Do Cancer Men Come Back After Break Up? (What You Need to Know)

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Do Cancer men come back after break up messes? If you’re missing your Cancer ex, you may get a do-over.

Here’s what he needs for that to happen:

  • He needs to be able to build off of a strong emotional connection that you shared
  • Any emotional pain he’s carrying needs to be acknowledged and repaired
  • It doesn’t hurt to have an in with his family

Take it from a Cancer: This sign is a closed book wrapped in a mystery to most other signs.

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Reasons Your Cancer Man Broke up with You

When a Cancer man falls in love with a woman, for him it’s like getting thrown into the deep end of the emotional pool.

In other words, he falls deeply, quickly and easily.

He also gets hurt just as easily.

Still, Cancers are super tenacious. It takes a lot for them to want to break up, even if they’re harboring some pain building up from frequent fights between the two of you.

So what are some major deal breakers for a Cancer man, then?

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You cheated

If you cheated on this highly sensitive man, it was relationship suicide.

What’s possible is that your Cancer man did his best to forgive you even after learning about a cheating incident.

But, that memory kept replaying in his mind, and he couldn’t let go of it.

This is what could have crushed the relationship—an inability to trust you again.

He didn’t feel a connection with you

Cancers need to feel a special bond with someone to be in a relationship with them.

It’s all or nothing. No shallow feelings—the deep end of the emotional pool, remember?

If the two of you failed to build that in your previous relationship or it was eroded, that could have signaled to him that it was time to move on.

He felt taken for granted

Cancer men need constant love, attention and reassurance that they’re the only one for you.

If you weren’t returning his affection or showing appreciation for his loving gestures, he may have built up some resentment.

Over time, that would have killed the romance for him and staying together would have just felt inauthentic.

Do Cancer Men Come Back After Break Up?

Yes, Cancer men do reunite with their exes.

The emotional Cancer man has a strong attachment to the past, so any relationships that had a significant impact on him are easily refreshed in his heart and mind.

That being said, a Cancer man is also highly self-protective. He is, after all, a super sensitive guy.

A Cancer guy is very careful about who he lets into his world. He knows that you can either make him the happiest man on Earth, or do a lot of damage you never meant to.

So would your Cancer ex-boyfriend want to get back together?

That really depends on how good (or bad) things were before.

Let’s get into that now.

5 Things That Help Your Chances of Getting Back Together

How easy is it to move past the hurt?

Whether he broke up with you or you broke up with him, it’s how he copes with the pain that determines whether he can open up again.

You’ll need to help him overcome it—here are some tips:

  • Cheating is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. You’ll need to give him a lot of time and space to think it over, and if you do get back together, you should double up on your efforts to reassure him that it won’t happen again.
  • If he continues to struggle with a trust issue, it may be time to get real-world help from Cancer Man Secrets.
  • You may be surprised, but a lack of connection with you is not the simplest issue to overcome. It’s less about hurt and more about—why would he get back together if there was no spark anyway? You may need to go back to the beginning and cover the basics of building a solid emotional connection with your Cancer man.
  • If he felt taken for granted, that’s something that can be more easily mended because breaking his trust wasn’t involved. You’ll just need to prove to him that you truly love and appreciate him.

How long were you together?

For a Cancer man, time is important.

The longer he’s in a relationship, the more memories and special moments he’ll have shared with you.

He’s a sucker for sentimental moments and may not be able to ignore an opportunity to explore a new relationship where he can relive the ones you shared.

The more time you spent together, the better chance you have of him wanting to be together again.

How “real” was your love?

This is the factor that can really come into play even if you were together a short amount of time.

If what you had was real, your Cancer ex carried that with him. And he’s probably affected by it to this very day when he thinks about it.

How do you know if it was real to him?

You’ll know the answer to this question just by searching your heart.

You can’t fake that kind of thing, and Cancers don’t forget.

Does his family like you?

The opinions of family mean a lot to the Cancer man.

When you were first introduced to his family you can bet it was a special moment for him. 

After you were all acquainted, he probably asked them how they felt about you.

Were they fond of you? In particular, did his mother approve of you and envision becoming your in-law someday?

If so, he’s more likely to warm up to the idea of being together again as one big happy family.

If, on the other hand, you didn’t get along well with his family, they may have told him he’s better off without you, and he may have taken their word for it. 

Did he want to start a family with you?

As I mentioned before, family is so important to him.

This is a sign that’s most likely going to want to start a family of his own, even at a young age.

Did you talk about your future together? Were there wedding bells and little ones in it?

That’s not something that a Cancer man takes lightly. If that was the case, you could have been the one that got away.

If you do get back together, be prepared to pick up where you left off.

That is—make sure your desires are still aligned, because the Cancer will automatically pick up that relationship trajectory.

Cancer men are really only difficult to predict if you don’t know how they operate on a psychological level. That’s where an in-depth guide like Cancer Man Secrets comes in.

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