Why Is a Pisces Man Attracted to a Leo Woman? (Top 11 Reasons)

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Want to know why a Pisces man is attracted to a Leo woman?

Here’s the answer:

  • Pisces men love Leo women’s confidence
  • The passionate Leo woman is the Pisces man’s muse
  • Leos are fun, charming and romantic
  • The Leo woman is genuine and she knows what she wants
  • Her emotional nature makes him feel closer to her

Keep in mind, Pisces is a cold-blooded fish. If the Lion wants to be with the Fish, she needs to learn how to swim.

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Why Is a Pisces Man Attracted to a Leo Woman?

1. Pisces man is attracted to Leo women’s confidence

Confidence is a huge attraction factor for all Pisces men.

They love a woman who struts through a room like she owns it.

It’s balancing to the Pisces man’s more meek and shy energy, sucking him in as opposites do.

And Leos, being the kings and queens of the jungle, know they’re hot stuff.

Be still his beating heart.

2. The Leo female is passionate

Leo females have passion in spades.

They don’t do anything in a halfhearted way, and their fiery approach to everything captivates the mellow Pisces.

Neptune’s influence on his sun sign makes him creative and always in search of inspiration.

He’s looking for a muse, and nobody is happier to fill that position like a Leo woman.

He’s constantly inspired and motivated by her, making him feel good.

For this reason, she can easily become an addiction for him.

3. She’s the boss

Leo women are dominant personalities.

Even when they’re letting a man lead, they’re never quite the demure type willing to take a backseat.

As it happens, Pisces men are all about a woman who can command them.

It turns them on, and it also pleases the Leo woman to have the Pisces man at her service.

4. She’s fun

One of the magical things about the Leo woman is how bright, bubbly and fun-loving she is.

Wherever she goes, the party follows.

She’s spontaneous, which Pisces adores about her.

She can turn any moment into a memorable one, constantly surprising him.

She keeps him on his toes!

5. He loves her charm

If you know Leos, you know how charming they can be.

Their big personalities draw a lot of attention, making them even more charming and radiant to please the people.

Though a woman’s depth is what makes him stick around, appearances do play a big role in attracting a Pisces man.

So all the charm of the Leo woman draws him in like a magnet.

She can easily seem like the perfect woman to him, making him hopeful that he’s found his perfect match.

6. The Leo female is open about her emotions

Leo rules the heart, and Leo women wear their hearts on their sleeves.

The watery Pisces man lives in his emotions, so he feels a kinship with the Leo in this way.

Leo should be warned, however, that this relationship can get too intense and volatile for the Pisces man.

But at least at first, the Pisces feels like he can be himself with her and he likes that.

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7. She’s a hopeless romantic

Both Leo and Pisces are impossibly romantic signs.

When the Pisces man meets the sweet and tender Leo woman, she makes his heart skip a beat.

She’s the woman who wants to sing in the rain with him and skinny dip in the ocean at night.

And afterward, stare into each other’s eyes and cuddle for hours.

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8. She’s looking for a genuine connection

A Leo woman is similar to the Pisces man in that she isn’t too interested in flings.

She’d much prefer a deep and passionate connection with someone.

Pisces men are very emotional and sensitive, so they prefer the same.

With the Leo woman, the Pisces man feels secure and comforted by how real she is with him.

She doesn’t play around, earning his trust rather quickly.

9. She loves making the Pisces man’s fantasies come true

A natural performer, the Leo woman is all about making fantasies come true.

This is great news for Pisces, and this sign is highly attracted to fantasy.

Pisces man has a big imagination and likes to use it in bedroom games.

This is right up the Leo’s alley, as Leo is turned on by theatrics.

She’s all too happy to oblige!

10. She knows what she wants

While Pisces struggles to make a decision, Leo is decisive.

Leos know what they want and they’re not afraid to go after it.

It’s honey to the bee for the Pisces man, who is attracted to the very thing that’s missing in his own character.

When it comes to a relationship, the Leo woman is also very certain.

This makes the Pisces more comfortable about getting into a relationship and reassures him that they should give being a couple a shot.

11. Leo is loyal

Loyal to the bone, Leo is devoted.

As for Pisces, he may be wishy-washy about making plans, but he’s still ride-or-die in a relationship.

As loyal signs, Leo and Pisces enjoy each other’s company and feel safe with one another.

In fact, the Pisces man needs that level of comfort to be attracted in the first place.

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Pisces Men FAQ

Is Pisces a good match for Leo woman?

At the end of the day, Pisces is a so-so match for the Leo woman.

Leo women are looking for a man who will fight for them, but the Pisces is much more interested in going with the flow and seeing if things work out.

The Leo is also dramatic, which doesn’t mesh well with the mellow Pisces energy.

On the other hand, they’re both loyal, romantic and incredibly loving and sensitive.

So they’re not the worst match, either.

Can Leo and Pisces fall in love?

Leo and Pisces can easily fall in love.

They’re both open to the idea of falling in love, and their romantic natures draw them to one another.

How can a Pisces make a Leo fall in love?

A Pisces can make a Leo fall in love by turning up the romance.

The Leo wants to be complimented, wined and dined.

The Pisces should also work to impress the Leo, which shouldn’t be hard for the super creative Pisces.

How do you know if a Pisces man likes you?

You know a Pisces man likes you when he gets shy and awkward in your presence.

But he’ll keep trying to win your affection by being sweet and doting.

He’ll be the best listener you’ve ever had and really value your opinions.

And his friends will know all about how he feels, so find out from them, too!

How does a Pisces man test a woman?

A Pisces man will test how laid-back, patient and understanding a woman truly is. 

This is because he really needs a partner who will get him and give him plenty of space when his moods bounce back and forth.

He may do some strange things, like inviting his friends over to your place and playing hot and cold.

But it’s all to see your genuine reactions.

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Leo woman and Pisces man pros and cons


  • Their relationship is hot, heavy and romantic
  • They inspire one another
  • They’re both loyal, supportive and proud to be with each other
  • They are very affectionate


  • The intensity of emotion can become explosive and unstable
  • Assertive Leo may struggle with the Pisces’ passiveness
  • Pisces may end up seeing the Leo as controlling

Leo woman Pisces man sexually

Sexually, Pisces and Leo make a fairly good match.

They both bring plenty of emotion to bed with them and make it feel magical.

Pisces wants to please Leo, and Leo laps up the attention.

Meanwhile, the Leo will indulge all of the Pisces’ fantasies.

Role playing, cuddling and games of dominant vs. submissive will likely be part of their sexual relationship.

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