sex with a Pisces man feel more special.

2. Sensual

Pisceans are incredibly sensual beings.

They’re particularly sensitive to their surroundings, physical touch and scents.

They’ll worship your body slowly, covering every inch of your skin with kisses and tender touches, breathing in your perfume.

Though he appreciates a carefully laid scene, the Pisces man doesn’t need perfection to indulge his carnal appetite.

Rather, he can turn any moment into a passionate one just by his sensual nature.

3. Emotional and intimate

The water sign Pisces is definitely ruled by his emotions.

Actually, an emotional connection is important to him to want to be sexual with you.

During sex, a Pisces man will lock eyes with you and stroke your face and hair.

He craves skin-on-skin contact and physical closeness, so he likes to be fully naked together and get into positions that bring you face-to-face.

Sex with him feels soulful and meaningful.

In fact, one of the things the girlfriends of Pisces males say they love most is how they feel loved and cared for during sex with their Pisces guy.

4. Open-minded

Pisces men can get as freaky as you like.

They don’t necessarily have a need to be crazy experimental, so if you prefer vanilla sex, that’s fine by them too.

However, if you’ve want to try a sex swing or some BDSM, then the Pisces man can’t wait to try it out with you.

You can tell a Pisces man what your deepest, most secret fantasy is, and he’ll make it even more erotic than you could have imagined.

5. He lives to serve you

A sign of service, Pisces like to do things for you.

And in the bedroom, that translates to pleasuring you for hours.

His greatest turn-on is the sound of you moaning.

If you’ve had selfish lovers in the past, you need to get with a Pisces man.

Although, he’ll expect some attention in return!

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6. He likes dominant-submissive games

Pisces men enjoy a woman who will climb on top and tell them what to do.

So much so that they can get really into you playing the dominatrix.

Although, a Pisces man is flexible and would love to dominate you, if that’s your desire.

Ideally, there will be a little of both going on, as he likes to switch things up.

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7. He’s good at role play

Got a sexy nurse outfit?

The Pisces man is game.

He loves role playing and has a wild imagination.

Pisces make great actors because they have the ability to be anyone you want them to be.

Taking that skill to the bedroom, you could do a different role playing game every night and you would never be disappointed.

8. Foreplay is a must

You don’t want to rush a Pisces man.

Seriously…he’s too good at foreplay!

He likes this part of a sexual encounter to last as long as possible and draw out your pleasure.

Plus, foreplay is intimate and a good way for him to forge that spiritual connection with you that he’s so hungry for.

9. He likes shower sex

As a water sign, Pisces feels at home in the water.

So hopping in a steamy shower together is one of his favorite ways to get dirty with you…and then squeaky clean again.

But if you prefer cozying up in the bath, that works too!

10. He uses his intuition to read your body

Pisces is a highly intuitive sign.

If anyone can read your mind, it’s Pisces.

And naturally, with this ability comes an innate sexual prowess.

Pisces men just seem to know how to please you (although they love hearing you tell them what you want).

They’re sensitive to your every move and touch, picking up on subtle cues to try something this way or that way.

That’s a huge reason why women say a Pisces man is so good in bed.

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Pisces Men FAQ

What do Pisces guys like in bed?

Pisces guys like a lot of emotional closeness and intimacy in bed.

They like to take things slowly, and they enjoy gentle touches and tender strokes.

Pisces prefer any positions that let them get as physically close as possible and stare into your eyes.

How do Pisces get turned on?

Pisces are turned on by deep conversation and a strong spiritual connection they share with someone.

They’re also turned on by sweetness and kind gestures that show you care about them.

If you want to get a Pisces in the mood, massage is a great way.

Rub them down from head to toe with some good scented oils.

Another thing that really turns them on is to either dominate or be dominated—though they do love someone else to take control!

What are Pisces men attracted to?

Pisces men are attracted to women who are feminine and kind, yet authoritative.

They like strong personalities with a heavy dose of compassion.

But mostly, they look for a woman who is genuine and able to be herself.

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What body type does a Pisces man like?

Pisces men tend to like curves on a woman, especially in the hips and butt.

But body type is superficial to them.

Ultimately, it won’t be the deciding factor in whether they want a woman or not.

What really matters to Pisces men is a woman’s personality.

How does a Pisces man test you?

A Pisces man will test your patience like it’s never been tested before.

He’ll do things like push your buttons and not call for days in a row.

Why does he do these things?

To test your reactions and get to the “real you” underneath.

Because deep down, he’s really very sensitive and needs to make sure you’re not going to judge him, control him or take advantage of his innocent nature.

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What turns a Pisces man off?

Arrogance turns a Pisces man off.

So does a selfish or mean-spirited person.

If you’re rude, self-centered or overly critical, you probably won’t get near a Pisces man.

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