What Does a Pisces Man Find Physically Attractive? (14 Tips)

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Want to know what a Pisces man finds physically attractive so you can snag his attention?

Here’s what he likes:

  • A feminine appearance
  • A sweet smile
  • Unique personal style
  • Toned-down makeup
  • Sophistication and class
  • A romantic look in the streets, a dominatrix in the sheets

Looks will only get you so far with a Pisces man.

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Or read on to find out what turns a Pisces man on and what physically attracts him.

What Does a Pisces Man Find Physically Attractive?

1. Femininity

A feminine look is the number one attractor for a Pisces male.

There’s something about the softness of it that turns him into jelly.

Being a feminine sign, Pisces is sensual and gentle.

So the feminine woman is naturally in tune with him.

Not only does he find it physically attractive, but he also believes this is a woman he can connect with.

2. The look of confidence

Pisces men love a woman with overflowing confidence.

It’s the type of confidence that’s so powerful, it shows up in your physical appearance.

It’s in a woman’s posture, her steady eye contact and her strong, clear voice.

You can spot her a mile away―she’ll be holding her head high above the crowd.

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3. A big smile

Nothing makes a Pisces man’s heart do backflips like a woman’s smile.

In particular, he’s a sucker for a totally honest and genuine type of smile.

Forget trying to strike an Insta-worthy pose.

If you’ve got a slightly crooked smile, the Pisces just finds it even more adorable when you giggle.

Innocence, not perfection or obsessive self-consciousness, attracts him.

This is a man who just wants to see who you are and know what makes you grin.

4. Great smelling perfume

A Pisces man has heightened senses.

Sensory experiences delight and hypnotize him, so if you want to capture his interest, don’t forget a fragrance.

Pisces like soft florals, spices and romantic scents. Opt for vanilla, jasmine, gardenia and sandalwood.

So spritz on the perfume, roll on some scented oils—whatever you’ve gotta do to smell like a treat.

5. Tidy hair

Pisces men aren’t too fussed about your hairstyle, but they do like it to be neat.

Whether it’s long or short, try to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed.

They appreciate the effort you put in, though they aren’t into anything too high-maintenance or hairspray-stiffened.

Just make your hair look clean, pretty and touchable.

6. Muted makeup

You don’t need makeup to attract a Pisces man.

But if you’re going to wear makeup, put on a little bit less.

Natural beauty is his ideal.

A Pisces man won’t stop being attracted to you if you wear a ton of makeup on a date one night, but he prefers being able to see the “real you” through it.

Some mascara, delicate winged eyeliner and pouty lip gloss will do the trick.

7. A personal sense of style

The Pisces zodiac sign has a strong sense of what makes them unique.

They feel different from everyone else (and they are), and they enjoy the company of a woman who expresses her own uniqueness in what she wears.

You can be trendy, but make your overall style your own.

You can also totally buck the trends and wear what you love.

As long as you look sophisticated and stylish, it’s a turn on to the Pisces male.

8. Modest but attractive clothes

You don’t need to show a ton of skin with the Pisces man.

In fact, he likes it better if you don’t.

He’s ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion—which gives him a particularly strong imagination.

In short, he likes his imagination to run wild when he looks at you.

Wear dresses that accentuate your body, but don’t bare it all.

Let him fantasize about what it would be like to see your body scantily clad (or naked)!

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9. Business woman sexy

In terms of style, Pisces men are all about the business-sexy look.

Think pencil skirts, blazers and peek-a-boo silk blouses with your hair down and a flirty, strappy heel.

If you wear glasses, don’t forget to put them on too!

This is the kind of style that screams confidence, which, don’t forget, is the Pisces man’s kryptonite.

10. Girl next door sweetness

Another look that gets the Pisces man going is the girl-next-door look.

Try side-swept bangs, a cozy sweater and jeans and minimal accessories.

You want to look cute!

This look is approachable and pretty, and you can rock it on a date where you can be spontaneous and fun.

Which, by the way, is one of the ways to his heart.

11. A romantic flair

If you like long, flowing dresses and mermaid hair, you’ll easily hook this Fish.

The Pisces man is dreamy and loves this classic feminine type of style.

Choose it for a more traditional type of date, like dinner and a movie.

12. Dominatrix behind closed doors

A Pisces man loves a strong sexual lead.

Games entice him, as does a little BDSM.

When you get to the bedroom, mix in some leather with the lace.

A soft dominatrix look will drive him wild with desire.

13. Costumes

If you’re into role playing, your Pisces man will be overjoyed.

He loves sexy costumes.

The more imagination and creativity you put into it, the better.

14. Nice feet

Every zodiac sign rules a certain part of the body.

For Pisces, it’s the feet.

So take care of yours!

Paint your toenails and make your feet feel soft and silky.

Then put them in his lap and see if he can stand not to give you a foot massage.

Pisces Men FAQ

What body parts are Pisces attracted to?

Pisces are attracted to (nice) feet.

They’re also all about the eyes and sensuous lips.

What colors attract a Pisces man?

Blues and blue-greens attract a Pisces man.

Think of the colors of the ocean—aqua, turquoise, deep blue and seafoam green.

What do you say to a Pisces man to turn him on? 

“So I’ve always had this fantasy…”

“I had a dream that we got frisky at the beach under the stars. Want to make it come true?”

“I feel like I could tell you anything. Do you feel that same connection with me?”

“You have such gorgeous eyes. I could get lost in them.”

“Come here. Sit a little closer to me.”

“I want to kiss you. Is that okay?”

Pisces man dislikes in a woman

A Pisces man dislikes arrogance, selfishness and a judgmental attitude. 

He also dislikes high negative energy in a woman because it throws his own energy off.

Since conflict puts him off, he also doesn’t like a woman who is constantly challenging and confronting him.

How does a Pisces man test you

A Pisces man will test your emotional limits.

He’ll do things like cancel plans on you and invite his buddies on a date with you.

He will keep pushing your buttons to see how you react until he’s satisfied that you’re capable of handling being with him.

What does a Pisces man look for in a woman?

A Pisces man looks for soulmate material in a woman.

He wants nothing less than the ultimate romance, his twin flame.

Qualities he looks for in a woman include high emotional intelligence, confidence, compassion, individuality, creativity and imagination.

When a Pisces man has a crush

When a Pisces man is crushing on you, he may get super shy and nervous around you.

But that won’t stop him from trying to make you swoon.

He’ll be impossibly considerate and try to anticipate your needs.

And he’ll try to establish an emotional connection with you by doing things like spending time with you alone and sharing intimate details of your lives.

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to get a Pisces guy, it takes showing him that you have a soul connection with him.

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