What a Taurus Man Wants in a Relationship (12 Needs Not to Ignore)

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Thinking about getting serious with a Taurus man?

Here’s what a Taurus man wants in a relationship:

  • Passionate, romantic love
  • Stability, predictability and comfort
  • To feel like the man in the relationship
  • Trust, loyalty and real partnership
  • To be accepted, appreciated and understood

Many failed relationships with Taurus men happen due to misinterpretation.

Making things more complicated, a Taurus man will make silent judgments until the day he decides to end things.

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How Do You Make a Taurus Man Happy in a Relationship?

You can definitely make a Taurus man happy on a day-to-day basis by doing things like feeding him home-cooked meals and giving him special attention.

But as much as he likes these indulgences, they don’t necessarily make him feel secure with you.

And that’s what’s at the heart of how to make a Taurus man happycomfort and security.

A Taurus man is in some ways easy to please, and in other ways quite difficult.

Easy because he has such basic needs in his relationship.

Difficult because he’s stubborn, willful and expects all of his desires to be met even if he doesn’t express them upfront.

But that’s exactly why you’re here.

Below, you’ll find a list of a Taurus man’s top priorities in a relationship—what makes him feel content, loved and feeling good about your future together.

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What a Taurus Man Wants in a Relationship

1. Predictability

No Taurus man can function without routine in his everyday life, from eating his meals at the same time to the route he runs in the morning.

In a relationship, he wants things to be just as predictable. 

Not only does he want you to enjoy shared routines with him, he also wants to be able to predict things like your whereabouts and your behaviors.

Indeed, he’ll probably be checking in until he gets a good sense of how you spend your days, nights and weekends. 

He’ll learn your schedule and study your habits until he feels he has it all figured out.

If you’re a wild card, it could strain your relationship with your Taurus man.

But if you can give him that steadiness he yearns for, he’ll be happy as a clam.

2. Stability

Tauruses are so grounded and stable, they don’t seem to worry about anything.

The truth is, they tend to have their ducks in a row, not leaving things to chance.

So when they get into a relationship, they do so slowly so that they can keep that stability they work so hard for.

They want a partner who is goal-oriented like them, and financially stable, too. 

Emotionally, Taurus guys require a relationship that’s as smooth and even as they are.

If there are too many ups and downs and surprises, they close off to re-ground themselves.

If you’re in a relationship with a Taurus man, make sure it’s not an emotional roller-coaster.

Show him that you’re mature and stable in your own life, and that you can be a rock for him.

3. Passion

What’s a relationship without that fiery spark?

That’s what a Taurus man is looking for.

He’s an incredibly sensual, sexual being and needs someone who’s similar to share all of his lusts and desires with.

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Years into your relationship, he wants you to remain hungry for each other.

If you want to feed this need, watch your intimate life and make sure it doesn’t fizzle out.

Keep the romance alive. Grab your Taurus man’s hand, pull him in and kiss him passionately for no reason at all.

He’ll thank you with a steamy night you won’t soon forget.

4. True love

Did you know Taurus men are hardcore romantics?

They may not seem like it because they’re stoic and they tend not to say much. But they’re saps at heart.

They believe in real, true love and have a lifelong mission to find it.

They want the kind of love that’s powerful yet undemanding—if he has to work at it, a Taurus man won’t consider it the real deal.

At the same time, a Taurus man doesn’t want the on-again, off-again type of relationship.

Love has to come naturally and be gentle and deep.

Long talks while you hold each other until you fall asleep at night.

He wants it all—passion, deep caring and to know that you’ll always be there for each other.

5. Control

You may have noticed a Taurus man’s need to be calling the shots.

He’s a borderline control freak, but he knows this. Furthermore, he’s not really willing to change that.

If you’re dating him, you’ll need to take that into account.

If you can, let him take charge.

Try not to push him or your relationship to a place he’s not ready to go yet, or he’ll push back and pull away.

Have patience for when he becomes territorial or thinks his way is the best way.

At the end of the day, it’s better not to sweat the small stuff with a Taurus than try to challenge them on everything.

6. To take care of you

As the leader in your relationship, a Taurus man will have a need to provide for you.

He’ll want to buy your dinners and make sure you have every need and comfort taken care of.

Beyond this, he’ll want to protect you.

He’d love to be your hero against any threat, or anyone who would hurt you.

However strong you are, if you allow him to do this, he’ll be happier for it.

If you really want to make him happy, show you appreciate him for this trait.

Tauruses get sour and broody when they feel neglected or taken for granted. But if you encourage them, they’ll try to give you the world.

7. Understanding

Do you really know your Taurus man?

He probably doesn’t expect you to see all of his layers too soon after you start dating.

But if your relationship is going to go anywhere, he has to be convinced that you get him—and don’t want to change anything about him.

