Why Capricorn Man Avoids You (16 Reasons You Can’t Ignore)

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Your Capricorn man is suddenly MIA all the time. What’s his deal? 

We’re going to explain that right now—here’s why Capricorn man avoids you:

  • Work is piling up, or he’s conquering his goals
  • He doesn’t see a future with you
  • You haven’t hooked him yet
  • You’re too needy or emotional for his taste
  • He’s actually really into you and nervous about it

Depending on his reasoning, you may need to act quickly before his stubborn mind convinces him you’re better off apart.

You have to show him you understand what he wants and how to give it to him.

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Why Capricorn Man Avoids You

1. He’s focused on work

If you know anything about Capricorns, it’s that they’re bonafide workaholics.

So if you haven’t been hearing back from your Capricorn guy lately, consider first the very real possibility that he’s swamped at work.

He’s going to prioritize that, regardless of how passionate he is about you. It’s just who he is.

So hang tight, and make sure this isn’t the case before jumping to conclusions.

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2. He has a mountain to climb

By this I mean—he’s dead set on achieving some goal, and it’s taking all his energy right now.

Ambitions run high for Capricorn men. 

When they have their eye on the prize, don’t expect to be texted back quickly or see them on the weekend if that’s reserved for their projects.

Until they’ve conquered their mountain, they’re not going to be too available.

3. He’s trying to figure you out

This happens when you just start seeing a Capricorn man.

He’ll be all about you, then suddenly start avoiding you or acting a bit weird.

What’s likely going on is that he’s not sure what your deal is.

Who are you deep down? What are your motives?

Are you into him for the right reasons, or are you using him?

Until he answers these questions, he may keep you at arm’s length.

4. You’re not putting enough vibes out there

What your Capricorn man needs from you is a reason to pursue you.

If he doesn’t feel the connection with you, he’s going to remain passive.

Are you playing hard to get with him? If so, you may be shooting yourself in the foot if he doesn’t think you’re very interested in him.

He may also feel like you don’t vibe well enough if you’re holding back, which is another reason for him not to contact you.

5. He suspects you’re playing games

Are you being real with him?

If you’re not genuine or the Capricorn suspects you’re not serious about him for any reason, he’ll bounce.

He’ll also avoid you if he feels you’re trying to manipulate him.

He resists control of any kind and will only give of himself freely once he’s assessed that you’re not wasting his time.

6. He thinks you’re not stable enough

Stability is big for Capricorns. They like to see that you’re emotionally stable, you’re not a gambler and that your life isn’t full of nonstop drama.

If you don’t meet his standards for stability and peace, he may keep his distance.

Even if he likes you, he doesn’t want to get on a rollercoaster with you, or end up supporting you.

You’ll have to show him that you’ve got things in order first.

7. He doesn’t see any relationship potential

Unless a Capricorn man is looking for a rebound or he’s in a weird place, he’s typically only interested in playing for keeps when it comes to dating.

He wants a real relationship with long-term potential, or nothing at all.

So if he doesn’t see that as an option with you, he’s not likely to stick around long or invest his emotions.

If you think this is going on, or you just want to cover your bases, Anna Kovach explains what steps you should take in Capricorn Man Secrets.

8. You’re contacting him too much

Do you text him multiple times before receiving an answer?

You need to slow it down.

If you call him regularly and he doesn’t pick up or call you back, it’s your cue to take a step back.

Capricorn men can easily feel overwhelmed or hounded.

And if they start feeling like you’re too needy, they’ll take a giant step away from you.

9. You flaked on him

Did you recently cancel plans on him last-minute?

How often do you end up canceling on him or not showing up on time?

These can be red flags for a Capricorn man that you’re not ready to get involved with him.

Also, he just hates unreliability.

10. You had a disagreement

Arguments are hard for Capricorns because they don’t like getting emotional.

Since the tenseness of an argument can really put them off, Capricorn men may choose to ignore you for a while until they feel it’s safe to come out.

Best to let the Capricorn guy have some time to himself.

If he wasn’t deeply offended, he’ll reach out later like nothing happened.

11. He thinks you’re hyper emotional

As mentioned before, Capricorn guys are not comfortable with lots of emotions.

They’re rational creatures who don’t know how to respond to someone coming at them with their raw, unfiltered feelings.

You don’t need to pretend you’re emotionless, but you should be careful not to show big mood swings around your Cappy.

12. He’s testing you

Sometimes, a Capricorn man will avoid you to test the waters.

He wants to see how you’ll react.

He needs to be sure that you’re independent enough to handle his need for privacy.

But also, he just wants to know that you’re not going to ditch him if he needs some space.

13. You haven’t excited him

It can be a lot of work to maintain a Capricorn man’s interest.

They demand a romantic interest who is unique, intriguing and never boring.

If you haven’t yet shown what it is about you that’s different from the rest, you need to do so ASAP.

