How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You (14 Ways That Really Work)

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Whether your Pisces man is drifting away from you or you just want him to miss you like crazy, you’re in the right place.

Here’s how to make a Pisces man miss you:

  • Create a fantasy world for just you and your Pisces man
  • Be emotionally supportive
  • Be vulnerable with him and show you trust him
  • Do romantic dates and sentimental gifts
  • Know when to back off and give him some space

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How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

If you really want a Pisces man to pine for you, I have good news: It’s not that hard!

The most important thing to realize is that the Pisces man is emotional and prone to fantasy.

Tease his heart and imagination, and you can basically own him (trust me, he’s into that!).

Below are all the steps to get this dreamy fish hooked on you and squeezing his pillow tight, wishing it were you in his arms.

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1. Create the fantasy for him

couple on the beach at sunset with a quote about creating a fantasy to make a pisces man miss you

Fantasy is a Pisces man’s weakness.

Once you understand that, you can wrap a Pisces guy around your finger.

The key is to create a romantic fantasy that he can’t live without.

Where would you run away together?

Would you take a trip to Paris? To the sands of some tropical beach under a full moon?

Dream together.

Build a world he can escape into, away from the humdrum business of everyday life.

Make little moments sweet and romantic, and use the natural world as your backdrop—think sunsets, starry skies and pretty scenery.

And don’t ask him questions about your relationship! (No “Where is this relationship going?” questions.)

That tends to break the bubble for him—just focus on the magic!

2. Be vulnerable

One of the most important things you want to do when trying to make a Pisces man miss you?

Create emotional intimacy.

And the quickest way to do that is to first be emotionally vulnerable with him.

Be open, divulge things, share secrets.

He wants to know what’s underneath the mask that you show to everyone else.

Let him see what you dream about, what you love and what you’re afraid of.

A feminine sign, Pisces is sensitive and empathic. Seeing a fellow sensitive soul, he’ll want to scoop you up and protect you.

Once you’ve established that emotional connection, he’ll start checking in throughout the day—because now he’s emotionally invested.

3. Support him emotionally

couple holding each other with a quote about listening to a pisces man

While you’re being vulnerable with your Pisces man, make sure it’s a two-way street.

That is, give him a safe space to be vulnerable with you.

Ask him if he’s doing okay, especially if you know he’s had a hard time lately.

This is crucial for a water sign like Pisces, who often ends up holding in his emotions but so desperately needs an outlet to talk about them.

Be a great listener so he feels he can come to you with anything.

When he feels he can spill his guts to you, you know you’ve reached a new level of intimacy.

As he learns to trust you with his secrets, he’ll need his fix on the daily.

4. Wear his favorite outfits, perfume, etc.

What have you got in your closet that you know the Pisces man goes gaga for?

If you know he loves you in romantic dresses, go shopping for some new ones for the next time he sees you.

Spritz on a perfume he finds irresistible.

Especially if you’ve worn it during a hot and heavy make-out session he’s sure never to forget.

It’s an easy way to trigger good memories for him and get him feeling nostalgic.

5. Show him the real you

woman smiling at herself in the mirror with a quote about pisces men liking confident women

Want to impress a Pisces man?

Be unapologetically yourself.

He admires people who are bold enough to embrace who they are, quirks and all.

Don’t try to mold yourself into some version of an emo artsy chick because you think that’s what the artistic Pisces guy would like.

That’s dishonest, and the super intuitive Pisces man will pick up on it quick.

You see, Pisces men love all women, from corporate boss women to the nature-loving flower girl.

So there’s no need to be anything but yourself, because that’s the person he can trust and create a deep connection with.

What’s more, showing confidence can make the Pisces feel more comfortable in his own skin, since he feels a little awkward socially.

Be yourself around him, and he’ll feel he can be himself around you—and need more of that in his life.

6. Show him you understand him

Above all else, if you want to get a Pisces man to miss you, show him that you alone understand him.

Pisces is the #1 misunderstood sign, and Pisces men know it.

They enjoy being unique and mysterious, but at the same time, they lament the fact that they feel like outcasts.

So if you can make a Pisces man feel like you see him underneath all his various personas?

That’s not something he can easily walk away from.

It makes you that missing part to his soul.

That’s when he’ll really start to obsess and miss everything about you when you’re not in his presence.

If you want to know how to make a Pisces guy feel understood, accepted and appreciated, follow the tips in Pisces Man Secrets.

7. Involve him in your creative pursuits

Got an artistic flair?

Are you a poet, painter, dancer or musician?

Even if you’re an amateur, unleash your creativity with the Pisces man.

Take a fun painting class together for the evening. Invite him over to draw each other on the couch.

It’s one of the most intriguing and fulfilling things you can do with a Pisces man, given that this is the most creative sign of the zodiac.

Let him show it off his artsy side, and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.

