How to Make a Leo Man Happy (6 Things That Make Him All Mushy Inside)

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Want to make sure your Leo guy’s feeling nothin’ but good things about your relationship?

Here’s how to make a Leo man happy:

  • Be his number one fan
  • Let him be whoever he wants to be
  • Keep the love, praise and affection flowing
  • Appreciate him the way he appreciates you

Lots of women mistake the happy-go-lucky demeanor of a Leo man for meaning that he’ll never burn out. But you know that’s too good to be true.

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How to Make a Leo Man Happy

The good news is that a Leo man’s spirits are pretty easy to lift as long as you’re catering to his need for attention.

He will be *putty* in your hands.

He loves excitement and having fun. Most importantly, he wants someone he can share the good times with. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the ways to make him melt…

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1. Accept him for who he is

Leos are confident and have a high level of self-esteem.

They are leaders, but they’re also big lovable goofs, which makes it hard to not fall for them.

Like any other zodiac sign though, they have their quirks that can be off-putting: they can be arrogant and too dramatic at times. And maybe a bit bossy.

But these are just their quirks. If you want to be with a Leo man, love him for who he is and never try to change him.

Certainly, he loves himself just the way he is and knows that he’ll always attract the right people into his life.

When you accept him, quirks and all, you allow him to be himself with you. And that’s all he wants to be.

2. Return the respect he pays to you

Leo is the lion, the monarch of the zodiac. Man or woman, a Leo expects to be held in high esteem.

If you’re a Leo man’s queen, you can bet that he’s going to treat you like one. What he’s looking for is a mutual exchange of respect, appreciation and admiration.

He’ll fawn over you because he sees you as the most amazing, interesting person he knows. And he’ll make sure other people know it.

If you want to make him happy, raise him up the way he raises you up. When you’re out with friends, let everyone see what an incredible power couple you are.

The flip side of this is to make sure you don’t criticize him in front of others. This is very insulting to a proud Leo and a sign of disrespect.

Keep the praise flowing both ways and when you’re ready, make the foundation of your relationship rock-solid and unshakable.

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3. Show him how unique he is

Want to know how to make a Leo man happy? This one is easy.

A Leo man always wants to feel as if he’s unique, like there’s no one else in the world as amazing as he is.

He lives to stand out from the crowd and be the person that others envy and admire.

Making your Leo guy feel special will bring so much joy to his life.

He needs to know that no other man can hold a candle to him.

You can straight up tell him how unique he truly is. He’d love to hear it.

You should also show genuine interest in his hobbies, his accomplishments and whatever makes him proud to be him. His ego is invested in his pursuits, too.

Be his biggest fan!

4. Wrap him up in your love and affection

This lion can be tamed: all he needs is a little romance in his life.

Leos thrive on being around other people. When they have a special someone in their life, not only do they desire to be around them, but they crave a special level of intimacy with them.

Think of it like it’s you two against the world. You’re in your own bubble of romance and lovey-dovey feelings that the outside world can’t touch.

He wants to feel loved and desired, frequently.

Hug and kiss him often. Massage his back (fun fact: it’s an erogenous zone for him). Lay in each other’s arms.

Any level of closeness the two of you share will create that special bond.

5. Boost his ego

Nothing will make a Leo man happier more than you pouring out the flattery.

Whether you’re telling him how hot he is, how talented of a writer he is, or that no one makes you feel safer than he does, no compliment is too small for him.

He will eat it right up.

To easily make this man smile, don’t be stingy with the compliments.

But don’t exaggerate, either! Well, maybe a little…

But seriously, he’ll be able to sniff out a disingenuous comment and it will do the opposite of what you want it to do.

So praise him often, but mean whatever you say for the compliments to work their magic.

6. Be his rock

Even though he’s pretty independent, Leo men want a significant other they can depend on.

Someone who has their back come hell or high water.

After a long day at work, they want to know they have someone they can come to and will be there for them.

Tell your Leo guy that you appreciate him and all that he does. Let him know that he can count on you to be there for him with your actions—this will prove that you are devoted to him.

He’ll feel like the luckiest man in the world!

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