Hook him with your intelligence, cultural savviness and ability to have a chill, good time.

14. He has a lot of feelings about you

One of the things a Capricorn man might do if he’s feeling you is avoid you.

It’s because he has to process his feelings, which will take time for him.

It’s nerve-wracking to open himself up to someone as he’s always ready to be stabbed in the back or taken advantage of.

However, you shouldn’t attempt to squeeze emotional responses out of him, because that’s far too intimidating for him.

15. You demand too much of his attention

Capricorn men don’t like it when they feel forced to pay attention to someone.

Whether you’re a bit too much of a damsel in distress or you’re just too high-energy for him, he may pedal back if he feels like he needs to protect himself.

Capricorns prefer the company of a woman who is easygoing and who lets them come and go as they please.

The key is to be so enthralling to a Capricorn man that he’ll want to give you all of his attention.

16. You have other guys around you

Why compete when the Capricorn man feels you so clearly aren’t choosing him?

If you’re making the Capricorn man vie for your affection, he’s likely to say “No thank you.”

If he’s avoiding you because he’s caught wind that you’re seeing other guys, it could be his cut-off point with you.

Will a Capricorn Man Come Back After Disappearing?

If he’s vanished, don’t lose hope.

It really depends on the reason that the Capricorn man has disappeared.

If he’s testing you or the strength of your connection, he won’t be gone for good.

He’s also pretty forgiving up until a certain point, where if you’ve made little mistakes with him, he’ll give you time to correct them.

However, if he’s assessed the situation and has determined that there’s no future with you (at least in his mind), then it’s very possible that he won’t come back.

All you can really do is wait for a bit. If you still haven’t heard from him, reach out with a heartfelt email or text explaining your desires with him, then see what he does.

If he still doesn’t bite, you can try one more gentle nudge, but in the end he’ll come back only if he wants to.

Does Ignoring Capricorn Man Work?

Again, it depends.

Ignoring him when you haven’t shown him enough attention in the first place is probably not going to get you rewarded. In his eyes, you haven’t put in any effort.

However, leaving him alone *strategically* when he’s hot and cold with you can send him the message that you’re not going to tolerate that.

So don’t ignore him just to ignore him or get back at him.

But, tread carefully when contacting him so he doesn’t feel like you’re breathing down his neck.

Why Do Capricorns Ghost You?

The unfortunate truth is that Capricorns will ghost you if they feel you don’t fit into their lives.

They may feel a bit bad about it, but not bad enough to not ghost you.

Reasons for ghosting you include:

  • Thinking you don’t have enough in common
  • Not seeing a future together
  • Having too much on his plate right now
  • Not knowing what to say to you to break it off
  • If he feels slighted or deeply offended by you
  • He’s worried you’ll try to control him
  • He’s met someone he feels is better suited to him

Other Capricorn Man Questions

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

Be ready, because a Cap is going to test you without warning.

Avoiding you is one way that he tests you, but there are plenty of other ways.

He might also test how much he can trust you. 

Trust is hard to earn from a Capricorn, and he might check in to make sure you’re truly devoted to him.

Read more about his tests and how to pass in How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

How do you know if a Capricorn man is serious about you?

You know he’s serious about you when he’s suddenly choosing to spend time with you instead of working on the weekend.

He’ll give you clear signals like introducing you to those close to him and treating you like you’re truly special to him.

And if he’s going slowly with you, take that as a good sign. You’re important enough that he wants to make sure he doesn’t mess it up.

We go into this in-depth in How to Know If a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love With You.

How do you get a Capricorn man to miss you?

Show him why you’re missable—what makes you special.

A Capricorn man is picky about who he gives his time and energy to. What about you is different from other women?

Put that out there for your Capricorn man to see, want and miss when you’re not around.

Read more in How to Make a Capricorn Man Miss You.

How do you know when a Capricorn man is lying?

The bad news is, Capricorns are really good at covering their intentions. 

So if they’re hiding the truth from you, you may not know it.

Often, it takes catching them in a lie to know for sure.

However, if a Capricorn man likes you and respects you, he won’t intentionally lie to you.

But he won’t divulge everything to you either because he’s a private person, and trust takes time to build.

Signs a Capricorn man doesn’t like you anymore

When a Capricorn man doesn’t like you anymore, he’ll remove himself from contact with you.

He’s not like a Libra man where the Libra will still be nice to you—Capricorn will go cold and completely emotionless.

He’ll stop answering his phone and responding to you.

Even if you see him out and about, he won’t give you the time of day, and he won’t have any remorse about flirting with other women in front of you.

Signs a Capricorn man is playing you

A Capricorn man who is playing you will not make the slightest attempt to make you believe you’re his girlfriend.

He’ll be highly motivated to sleep with you, but only on his terms and his schedule.

You’ll realize you don’t know anything about him, his friends or his life.

Seriously, he’ll put as little effort into cultivating closeness and emotional intimacy with you as possible.

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