8. Invite him into your own world

Pisces are interested in people.

They like to get inside people’s minds, but not like a Scorpio trying to probe your mind and analyze your existence.

For compassionate Pisces, it’s more about walking in someone else’s shoes—sharing that deeply personal experience.

So, if you want to make a Pisces man miss you, give him a taste of your world.

Invite him along to share your hobbies.

Whatever you’re passionate about, find a way to include him.

Ask him to weigh in on deep things you think about.

The more different your life is from the Pisces man’s, the more fascinated he’ll become, and the more he’ll think about you when he’s alone at night.

9. Encourage him

man giving a woman flowers with a quote about encouraging shy pisces men to miss you

Pisces men can be a little oblivious.

Sometimes they need you to make it abundantly clear that you want them.

But once they catch on, you’ll become an object of intense curiosity for them.

The Pisces man will start thinking about you in the context of romance and relationships, and fostering that can really nudge him in the right direction.

Not to mention, this shy zodiac sign will need encouragement from you to reciprocate your feelings.

So if you want him to crave you, make him feel secure about your desire for him in the first place, so that he doesn’t fear rejection.

10. Give him sentimental gifts

Do you have any nice memories with your Pisces man that you can turn into a sentimental gift for him?

Pisces men appreciate gifts that are not just generic, but have personal meaning to them.

It could be a photo of the two of you, or an old-fashioned playlist of songs that will remind him of good times together.

The point is not how much a gift costs. It’s how much it pulls at his heart strings!

Recreate those happy moments for him, and he’ll miss you more as he relives them when he looks at your thoughtful gift.

11. Tell him you want to surprise him

If you can get the Pisces man out of the house, let him know he’s your guinea pig for the evening.

Pisces is a mutable sign, making Pisces men mentally restless and very much into new experiences.

Plan something mildly adventurous, but totally romantic.

Like visiting a llama petting farm, followed by dinner at a cozy countryside inn.

Or see some art galleries on a First Friday night, then go get tapas.

Doing something out of the norm is sure to make a lasting impression so that he can’t stop thinking about you.

12. Be a positive force in his life

man carrying a woman on his back on the beach with a quote about helping pisces man relax so he'll miss you

Pisces is a bit of a worry-wort.

They worry about everything—how they look, how other people feel around them, global conflict, you name it.

Which is why being a positive light in the Pisces man’s life will get you to the top of the list of people he wants to hang out with.

Be upbeat and easygoing, and you’ll be a tonic to soothe his worrying mind.

If the Pisces man feels good enough around you to stop fretting about things he can’t control, that means you have power that another woman doesn’t.

Wield it!

13. Be with him in the moment

Are you always trying to fill the silent moments with something clever to say?

If you’re feeling awkward, you’re not feeling the moment with your Pisces man.

For Pisces, so much communication and interaction takes place not on the verbal level, but on an energetic one.

Which means you’ve got to be more present in order to meet him on his level.

Talk less, feel more together.

Look into his eyes and read what’s written there instead of asking him what he’s thinking about.

Show him that there’s so much more between you than what you’re saying with simple words.

That’s how he knows he has a good reason to miss you above any other woman.

14. Don’t crowd him

You can’t make a Pisces miss you by never leaving him alone.

At the same time, feeding a Pisces man enough attention is crucial to making him more attracted and open to you.

So what do you do?

Make a genuine connection when you’re together, but when you’re apart, give him space.

You see, Pisces is a dualistic sign, wanting two different things at once.

He wants all of your time and attention. But at the same time, he wants freedom and space.

So treat him like a king when you’re around him, but also let him see that your world doesn’t revolve around him.

Live your life independently so that you have something inspiring to talk about when you come back together.

You’ll see, he’ll come crawling back for more.

Pisces Men FAQ

How do you make a Pisces man obsessed with you?

Be super unique.

Show him how you’re like no one else he’s ever met.

That’s the surest way to catch his attention and make him desperate to find out more about you.

How do you get a Pisces man to chase you again?

Did your Pisces love interest fizzle out and stop chasing you? You can get him to chase you again if you play a little hard to get.

Stop calling him and let him wonder about you for a little while.

Then show up on his social media feed looking fine and potentially with some other love interests.

Then wait for your phone to ring.

How do you know if a Pisces man is serious about you?

You know a Pisces man is serious about you when he finally starts acting committed.

No more tests, no more wishy-washy, back-and-forth behaviors.

And all of his friends and family members know that he thinks he’s found the one.

So don’t forget to ask them, too!

How do you get a Pisces man to text you?

Pisces crush not texting you?

Don’t try to make the Pisces man feel guilty about it.

He’ll miss talking to you when he hasn’t heard from you in a while, and he’ll be more encouraged to reach out if he knows you’re not going to hold it over his head.

Send him a super interesting, philosophical question to answer.

Or simply a photo of you looking gorgeous.

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