How to Make a Taurus Man Happy (15 Tips to Make Him Feel Good)

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Want to be the best girlfriend your Taurus man has ever had?

Here’s how to make a Taurus man happy:

  • Feed his senses, feed his soul—cook for him, make your place a haven, and so on
  • Let the Taurus man take charge
  • Learn to love kicking back with him at home
  • Prioritize affection and intimacy
  • Accept him as he is—and never rush or pressure him

If you feel you’re not making him as happy as you could, or he’s done the typical Taurus man thing and pulled away, you’re not alone.

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What Makes a Male Taurus Happy?

Tauruses don’t need a lot to be happy.

In general, Taurus men are satisfied if they’re eating good food, listening to good music and getting time to catch up on their favorite shows.

They do need a certain amount of socialization, too. However, they prefer low-key gatherings and maybe just once a week tops.

This earth sign has a weakness for pleasurable sensory experiences.

Whatever looks good, tastes good, smells good and feels good can make him forget his troubles in a flash.

Taurus men also need to feel grounded and stable to be comfortable.

This includes being financially stable, remaining in control of their lives and not having to deal with drama (they run far away from drama).

If in a relationship, a Taurus man will also want a healthy sex life, one that is regular, romantic and sensual.

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How to Make a Taurus Man Happy

1. Make him great food

The phrase “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was written about Taurus men.

He’ll still date you if you can’t identify a spatula in your kitchen. But—there’s no denying he gets full satisfaction from being cooked a darn good meal.

Surprise him with his favorite dish. Or have romantic evenings cooking together.

Just make delicious food and enjoy sharing it with one another.

2. Show you appreciate him

A Taurus man will do a lot of little things for you.

From changing the oil in your car to listening to you vent for two solid hours about work, he wants to demonstrate how important you are to him.

You probably always say thank you, but you can do more.

Tell him what a wonderful man he is when he’s least expecting it.

Leave a note for him to find later.

You can also do nice things for him in return to show your gratitude. Maybe a temple massage or a favor that he didn’t have to ask you for.

3. Enjoy most of your nights at home with him

Taurus men are not party types.

If you’re dating one, you should definitely enjoy the comforts of home.

He’ll go out with you more than he usually would if it’s what you want, but he would be happiest if you shared his love of a relaxing night in.

Make your nights memorable with great conversation, good wine, good music and, if you’re up for it, some frisky behavior.

A perfect evening to a Taurus man.

4. Let him be silent

You’ve likely noticed that Taurus men are not the types to talk your ear off.

They speak when they feel they have something to say.

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What’s more, it takes them some time to fully process their thoughts and feelings and translate them into the right words.

Let your Taurus be the man of few words that he is.

Try not to get him to talk about his feelings or explain himself to you—let him come to you when he’s ready.

He will feel at ease with you and like you understand him intuitively.

5. Don’t push your relationship too fast

Sometimes it can feel painfully slow developing a relationship with a Taurus man.

But no matter how eager you are to dive in, your Taurus man will drag his feet if you push your desires on him.

He needs a lot (a lot) of time to come to the conclusion that, yes, you are his perfect companion and you will not hurt him, walk out on him or anything like that.

If you can be understanding of that and allow him to go at his own pace, you will not inadvertently push him away.

But if you feel like things are going nowhere, take a look at Anna Kovach’s advice about what you could be doing wrong in Taurus Man Secrets.

6. Feed his senses

Tauruses like all of their senses to be indulged. Sometimes they can get a little hedonistic!

Give special attention to his senses.

When you invite him over for dinner, make it just as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Play some moody music.

In an intimate relationship, wear pretty, feminine lingerie under a touchable velvet kimono while feeding him chocolate covered strawberries.

Soften your voice and make the room smell amazing with scented candles.

He loves to be fully immersed, so give him an experience to remember.

7. Give him affection

The Venusian qualities of the Taurus make this man extremely romantic.

He expresses that in a very hands-on way—physical touch is important to him.

Give him a healthy dose of affection every time you see him.

Use hugging, kissing and gentle touching to translate your feelings and gratitude for him.

When you’re not together, send him thoughtful texts.

A Taurus who feels loved and doted on is a happy Taurus.

8. Spend money wisely

This sign is associated with personal possessions and finances.

Tauruses tend to spend their hard-earned cash on the best luxuries they can afford, but you won’t catch them totally broke. 

They work hard and know how to keep their financial situations in check. If you can show that you know how to do the same, it’s reassuring to the Taurus.

He likes to see that a woman is responsible and won’t expect him to pay her bills because she spent all her savings frivolously.

He’s all about fairness, stability and equal responsibility in a relationship. 

9. Prioritize intimacy

If you’re the type to neglect your sex life, your Taurus man will struggle.