It can be tough because Tauruses won’t necessarily tell you straight out that they feel misunderstood.

Rather, they’ll watch and wait to see what happens.

One thing you can do is to simply be patient, be a good listener, give him space when he wants it and never pressure or push him to do anything.

Be his counterpart with him leading.

If you want to fully dive into this, try Anna Kovach’s tried-and-tested methods in her guide Taurus Man Secrets.

8. TLC

A Taurus man loves it when you show him that extra attention and tenderness.

He likes to be wrapped up in your nurturing embrace, doted on and fussed over.

Giving your Taurus man TLC shows him how much you care.

As mentioned earlier, he’s about action first—physical displays of devotion and affection.

He’ll melt when you massage his temples and play with his hair while you’re sitting on the couch.

Or bake him a treat he loves.

As much as he wants to take care of his partner, he craves a woman who knows how to take care of him in return.

9. Friendship

It’s not all passion and sexual intimacy with a Taurus man.

What many don’t realize is that he needs his partner to be his friend as well as his lover.

He dreams of the type of intimacy that comes from the bond between to people who are genuinely fond of each other’s company.

Comfort is big for Tauruses, and they need to feel like they can relax around you and hang out without any tension or expectations.

He’ll still shower you with roses, compliments and romantic dinners.

But when he can also just laze around on the couch with you and play video games, that’s the perfect combination for him.

10. Absolute loyalty

Do you feel like your Taurus man can be a little smothering?

Demanding so much of your time and acting possessive?

While Taurus men are indeed possessive, insecurity will put it into overdrive.

They need to feel like you’re theirs with all your heart. 

In short, they need your loyalty.

Be true to your Taurus man. Never lie to him.

Demonstrate that you will not hurt him, go behind his back or desert him, and that you will always choose him over others.

That’s what loyalty looks like to a Taurus man.

11. Support

As a fixed sign, a Taurus doesn’t do a whole lot of budging on their plans.

Taurus guys tend to have a vision of their lives, their careers and their futures.

When you date a Taurus man, you have to be prepared to let him carve the pathway he chooses.

He longs for unconditional support from his partner. Not to help him achieve what he wants, but to have that loving guidance and concern for him.

Being supportive of a Taurus man in a relationship might look like many different things.

It could be telling him he can lean on you, but Tauruses believe actions over words.

Demonstrating to him that you will do what it takes reassures him of the strength of your relationship.

Whether you’re giving him time to focus on his career or being there when he needs you through hard times, without judgment.

12. Trust

If you don’t have trust between you, your relationship with a Taurus man will not last long.

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He takes a long time to trust someone else, so don’t be offended.

He may test your faithfulness and try to see if there are any red flags.

Over time, however, when he sees consistency in your actions, he lets you in.

On the flip side, he also wants you to trust him.

He prides himself in being an extremely trustworthy partner who will never deceive you.

Give your relationship the time and work it takes to build that mutual trust. It’s worth it.

Other Taurus Man Questions

What turns a Taurus man on in a woman?

A soft, feminine look really turns a Taurus man on.

He’ll want you if you can entice him through his senses, such as looking great, smelling divine and wearing soft, luxurious fabrics.

As a man who likes traditional roles, he’ll lust after a woman who is demure and entices him to chase her.

Be careful about being too forward with a Taurus man or making him the chasee, since these things tend to give him the wrong impression.

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How do you know if a Taurus man is in love with you?

When you see your Taurus man slowly bringing you into his personal life, you know you’re really special to him.

A Taurus man is in love with you if he’s open about the future he envisions with you and puts serious time and effort into building trust and long-lasting romance with you.

While he’s usually a brick wall, he’ll be more vulnerable in front of you.

There’s one weird thing he does, though—starting to act reserved, seemingly out of nowhere, while he tests the strength of your relationship.

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How does a Taurus man express his love?

Through actions of service and protection as well as through how he touches you.

He will take care of you and make sure that no one ever hurts you.

Or if they do, they have him to answer to.

He’ll be affectionate and hug and kiss you often. 

It’s clear how he feels by the tender way he looks at you, strokes you and cuddles with you.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

He won’t tell you he’s testing you, so be on the lookout!

He might do things like test your desire for him with what seem like hot and cold behaviors.

He’s not one to put himself too far out there at the risk of getting hurt, so he’ll try to prompt you to prove yourself to him.

Like asking you specific questions, maybe more than once, to gauge your answers and see if they’re consistent (and if you’re trustworthy).

You can read 8 specific tests you might receive in our post Taurus Man Testing You.

What a Taurus man wants to hear

What a Taurus man wants to hear is the truth, always.

Yes, he wants to hear things from you like compliments, appreciation and that you understand him.

However, he’s wary of flattery and if you’re so eager that you try to morph yourself into what you think he wants.

So balance is key with a Taurus.

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