How to Seduce a Pisces Man (14 Ways to Fuel His Desire)

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Want to know how to make a Pisces guy weak in the knees for you?

Here’s how to seduce a Pisces man:

  • Share a deep emotional connection with him
  • Romance him, touch him and handle him gently
  • Have dates near the water
  • Get playful together
  • Show your compassionate nature
  • Make a move on him!

Like a slippery fish, once you’ve got a Pisces, he’s easy to lose.

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How to Seduce a Pisces Man

1. Open up your emotional side

A water sign like Pisces is very in their feelings.

If a Pisces man seems like he’s cool as a cucumber, trust me—he’s a bag of raw emotions just under the surface.

Sensitive and caring, all he needs is for you to show your sensitive side to him.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with him and express your real feelings.

Be genuine with him, and he’ll be feeling you and ignoring other women.

2. Use lots of touching

One of the most sensual men of the zodiac, Pisces likes to touch, stroke, caress and snuggle.

He’s a big fan of physical closeness and hugs.

If you want to seduce a Pisces man, make sure you’re showing your interest through physical gestures.

You don’t have to do anything too forward—Pisces is intuitive and can pick up on subtle signs.

Lightly stroking his hand and playful but meaningful touches will get the message across and stoke his fire.

3. Maintain eye contact

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Pisces is the most soulful man out there, and he likes to look into your eyes to gather more information about you.

Hold his gaze and send him the mental message that you think he’s sexy.

He’ll get it!

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4. Go for a night swim

As a water sign, Pisces is drawn to watery activities.

For the Pisces fish, feeling the water against his bare skin is almost a spiritual experience, and can be very erotic.

So take advantage of that knowledge and ask him to take a dip under the moonlight with you.

Clothing optional!

5. Walk on the beach

Another great activity for a Pisces is to walk on the beach together.

It’s romantic and Pisces is particularly drawn to large bodies of water, like big lakes and especially the salty ocean.

Take your shoes off and dig your toes into the sand together.

Walk on the boardwalk, then find a little restaurant to share a meal and look out at the water.

The tactile sensations of the water and sand, good food and beautiful sights make for an enchanting experience for the sensual Pisces man.

And definitely a great beginning to an evening of seduction.

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6. Be kind and unselfish

Pisces men love a sweetheart.

Use kind language, politeness and sweet compliments to seduce them.

Show that you’re a thoughtful and compassionate person, and that you care about your fellow humans and the planet.

As a universal and humanitarian sign, Pisces are drawn to others who share similar values.

7. Have a deep conversation

Pisces is a deeply intellectual, spiritual and innovative sign.

Pisces men are super stimulated by connecting on what they consider a soul level, which you can do through meaningful conversation with them.

So next time you meet up with your Pisces guy, bring him somewhere you can talk one-on-one with no distractions.

Get comfy on a couch together, look deep into his eyes and explore topics from the supernatural to world peace.

He’ll be fascinated by your opinions and so eager to spend time with you, he won’t want to leave your side.

8. Don’t rush the physical stuff

Although Pisces is a highly sexually charged star sign, Pisces guys don’t rush into sex.

They aren’t emotionally prepared for it until they have a strong connection with you.

So attempting to jump into the sack too soon can play against you.

Instead, focus on expressing your interest through building an emotional bond.

This gives the Pisces a sense of safety and security.

When he feels that you’re into him for more than sex, that’s when you can move toward the more physical stuff.

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9. Show off your creativity

Nobody is creative like a Pisces.

Musicians, writers, artists—Pisces people have an infinite well of talent, and they’re very attracted to other creative people.

So if you want to seduce a Pisces guy, let him see your artistic or literary spark.

If you’ve never really taken the time to develop your creativity, you can still take the Pisces out on a fun wine and painting date.

The point is to explore your imaginations together.

He won’t be able to resist.

10. Get playful

Quirky and a little goofy, a Pisces guy has a great sense of fun.

He’s spontaneous and likes to stop and smell the flowers—literally.

When you’re with your Pisces man, stop what you’re doing to do something random and playful.

Swing on some swings. Dance in the rain. Let your inner child out.

The Pisces man will see you as a free spirit and his amorous feelings toward you will grow.

11. Get warm and fuzzy over animals

Like Libra and Virgo, Pisces has a serious soft spot for animals.

If he has a dog or cat, you can pretty much bet it’s a rescue from the shelter, or he found it wandering the streets, lonely and hungry.

If you have a rescue pet, share that story with him.

Or go to a llama farm and bond over petting cute llamas.

However you can share his love of critters, you’ll score big points with this big ol’ softie.

12. Be supportive

Pisces have a lot of dreams, and they need others to believe in them.

They’re interesting because they have very strong, individualistic beliefs, but also suffer from self-doubt.

If you want a Pisces man to want you, one of the best things you can do is simply be supportive of his thoughts, opinions and goals.

Being a naysayer is sure to close him off.

But being nonjudgmental and believing in him will make him feel closer to you.

Which, in turn, makes him want you more.

13. Give him a foot rub

The zodiac sign of Pisces rules the feet.

So naturally, this is an erogenous zone for the Pisces man.

One seduction tactic is offering a little foot massage.

Tell him he’s had a hard day and deserves it.

If you want to, tell him he can rub your feet after.

Pisces men live to serve, and he’ll likely jump at the chance.

This is a sly little way to introduce a little more intimate touching, which can be a good way to go with the shy Pisces.

14. Make the first move

A Pisces man is always more concerned about your comfort than his own.

He never wants to put you in a weird position, so he’s not very likely to make a move on you without strong and clear signals.

Do something heart-melting like grabbing his hand, looking into his eyes and asking for a kiss.

Better yet, you might want to make the first move yourself.

Be soft and tender about it, and let him take over from there.

Pisces Men FAQ

How do Pisces get turned on?

Pisces get turned on by physical touch, affection and a strong emotional connection.

Soft, gentle touches, head and foot massages and petting get them going.

Make them comfortable with you by going slowly.

And be sure to romance them first with plenty of good food, good wine, moonlit walks and snuggles by a roaring fire.

What are Pisces men attracted to?

Pisces men are attracted to a wide variety of women.

While a Pisces man doesn’t have one specific “type,” he tends to go for ladies who “get” him.

Those women usually have high emotional intelligence and are open-minded and creative.

How do Pisces seduce?

Pisceans will seduce you through romantic gestures.

They’ll seduce you first by engaging you in stimulating conversation and listening to you, then pulling you in closer with sweet touches.

They take their time and build up the sexual tension over a series of dates—they won’t try to jump your bones on the first night.

They are respectful and gentle, but you will feel an explosion of eroticism in their every touch.

What does Pisces man want in a woman?

A Pisces man wants a woman who feels like his soulmate.

He wants nothing short of a romance for the ages.

He wants a woman who will give him ample attention and never judge him.

On top of this, a woman needs to be genuinely kind, compassionate and a good person in order to get a Pisces guy.

You can be materialistic, or you can be a drifter.

You just need to have a good heart to win his.

How do Pisces act when they like someone?

Very goofy and dreamy.

A Pisces who likes you will be extra, extra nice to you and sensitive to your needs.

At the same time, they’ll turn beet red every time you smile at them and hide their faces in their sleeve.

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