How to Know If a Taurus Woman Is Playing You (9 Telltale Signs)

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Got a feeling your Taurus woman is leading you on?

Here’s how to know if a Taurus woman is playing you like a chump:

  • There’s no cuddling, affection or emotional intimacy between you
  • She doesn’t make plans with you
  • She acts like she couldn’t care less if she doesn’t see you
  • She’s telling you openly that she’s not interested in you
  • She’s actively seeing other guys

Time to rip the Band-aid off.

Let’s talk about the signs a Taurus woman is using you.

How to Know If a Taurus Woman Is Using You

1. She only wants one thing


That’s all she ever wants to do with you.

Taurus women have a high libido, so it’s not unusual for a Taurus woman to want to get down and dirty frequently.

But if you do no talking, cuddling or typical activities that people do together like going out and sharing interests, that’s a big old red flag.

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2. She never makes plans with you

Does the Taurus woman keep you on a string all the time, wondering when you’ll get to see her next?

Tauruses like stability and are big on making plans.

If the Taurus woman really likes you, she’s going to solidify plans with you so she has something to look forward to.

But if she’s always last-minute texting you and doesn’t seem to care if you’re busy, you should be wary.

It could mean she has no actual emotional attachment to you and she’s just using you.

3. She only texts when she’s drinking, bored or lonely

Does she text you only when it suits her because she has literally nothing else to do?

Or when she’s had too many drinks and forgets her own “rules” about not contacting you regularly?

Maybe she’s sending you mixed signals by texting you a bunch one day, but then you don’t hear from her again no matter how hard you try.

Chances are, she’s using you to feel better when she’s lonely, bored or just looking for a little amusement.

Taurus women are normally very consistent, so it’s a warning sign when they behave erratically like this.

4. She tells you she doesn’t have feelings for you

Straight up, a Taurus woman will let you know that she doesn’t like you that way.

Tauruses are known for being honest and blunt, sometimes to a hurtful degree.

It could be painful hearing it, but if you really want to know, ask.

A Taurus woman will tell you if she doesn’t have feelings for you and give you a clearer understanding of how you fit into the picture (or don’t).

5. You know she goes out with other guys

Some women like to keep their options open when they’re choosing a mate.

Not the Taurus woman.

She’s hyper-focused on one man when she likes him, and she has no interest in seeing what else is out there.

So if the Taurus woman is seeing other men, even on casual dates, you can be pretty sure she’s not serious about you.

6. She doesn’t sleep over

Have you offered a thousand times for her to stay over, and she never will?

Maybe she makes excuses like having to get up and feed her dog in the morning.

If a Taurus woman really likes you, she will do whatever she can to stay physically close to you as much as possible.

Just make sure that the reason she isn’t staying over isn’t a real one—if she has a tough work schedule, you should cut her some slack.

But especially if she makes absolutely no excuses and just says, “No thanks,” that’s something to think about.

7. It annoys her if you show up at her work

Women like being romanced.

Normally, doing something like sending flowers or showing up at a Taurus woman’s work with a coffee and a cute note will make her melt.

But if a Taurus woman is not feeling you, it will make her mad.

And she’ll have a hard time hiding her annoyance.

So if that’s happened to you and you’ve wondered why, it could be that she was just using you and didn’t want you to get involved in her life.

8. Her friends know she’s leading you on

Sometimes a Taurus woman won’t mention you at all to her friends if she’s playing you.

But a Taurus woman isn’t particularly secretive, especially about things that don’t mean a lot to her.

So she very well might tell her friends about the hot guy she’s getting action from, but they know it’s just physical.

It might be hard to find out if this is the case, though.

You may have some luck reaching out to one of her pals and asking for an honest opinion.

If that friend blows you off or acts weird because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, you might have something to worry about.

But be warned: If the Taurus woman is really not about you, she could see this as intrusive and drop you right quick.

9. No affection or PDA

If you’re getting no affection behind closed doors or out in public, the Taurus woman is definitely playing you.

She’s a very physical person and needs plenty of touch to feel close to someone.

So if she’s withholding, she doesn’t want that from you.

She wants a strictly sexual relationship or to be friends with benefits, and that’s all.


How do you know if a Taurus woman cares about you?

If a Taurus woman cares about you, she’ll be very sweet, sensitive and caring toward you.

She will mother you and be the best listener ever.

And above all, she’ll be there for you no matter what.

She is the most reliable sign of the zodiac, and she is a rock for those she cares about.

When a Taurus woman is being distant?

A Taurus woman becomes distant when she’s hurt, afraid you don’t like her or running away from problems in your relationship.

Many times, she’s just responding to the way you’re treating her.

She wants to protect herself, and she would rather grow distant than face painful reality.

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How do you know if a Taurus woman likes you through texting?

You can tell a Taurus woman likes you when she texts you consistently.

She isn’t a big texter, so just the fact that she makes the effort shows that she’s a fan of you.

She’ll also use texting to get you to say yes to hanging out.

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How do you know if a Taurus is thinking about you?

You can tell when a Taurus is thinking about you when they reach out to you.

This is a zodiac sign of action, so the Taurus will do something about it when you’re on their mind and they want to see you.

Of course, they may also stalk your social media.

But it’s going to be a lot harder for you to know that way.

Signs a Taurus woman hates you

If a Taurus woman truly hates you, she will end all contact with you and get as far away from you as humanly possible.

You’ll be blocked on her phone and social media accounts.

She will try to wipe you out of existence in her world, and if she does run into you, she will be openly rude to you.

One thing’s for sure, she’ll make no secret about it.

Signs a Taurus woman loves you

Signs a Taurus woman loves you include:

  • Intense eye contact and body language
  • Super-charged sensuality
  • You know more about her than anyone else
  • She’s making plans with you in her future
  • She takes care of you
  • She supports you without question

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