Why Are Taurus So Loyal? (5 Reasons You’ll Want to Date Them)

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Tauruses are true-blue folks. In a relationship, they’re sincere, devoted and will stick by your side no matter what.

So why are Taurus so loyal? What is it about them?

  • Tauruses are loyal because they have strong morals
  • A Taurus will be forever loyal to you if you mean something to them
  • Tauruses give their loyalty to those they trust

Mind you, a Taurus is loyal only when you prove you’re worthy.

If you want to know how to keep a Taurus man and earn his trust, you’ll need to understand him on a deeper level.

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Why Are Taurus So Loyal?

1. Because they trust you

If a Taurus is loyal to you, it means that they trust you.

Trust is very difficult to win from a Taurus.

This sign goes into a relationship with opposite expectations, both hoping for true love, but also being prepared for the worst.

They give you test after test, and if you can satisfy them, congratulations—

You’ve earned yourself the most loyal, dedicated partner of your life.

The Taurus feels that they can expose their most vulnerable side to you, and you won’t ever use it against them.

That, to them, is rare, and definitely worth giving their loyalty to.

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2. They know great relationships are hard to find

Not just Tauruses, but people of all zodiac signs can struggle to find meaningful relationships.

It can seem odd for Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus (the goddess of love and romance herself), to have bad luck in love.

But Tauruses are very picky about who they want, and they’re willing to hold out until they find someone who is truly deserving.

Once they do, you better believe they’re not going to let them go.

The Taurus will do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

Because they believe that you should never throw a chance at true happiness like that away.

3. They don’t like rolling the dice

Tauruses are fixed signs, meaning they’re very committed and steadfast.

It’s a quality of their sign that makes them super dependable and loyal.

But there’s also the fact that Tauruses are not fans of change.

They like knowing what’s going to happen today, tomorrow and the next day, and to not have to worry about things like…meeting new people.

They prefer to keep things the way they are, especially if they’re happy.

In fact, this can even be a bad thing for them, because a Taurus will still be loyal to someone who isn’t all that great for them.

If finding someone else to love means losing the person they’ve already built a future with in their minds, they’re not likely to risk it.

4. Their feelings don’t really change

Tauruses are very emotionally even.

They don’t suffer from the ups and downs that water signs do.

And with that steadiness comes a very steady perception of their relationships.

A Taurus isn’t the type to love you one day, and hate you the next.

Even if there are problems in the relationship, a Taurus will choose to keep the peace and focus on the good for the sake of harmony.

If a Taurus loves you, that Taurus’s feelings about you are not likely to change.

And definitely not on a day-to-day type of basis—so they won’t cheat on you today and regret it when they love you again tomorrow.

5. They don’t like betrayal

The moral compass of a Taurus is strong.

Tauruses have deep values that they aren’t willing to compromise, and not betraying someone they care about is one of them.

Especially if they’ve felt the sting of betrayal themselves, they never wish that feeling on someone else.

They’ll always be there for you, and always be true to you.

Because that’s what they feel is right.

They’re very black and white about it, and they will hold themselves accountable so you never have to question their devotion to you.

Taurus FAQ

Why Taurus are the best lovers?

Tauruses represent the most sensual sign of the entire zodiac.

Their lovemaking is slow, steamy and passionate.

You can’t rush a Taurus in anything, and this is one area you don’t want to.

Taking their sweet time with you, they aim to please you from head to toe.

Plus, their stamina is unbeatable, and yes they want to go for another round…if you can stand it.

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Who is a Taurus true love?

Taurus may most easily find true love with their fellow earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn.

Or possibly another Taurus.

They also find sweet love with water signs, particularly Pisces and Cancer.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

A Taurus man will test a woman’s honesty, integrity and loyalty.

These are huge for a Taurus—sharing their values is at the top of their list in a romantic relationship.

Some of the Taurus man’s behaviors can seem really confusing, when in reality he’s testing your reactions.

Like, ignoring you to see if you’ll reach out.

Taurus is a passive feminine sign, so a lot of these tests are going to be indirect like this.

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Why are Taurus so hard to love?

Tauruses don’t mean to be hard to love!

They want nothing more than real love, but they can make it challenging with how slowly they move to commit, and how stubborn.

As a fixed sign, Taurus (man or woman) is very set in their ways.

You’ll have to do a lot of bending and compromising, while also dealing with their possessive streak.

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Why are Taurus so emotionless?

Taurus is not emotionless.

The truth is, they don’t like to put their feelings on display.

They’re pretty reserved people, and they’re also very emotionally stable.

People call them cold and emotionless sometimes because they don’t understand how a Taurus operates.

If they only knew how sensitive the Taurus was on the inside!

Sadly, it’s the cause of many mistakes women make with Taurus men, which is why we suggest taking advantage of Taurus Man Secrets.

It can help you avoid some major issues and stumbling blocks that can end a relationship with a Taurus prematurely, since you’ll actually understand how he thinks.

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