10 Signs a Pisces Man Is Serious About You (#9 Says It All!)

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Dating a Pisces man and not sure how to tell if he’s serious about you?

Here’s how you can tell:

  • He starts thinking and acting like a unit
  • He’ll share his vision of the future (and you’re in it!)
  • Everyone else knows he’s serious about you
  • He’s unconditionally supportive and devoted to you
  • He’ll make any sacrifice to be with you

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Signs a Pisces Man Is Serious About You

1. He spends his free time with you

A Pisces man is a bit of a free-floating butterfly, flitting from place to place.

He usually spreads his attention around and spends a lot of time with his homies.

So if he’s spending his free time with you instead, that’s a great sign that he’s serious about you.

He’ll be much easier to make solid plans with, too.

No flaking at the last minute—well, not as much, anyway.

2. He sees a future with you

Does your Pisces man talk about his future and mention your name in it?

Even talking about the future at all in front of you is a big deal.

He’s nervous and he tends to overthink things.

He’d rather keep his thoughts to himself until he’s really sure it’s safe to express them.

So if he shares where he sees himself in the next few years, and he wants you to be there too?

You can tell he feels very confident about your relationship.

And for an indecisive Pisces, that’s saying something.

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3. He’s not playing hot and cold with you anymore

Before, did the Pisces guy constantly pull you closer, then push you away?

Yup, that’s typical when you first start dating.

But as he starts to feel bonded to you, he’ll drop the games.

This is a good indication that you’ve gotten over the hard part and he just wants to be your man from now until the end of time.

4. He tells everyone how he feels about you

A Pisces man who loves you will have no problem telling you.

In fact, don’t be surprised if he tells you very early on that he loves you.

However, simply saying he loves you isn’t a surefire sign that he’s serious about you.

Rather, it’s when he’s telling his friends and family how he feels about you that you know his feelings are here to stay.

5. He shares his secrets with you

Everyone has their secrets, but Pisces won’t open that door until they feel very secure with you.

So if the Pisces man has opened his vault and shares his most vulnerable moments with you, your bond is strong.

Make sure to reciprocate and be vulnerable with him, too.

When he feels it’s the two of you against the world, that’s when he knows you’re the right one for him.

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6. He supports your dreams

Nobody will support your vision unconditionally the way a Pisces guy will.

When he’s madly in love with you, he’ll want nothing more than to make sure you have all the happiness you deserve.

He’ll show his commitment by helping you get to where you want to be in your life.

And he won’t nitpick or criticize your vision.

This is what separates Pisces from, say, Virgo, who will try to tweak your plans to optimize them for you.

But a Pisces thinks you and your ideas are perfect the way they are.

With his “can do” attitude, he’ll be your cheerleader and let you decide what’s best for you while he backs you all the way.

7. He thinks and acts like a unit

When a Pisces man has given you his whole heart, he no longer thinks in terms of you vs. him.

Now it’s all about the “we” as he focuses on building a life together.

Now, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need space.

But he’ll talk about you like a team and he won’t draw hard, fast lines between what’s yours and what’s his.

Don’t be surprised if he adopts a pet and calls it your baby together.

In his eyes, you are his family now.

8. You’ve clicked with his friends and family

Probably in the early stages of dating, a Pisces is going to see how you mesh with his inner circle.

You need to get along with his mom, dad, bro, sis and friends if it’s going to work out.

So if you’ve met them already, they like you and things are moving forward, it’s pretty safe to say that he wants you to stick around.

9. He’ll make sacrifices for you

This is a key sign that the Pisces man is getting serious with you.

Pisces is a sign of service and self-sacrifice.

So a Pisces man who loves you and wants to be with you will do whatever it takes.

He’d walk on hot coals and bend space and time just to be with you.

If he isn’t ready to commit to you, he’ll be harder to pin down and afraid to make decisions about your relationship.

But a Pisces man who knows his heart and wants only you will always put you first and give you everything he’s got.

10. He tries to be a better version of himself

When a Pisces man is utterly devoted to you, you’ll notice that he willingly makes changes for the better.

He wants to be the best version of himself, not just for you, but because you make him feel like a different man.

He wants to live up to the image you have of him.

So whatever activities he thinks will score points with you, he’ll throw himself into, whether it’s cooking, physical fitness or playing the guitar.

He just wants to be the man of your dreams!

Pisces Men FAQ

How do you know if a Pisces man likes you?

You know a Pisces man likes you if he’s super kind, gentle and affectionate toward you.

You’ll feel he really cares about you, and he’ll be very sensitive toward your emotional needs.

He’ll also get bashful a lot, which is a good thing!

It just shows that you’re important to him and he wants to make a good impression.

How does a Pisces man test you?

A Pisces man will test your emotional stability, your seriousness about him and your ability to handle dating him.

He’s a confusing sign, and he’s often contradictory in his behaviors.

You need to be able to roll with it, give him his space when he needs it and not judge him if you want to pass his tests.

What does a Pisces man need in a relationship?

Pisces man needs a stable relationship.

He needs to be with someone who is calm, loving, attentive and emotionally in tune—not emotionally immature.

Most of all, he needs to feel understood on a spiritual level.

How does Pisces man act in love?

He writes you love letters.

He showers you in affection.

And he gives you his undivided attention when you’re speaking.

He’s not afraid to show his deepest emotions to you, and he tells you he loves you all the time.

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What are Pisces red flags?

Red flags with a Pisces are escapism, emotional instability and codependency in a relationship.

They can really lose themselves in a relationship, which can throw them way off balance and make them unable to make their own decisions.

As for their tendency toward escapism, they can either escape into their imaginations (and their own versions of reality), or alcohol or drugs.

If you’re aware of the Pisces red flags, you can catch things before they get out of hand.

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