For him, physical intimacy is a way of connecting with you emotionally and spiritually.

His ideal partner is one who feels the same.

However, he will not always expect to get down and dirty every time he sees you. In fact, he may be the one saying “Can we just cuddle?”

This is because physical intimacy isn’t just sexual for him.

Being near you, holding you and being vulnerable with you in a way he can’t be with anyone else count.

10. Allow him to lead

The Taurus man prefers to be the one calling the shots.

At the beginning when you first start dating, he’ll play the traditional role of choosing the restaurant you go to on a date and ordering the wine to pair with dinner.

He’ll do this partly to impress you and partly because he naturally takes charge.

As your relationship develops, you’ll notice that he’s the one setting the pace and the tone.

He’s more comfortable being in control, so follow his lead. Let him make the decisions that are important to him.

If you really want to make him happy, demonstrate to him that you trust and believe in his leadership.

11. Get along with his friends

Tauruses are insanely loyal to the ones who have earned it.

His good friends are more than his pals. They help him to feel grounded and he in turn would do anything for them.

It will delight your Taurus man if you win his friends’ praise and respect.

Make an effort to get on their good sides.

Always put your Taurus first, but do be charming and sociable in the company of his best buds to make him proud.

And never make your Taurus man choose between you and his friends.

He will resent you if he has to take your side. Or, you might not be thrilled if he takes theirs out of sheer loyalty to them.

12. Go camping

Every Taurus loves nature.

The outdoors call to Taurus guys. Most are pretty physically active in one way or another.

So no Taurus man is going to say no to spending time in the peace of nature, out in the woods with you on a camping trip.

If sleeping in the wilderness is not your cup of tea, plan a glamping trip instead.

Just get under the stars in each other’s arms and leave everyday life behind you.

13. Take time in bed

The sensual Taurus man wants to explore your body and give you maximum pleasure…maybe for hours.

He’s not in a hurry to get to the main event, either. He likes to take his sweet time, so give him what he wants.

Take your time blowing his mind, too.

Be a master of building up anticipation and pleasure, and he will worship you.

14. Don’t rush him

The thing about dating a Taurus is that you need a lot of patience.

You may be a quick decision-maker, but he isn’t.

He’ll dig his heels into the ground if you try to push him on something he doesn’t feel secure about yet.

This includes asking him where your relationship is at while he’s still getting to know you.

He would rather let things evolve in their own due time. 

Going with the flow and being consistent and reliable will do much more to help him make up his mind.

15. Accept him unconditionally

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Your Taurus guy doesn’t like change, and he’s not willing to change himself dramatically for anyone in the world.

He resents it when a woman tries to “improve” him in some way.

The way he sees it, you either want him, or you want someone else.

On the other hand, if you accept him completely and love him for who he is, flaws and all, he will feel as if he’s found real love at last.

A love that doesn’t judge.

Because a Taurus man needs to feel comfortable with you. If he’s not comfortable, he can’t have a relationship with you.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Make his space conducive to connecting.

As we’ve talked about, a Taurus man’s physical surroundings influence his mood and his desires greatly. So make him comfy if you want to connect!

Besides this, you should make sure that you are demonstrating to him that you’re trustworthy and loyal.

Since emotions can scare him a little, it’s best to modify your approach.

Just dip your toes into a conversation about feelings. Don’t force him to talk if he doesn’t want to, and always leave him an out.

Read more in How to Emotionally Connect With a Taurus Man.

How do you make a Taurus man feel loved?

Dote on him. Pamper him. Treat him like a king.

Touch is huge for a Taurus man’s ability to feel love from you and also to show it.

Use that knowledge to demonstrate how you feel—use gentle, nurturing touches that are affectionate and sweet.

Give him ample attention (without suffocating him) and show appreciation for who he is, what he does for you and how he adores you.

Get more details in How to Love a Taurus Man.

How do you make a Taurus man miss you?

If you’ve broken up or drifted apart, put enough effort in to maintain a connection and make your desire known.

At the same time, you should keep enough distance to stay pressure-free…and to make him crave your presence.

You may decide to tell him you miss him so he hears you loud and clear. 

This can prompt him to start considering—why aren’t you together? What would it be like if that were to change?

As long as you do so in a way that doesn’t place any expectations on him, your honesty could give you a boost.

We explain more in Will a Taurus Man Miss You?

What does a Taurus hate?

A Taurus hates being told what to do.

Tauruses have to arrive at a conclusion on their own and be the bosses of their own lives.

They don’t take kindly to sudden changes in their routines and can get cranky if you switch things up on them too much.

They also have a low tolerance for rudeness, wishy-washiness and aggression (towards them).

Live and let live, a Taurus would say.

The best way to have a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship with a Taurus man? Understand him.

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  • Why does he disappear on you?
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