How to Know If a Taurus Man Likes You More Than a Friend (7 Signs)

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If you’re here and you’re interested in dating a Taurus guy, you know that he’s hard to read. But not impossible.

Here’s how to know if a Taurus man likes you more than a friend:

  • What a coincidence—you’re always running into him
  • He’s got swagger when you’re nearby
  • The compliments roll off his tongue

Even if you’re confident that a Taurus man has his eye on you, he’ll stop chasing you if he doesn’t think you’re a match for him.

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How to know If a Taurus Man Likes You More Than a Friend

Maybe he doesn’t know you well yet and he’s still sussing out the situation. He likes you for sure, past the friend zone, and he wants to get to know you better so that things can progress between you two. 

Because that’s what your Taurus crush wants—slow and steady wins the race.

Even if we’re talking potential booty call material (hey, sometimes you’re not looking for an exchange of undying love), you’re going to want to know how to tell if he’s interested.

And if you want to take things further, Anna Kovach goes into the topic if making sure the Taurus man in your life stays interested in you and only you in Taurus Man Secrets.

Right now, you’re trying to figure out if this guy gets a little hot under the collar when you’re around. It’s a whole heck of a lot easier when you know what signals to watch for.

On to the signs that your Taurus wants to be more than friends.

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He’s Around a Lot

Taurus men are actually kind of bad at hiding how they feel about you in this way. Their mere (constant) presence is a telltale sign.

Coincidentally, he shows up where you are.

If you’re getting the distinct impression that your crush is going out of his way to run into you at work, at the coffee shop or your favorite dive bar, it’s definitely a good thing for you if you’re hoping to get closer to him.

He’s simultaneously getting more comfortable around you and showing you (subtly) that he’s available and interested. Pick up that cue!

He blows up your phone.

man texting against a brick building with a quote about Taurus men and texting

Everyone texts. But if the texts are coming in the morning, afternoon and evening, then yeah. That bull is looking for a little something more.

If they like you, Taurus men want to be in communication with you—a lot. It’s the best substitute for being in your actual presence and being able to see/smell/touch you, which they probably prefer, being an uber sensory sign of the zodiac.

He makes himself available to you.

Taurus guys are straight shooters. They know what they want and they’re not interested in wasting any time with people who aren’t important to them or anyone they’re not hoping to get closer to.

If it’s pretty easy to get him to make solid plans with you (barring incompatible schedules), you may just be in. 

He Peacocks

Think this is a Leo move? You just haven’t seen a smitten Taurus yet.

Taurus men have been known to do their own version of fanning out their feathers just a little when the occasion arises and you’re there to witness it. How else are they going to get you to notice them?

He’s a bit louder at social functions.

man and woman clicking glasses at a bar with a quote about Taurus men and communication

If you think you can hear your Taurus admirer’s voice at a 6 when everyone else’s is about at a 5 at the bar, he’s a) just a loud talker, b) had a couple few too many, or c) trying to get your attention in this super *cough* subtle *cough* way. Remember, Tauruses are usually pretty low-key in typical circumstances.

The key to really knowing the difference is combining this trait with watching for how often he looks your way. Taurus guys can’t help but keep checking you out if they like you, so a somewhat boisterous Taurus whose eyes keep landing on you = definitely interested.

He works hard at making sure you see him in a good light.

When you’re around, your Taurus man might turn up the volume on being the charming type of man he wants you to think he is with everyone around him. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t naturally charming—it just means that he might be a little more genial in general when you’re watching him.

After all, he wants you to see that he’s a nice guy. He treats everyone around him with respect, and he wants you to know it. 

It’s What He Says

Tauruses aren’t necessarily the chattiest people in the world, especially if you make them a little nervous because they like you. So it’s best to listen to what the Taurus guy says when he speaks to discover the message beneath.

He pays lip service.

Here’s one of the easiest signs a Taurus man likes you: When you’re around, the compliments roll off his tongue.

“You look gorgeous in that.”

“You smell really nice.”

Something like that. This is not a sign to dish out compliments like these lightly. Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to the way he’s doing it, as in leaning in or making a lot of eye contact. If he’s simply acknowledging your new haircut or he’s a coworker complimenting the way you nailed that presentation at the last meeting, however, he might just be a nice person.

Look for compliments that are about you on a personal level. They can be about your smarts, your looks or something else just about you and no one else.

He’s asking about you.

Has word gotten back to you that your Taurean is asking your friends and acquaintances little questions to find out what you’re all about? Especially if it’s about your romantic status, it’s a surefire sign that he’s gathering information, maybe to make a move.

Tauruses are probably not going to approach you before they feel like they know enough about you to get the general picture. It’s partly a trust thing, partly a comfort thing. This is a seriously loyal sign, so your Taurus gentleman might be pretty seriously into you if he’s trying to learn more about you from afar.

What to Do If a Taurus Man Likes You

OK—by now you probably have a good idea of whether the tension you feel with your Taurus man is mutual.

If he’s giving you signs that he likes you more than just a friend, here are some tips to seal the deal:

Make it clear you like him back

Are you worried about being too straightforward with this Taurus guy? Don’t be.

Taurus men really appreciate love it when you tell them point blank that you want to get to know them better. As an earth sign, they need tangible evidence that you’re into them, so don’t deprive them of it.

Play up the witty dialogue

Something that really hooks a Taurus man is an electric conversation that’s chock full of wit and fun little teases. So, be humorous with your Taurus guy in a flirty way. Create some “inside jokes” between the two of you.

It will excite him and make him feel like he’s sharing something special with you. And of course, make you totally irresistible to him.

Offer to cook for him

A surefire way to put a Taurus man on cloud nine is to pamper him with good home cooking. Tell him you’ll make him your signature dish. Or if you have an inkling of what types of cuisine he’s into, you can go that route.

Follow it up with something chocolate and decadent for dessert and you’re going to sweep him right off his feet.

With the power of astrology, you’ll get your Taurus man—and we’re just scratching the surface here.

If you want to get inside the Taurus male’s mind so you can make sure yours remains putty in your hands and never has any reason to want another woman again, I would encourage you to read Taurus Man Secrets.

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