Why Won’t My Taurus Man Commit? (Top 8 Reasons Why)

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If you’ve been asking, “Why won’t my Taurus man commit?”—here are the top reasons why:

  • He’s a creature of habit and he doesn’t want to change
  • He has hang-ups from past relationships
  • You may be pushing too hard
  • He still needs to figure out if you’re the one for him
  • He’s confused about your intentions
  • His life is too hectic right now

If ultimately your concern is about losing your Taurus man, the best thing you can do is start seeing through his eyes, learning his deepest fears and desires.

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Why Are Taurus Men Slow in Committing?

Plain and simple, Taurus men are slow in committing because they have no desire to rush it.

They would rather lose you than commit to you because you demand it.

A Taurus man would figure, you weren’t right for him if that were the case.

You have to be a match with the Taurus man in every way. Emotionally, mentally, in bed and in your future goals and plans.

For a Taurus, all of this takes time to determine, and he’ll put your compatibility to the test throughout your dating.

When he finally commits, he takes it very seriously. There is hardly a more loyal soul on the planet than a Taurus.

He knows this about himself, however, so he’s not going to give it away freely, until proven right.

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Is a Taurus Man Afraid of Commitment?

It’s not fear that makes the Taurus man wary of commitment.

Sometimes it depends on what stage of his life he’s in.

If he’s decided to put all of his energy into building his career, or if he’s got some personal issues going on, he’ll be committed to getting that straightened out first. Not to you.

If he is in a stage of his life where he’s looking for commitment, he will still be cautious.

He’s willing to pull the trigger if he can be convinced that it’s a safe and sound judgment, after he’s poked and prodded at it to his heart’s content.

So in summary, he’s not afraid so much as he’s just incredibly guarded.

Why Won’t My Taurus Man Commit?

He doesn’t want things to change

One thing you need to understand about a Taurus man is that he’s not super adaptable.

He craves routine and comfort, and he’s slow to make changes.

Actually, he won’t make a change unless he absolutely has to.

He needs to see the logic in the decision, weigh all the options.

In order to make a big change, including one that involves relationship commitment, he’ll take a lot of time to get used to the idea first and grow to accept it.

So if he hasn’t committed yet and you don’t think there’s any specific reason, it could be as simple as your habit-loving Taurus man not wanting to rock the boat.

He’s not sure you’re right for each other

Some women who have been burned by an indecisive Taurus man might call him a player.

The reality is that a Taurus can’t commit unless he’s decided you’re the right fit.

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This requires time (yes, lots of it), patience and understanding.

A Taurus man tests you to make sure you’re compatible and that he can be with you in the long run.

That means sharing or having compatible interests, values and goals.

If he can’t see a future with you, he can’t get serious with you.

He has wounds from the past

Tauruses don’t easily let go of an experience that damaged their trust.

A Taurus guy who has had some type of bad relationship where his ex cheated on him, toyed with him, betrayed him or treated him badly can sour him for future relationships.

The Taurus man may know rationally that you are not her.

However, the time it would take to get past his armor could be way longer than would be fair to you.

Think several years or more.

If you’re struggling with something like this, you might want to follow Anna Kovach’s advice in Taurus Man Secrets on how to bypass his hangups.

He’s stuck on an ex

A Taurus man who’s still pining for a woman from the past is probably not going to commit to you.

The truth is, he’s with you because he finds comfort in it.

But if you’re competing with someone else on a pedestal, forget about it.

Even if he has no chance of getting back with her, he’ll hold a torch for her indefinitely.

It’s not totally impossible for him to move on from his past flame. But you’ll have to ask yourself whether it’s worth the torture in the meantime.

Remember, a Taurus is slow to change.

He might not let go of you, but he could also string you along for as long as you’re willing to put up with it.

You’re rushing it

Taurus men have to feel like they’re in command at all times, steering the ship.

