How Does a Taurus Man Act When in Love? (10 No-Fail Signs)

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How does a Taurus man act when in love?

Here’s the short version:

  • Totally devoted to you and seriously romantic
  • Like it’s his sworn duty to protect you
  • Surprisingly open and honest
  • Like you’re the only one in his world

Lots of women are caught off-guard when their loving Taurus men go cold on them.

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How Does a Taurus Man Act When in Love?

A Taurus man in love doesn’t even have to open his mouth to say it.

You can see it in his body language and the way he stares at you, the object of his affection.

If he was ever a player, he’s tame as a kitten now.

When he’s not physically touching you, everyone else will just be able to sense that you’re with him.

And if anyone is mistaken about that, they’ll have the Bull to contend with.

Let’s talk about how your Taurus man will act if he’s so in love with you.

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1. Like he can’t get enough of you

Because he really can’t.

A Taurus man who has opened up his heart to you will want you by his side whenever he can get you.

And since Tauruses are all about security, this man will set dates in advance.

Once he knows your schedule, he’s going to expect a good chunk of your free time.

2. Deeply romantic

Romance was invented by Tauruses.

Seriously, these guys have it in their blood.

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Falling in love with you unleashes it.

All the sweet nothings whispered in your ear, the dozen roses just because, the hand-holding, the romantic getaways…

And make no mistake, a Taurean is not going to waste these gestures on someone he’s not totally head over heels for.

It’s not an act. It’s love.

3. Super sexual

Okay, you might be thinking, how can this be a love sign—

Especially for a Taurus??

True, this Venus-ruled sign is incredibly sensual and sexual as it is.

However, Taurus men don’t like to give it away for free.

Instead, they like to save up all their sexual energy for someone they deem worth it.

A Taurus man might give off sexual vibes, but a Taurus man who is in love with you will act like a horny teenager around you.

4. Vulnerable

At first, a Taurus man falling in love will be guarded.

This is because he doesn’t want to give his heart to someone who isn’t as serious as he is or a perfect match for him.

But, after you’ve proven that you’re the one for him, he goes from cautious to vulnerable.

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Generally speaking, a Bull in love with you wants to be open with you.

As his guard comes down, you’ll see a softer, gentler side of him.

A side nobody gets to see but you.

5. Loyal

A Taurus who is your friend has your back.

But a Taurus in love with you is loyal to a fault.

He’ll defend your honor if anyone dares to talk badly about you behind your back.

If it’s a choice between you and pretty much everyone else, you come first.

Also, a Taurus man is not going to drop you over nothing.

Once he’s in love with you, he’ll put his all into the relationship.

6. Handsy

When you’re together, you’ll notice that he’s all over you.

When he hugs you, he’ll wrap his arms tight around you.

He’ll be pawing you nonstop. 

He’ll run his fingers through your hair and savor the smell of your shampoo.

The way he acts, you’ll feel like the only woman on the planet he could possibly want.

And if he loves you, you are.

7. Like a gentleman

Pulling out your chair for you at the restaurant?

Giving you his jacket when you’re chilly?

Letting you walk through the door first?

Yep, that’s a Taurus man who’s gaga over you.

He’ll also be plenty chivalrous.

He’d love to be your White Knight defending your honor.

8. Jealous

Yes, Tauruses do get jealous!

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It should be noted, it doesn’t take being in love to make a Taurus man jealous.

But, a Taurus man who has his feelings fully invested in you is going to be particularly defensive if he sees someone try to make a move on you.

Or if he sees you entertaining some other guy’s advances.

When you’re around other men, he might put an arm around you to “claim” you.

He wants the world to know you’re his, and he’s yours.

9. Protective

If your Taurus man seems like he just wants to protect you from the world, he’s probably in love with you.

It might at times seem like he’s sticking his nose in your business.

In reality, he’s very concerned about your wellbeing and happiness.

This is a guy who will walk on the outside, closer to the cars whizzing by so you don’t have to.

He’ll do anything to keep you safe.

10. Totally taken

A Taurus man doesn’t do relationships halfway.

If he loves you, he’s all in.

Even if he hasn’t called himself your boyfriend yet, it’s obvious in his behaviors.

Any single ladies’ numbers he had in his phone, he’ll lose.

When someone wants to make plans with him, he’ll check in with you about it.

You’ll feel like you’re the most important person to him.

And he’ll always put you first.

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