How to Know If a Pisces Man Is Losing Interest (12 Key Signs)

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Need to know if a Pisces man isn’t into you anymore?

You need to know if you’re wasting your time. Here’s how to tell:

  • He’ll quietly disappear from your life
  • He stops seeking your opinions
  • He doesn’t share his thoughts or feelings
  • He’s not romantic or touchy-feely
  • He has tons of excuses why he can’t see or call you

If you don’t want a Pisces man to lose interest in you forever, you’ll need to prove that you have a connection with him on a deep soul level.

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Signs a Pisces Man Is Losing Interest in You

1. He doesn’t contact you at all

When a Pisces man loses interest, he’ll stop trying to get in touch with you.

This is in sharp contrast to the excitable Pisces man calling you at any time during the day or night just to chat.

Bear in mind, sometimes Pisces men go silent for a few days because they just need a little space.

But if he doesn’t start reaching out and weeks go by, he may be done.

2. He doesn’t respond to your texts, either

Are you texting him without any response?

Pisces may take their time answering, but they do get back to you eventually if they like you.

He may be reading your texts and telling himself he’ll respond later (even though he doesn’t).

If he always forgets to respond or is straight up ignoring you, you’re not on his mind anymore.

3. He treats you like a friend

Are you confused because the Pisces man is still friendly toward you?

Pisces men are passive, and they don’t like hurting feelings.

A lot of times, they’d rather let you down easy by remaining friends.

But the Pisces will draw a hard line at friends, even intentionally calling you his buddy.

4. He stops asking you questions

A Pisces man who’s into you will listen to you for hours and ask you questions to learn more about you.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t try to understand you, he’s not interested.

He won’t ask you to explain your thinking or seek out your opinions or advice.

5. He doesn’t share his world with you

Not only will the Pisces man stop asking you questions, he’ll also stop sharing his own thoughts and feelings with you.

When he no longer feels the need to explain himself or be understood by you, that’s a huge sign.

The connection has been severed and he’s back in his own private world.

6. His body language is removed

Pisces men use body language to show that they’re not into you.

They’ll fold their arms and look closed-off, even if their faces look tranquil and they’re smiling.

And they won’t try to reach out and touch you.

If the Pisces man’s posture looks uninviting, he’s probably trying to send you the mental message.

7. He makes excuses why he can’t see you

Pisces men are the kings of excuses.

They use them liberally, to the point of bending the truth, just to get out of things they don’t want to do.

Do you wonder why the Pisces man always has an appointment when you want to hang out?

If he’s not making time for you, he’s looking for an out.

8. His attention is scattered

As the Pisces man becomes less and less interested, focusing on you gets harder and harder.

He’ll seem preoccupied.

If there’s anyone else to talk to in the room, he’ll gravitate toward them.

He can even be a little rude about it, but it’s his passive-aggressive weapon to get you equally disinterested in him.

If you’re struggling to get his attention again, a lot of women have succeeded with Anna’s formula in Pisces Man Secrets.

9. He tells you he’s not interested

At some point, a Pisces man will let you know he’s not into you.

He’ll do this if you continue to pursue him and he doesn’t want you to.

He doesn’t like confrontation, but he also has no wish to string you along.

10. He disappears from your life

The Pisces man’s Houdini act can take you by surprise.

If he doesn’t want to date you, he’ll find little ways to fade away from your world.

Until you wake up one day and you can’t remember the last time you heard from him.

11. He’s not sexual attracted to you

The Pisces sign is very sexual and sensual.

You can sense the electricity between you when a Pisces man is attracted to you by his energy.

But if he has no romantic feelings toward you, you won’t get that sense from him at all.

He may even be a little standoffish.

Don’t be surprised if he backs away when you try to hug him as an instinctive response.

12. He doesn’t do you any favors

It’s very important to a Pisces man to win the approval of those he’s close to.

Part of how he does this is by doing favors for people.

But a Pisces man who isn’t interested will stop offering to help you out.

And if you ask, he might say okay, and then make something up to get out of it.

Or forget entirely.

Pisces Men FAQ

How do you make a Pisces miss you?

Pisces follow their emotions, so you’ll need to play to theirs.

Remind them of the good times together.

Pisces are sentimental, so doing sweet things for them that draws attention to your history together can tug at their heart strings.

Be attentive and build a romantic bubble around them, too.

How do you know if a Pisces man is playing you?

It can be super tough to know when a Pisces man is playing you.

But the signs are there:

  • He simply does not try to contact you
  • There is no romance in your interactions
  • He isn’t physically affectionate toward you
  • He doesn’t even try to be trustworthy
  • His emotions are closed off 

How do I get a Pisces man’s attention again?

Compliments are a good place to start.

You never want to be clingy, but keep giving him a nudge every now and again.

Make it playful.

Show him your creative side—Pisces can’t resist that.

Does the no contact rule work on Pisces?

If the Pisces man asked for no contact, you must respect his wishes.

If you started the no contact rule, it could work in your favor if the Pisces man has feelings for you.

He will stew and get worked up thinking about what’s gone wrong, and he’ll want to reach out to you eventually.

But if he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, he’ll consider it a release and move on with his life.

Does ignoring a Pisces man work?

In short, not really.

Usually if you’re ignoring a Pisces man, you want a reaction.

But a Pisces will not respond and will instead go cold on you.

If you’re looking for him to come back to you, you need to show him steady love and attention without smothering.

Pisces men are confusing, which is why we recommend Pisces Man Secrets.

It lets you walk around in the Pisces male mind so that you know how to pull the strings and avoid pulling the wrong triggers that make him close off to you.

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