If they feel like you’re trying to grab the wheel, you’ll find yourself alone on an abandoned ship.

All a Taurus man is likely to do is pull away from you at any sign of pressure.

So your best move would be to not try to force anything.

A Taurus needs to feel he knows you truly and very well first.

Have you been bringing up big relationship talks with him?

If he’s not biting, you should let it go.

He’s not ready and he’s going to dig his heels in even deeper if you keep going.

You need to set your boundaries

A Taurus man needs to be in charge. Yet you can’t be a doormat for him to walk on.

Tauruses respect those who set their boundaries and stand firm.

If a Taurus man seems to be acting any way he wants and not investing enough of himself into your relationship, consider letting him know what you will and won’t accept.

For example, if you don’t want to be his friend with benefits, you have to make that clear and then stick to it.

Otherwise, whatever you allow will determine the course of your relationship, and not what you really desire.

Something is holding him back

Sometimes there’s no big issue at all behind a Taurus man’s lack of commitment.

Sometimes life simply gets in the way.

His personal life and what’s happening in it will weigh heavily on whether or not he’s capable of being in a relationship.

Family problems, personal issues and a demanding work schedule can all create obstacles.

Depending on what’s going on, your Taurus man might just need you to hold tight while he works things out.

He might take a while to open up to you about it, but he’ll be honest with you if you ask him.

He doesn’t know what you want

And then there are the times when a Taurus man just doesn’t have a clue.

Taurus guys consider themselves pretty good at reading people.

Only, they tend to rely on concrete clues—what you show them and say to them.

In other words, if you haven’t said you want a commitment, your Taurus may not have even considered it.

He may also be confused about what you want.

If you have at all been sending him mixed messages, he will wait and observe you to see what you do.

He’ll only put himself out there if he’s confident about you and your desires.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

The signs that a Taurus man is serious about you will come out in how he behaves with you.

Like letting you finally meet his family. Letting you see his vulnerable side.

Demonstrating trust in you.

If he’s serious about you, he’ll include you more in his present as well as his future.

You’ll be allowed into his inner world, and he’ll try to make sure that you stay in it.

We explain more in How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Loves You?

How do you convince a Taurus man?

When it comes to a relationship, trying to convince a Taurus man takes a lot of patience and consistency.

Convincing a Taurus is largely a passive act. You don’t do it by trying to strong-arm them.

Do so, and risk losing them.

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You basically need to stick to being the amazing woman he wants while not putting pressure on him or coming across as domineering.

In general, if you want a Taurus man to see your side of things, don’t smack down his.

Telling him you’re right and he’s wrong will make him act aloof with you.

Use logic, keep emotions minimal and appeal to him with rational (and calm!) points.

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How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Tests from a Taurus man come in many forms.

Like asking questions and listening closely to your answers.

A Taurus man may have a very specific motive to ask you about your dating history, for example.

He may do this to get an idea of whether you match up in what you want out of dating, or how you act as someone’s girlfriend.

A Taurus man may also do a disappearing act just to put the carrot on the stick and see what it takes to get you to bite.

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How do you make a Taurus fall in love with you?

First, take care of the fundamentals: prove trustworthiness and loyalty.

They may seem unromantic, but a Taurus can’t surrender their feelings to you if they don’t first trust you.

Speaking of romance, shower the Taurus in it.

Show that you’re an incredible, loving and doting partner.

Make the Taurus feel like the only person in the world for you.

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What is Taurus love language?


Tauruses translate physical touch to loving feelings. This is why they like cuddling with you so much.

If you want to show a Taurus that you love them, give them lots of sweet little touches throughout the day.

Play with their hair while you’re watching TV or give them a shoulder rub.

And of course, plenty of hugs and kisses.

Taurus men are notoriously hard to make yours, and they know it.

They’re looking to see if you have the stamina it takes to be with them—how much do you truly want them?

If you want to be prepared, we suggest checking out Taurus Man Secrets.

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