How Can a Scorpio Seduce Aries Man? (Scorpio’s 4 Secret Weapons)

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Are you a Scorpio with the hots for an Aries man? Then you’re probably wondering, how can a Scorpio seduce Aries man? Keep reading. I’m about to tell you how.

How Can a Scorpio Seduce Aries Man?

Both the sign of Scorpio and the sign of Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet that influences action and sex drive. Is it any wonder, then, that these two signs make an intense combination in a love affair?

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These strong, independent signs are often powerfully attracted to each other. They hardly need to know anything about each other. They can just lock eyes and feel the sexual energy between them.

Scorpio is drawn to the Aries embodiment of masculine power, and Aries is drawn to Scorpio’s intensity and raw sexuality. A Scorpio woman and Aries man can hardly keep their hands off of each other.

Seduction is the easy part. As the two Mars-ruled signs can also be a highly combustible pair, they’ll need to practice patience and work on their mutual need to control and dominate if the relationship is to blossom.

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How to Attract an Aries Man as a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are blessed with many traits that men find irresistible. All men—not just Aries. But in many cases…especially Aries men.

I’m going to tell you how to capitalize on your star-given qualities to get the Aries man you’re lusting after under your spell.

1. Use your Scorpio superpower of mysteriousness.

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I swear, the word “mysterious” was created to describe Scorpios. The female Scorpion is magnetic, and Aries men are drawn to a woman who doesn’t fit into a neat little box.

Though an Aries man might want to jump in with both feet, the most successful dates make him work a little harder. It’s why I suggest not divulging everything to him in the first few dates in How to Make an Aries Man Miss You.

So tease him and make him work harder to get to know you.

As a Scorpio, all you need to do is be yourself here. Reel him in with your seductive powers of mystery and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.

2. Flaunt your natural sexiness.

What’s one thing that Scorpios have in spades? I hardly need to tell you. Sex appeal. 

The high libido of the Aries drives his interactions with women he finds alluring. He’s attracted to a sexy, feminine woman like a moth to a flame.

When you’re talking to him, meet his gaze and make plenty of eye contact. Give him that famous Scorpio look that will make him shiver all over.

3. Engage him in a little intellectual foreplay.

Scorpios are masters of the art of conversation when they’re fully engaged. They’re sharp-minded, witty and insightful, able to keep pace with the quick mind of an Aries.

In my experience of getting to know Aries men, intellectual experiences often lead to seduction. A conversation where someone can open his eyes to new ideas can be taken as a challenge, but in a good way. This is a definite turn-on for this guy.

While pressing an Aries man to take your point of view and outright rejecting his is a recipe for igniting his volatile anger, the Scorpio is good at reading others and will know how to approach the Aries.

Use his love of a good mental exchange to push his buttons in the right way.

4. Confidence is key.

Aries men are highly attracted to confidence, which Scorpios exude effortlessly in their demeanor. Your self-assurance in how you present yourself is one of the best ways to get and keep his attention.

Timidity and not knowing what you’re worth are easily perceived by the Aries. He might be turned off. Or a less evolved Aries might seek to take advantage. Either scenario is not what you want.

You want to build mutual respect. Now that’s sexy.

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