Can Taurus Man Marry Virgo Woman? (Yes, They’re Totally Compatible!)

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Can Taurus man marry Virgo woman? Can it last?

  • This is a match made in heaven because they understand each other better than most
  • They should talk openly about their expectations beforehand and decide what’s really important to them to make the marriage as smooth as can be

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Can Taurus Man Marry Virgo Woman?

Yes, the Taurus man and Virgo woman will have a solid marriage.

It will be full of love, stability and more understanding than what’s usual for them.

Both being earth signs, they are cut from the same cloth so to speak.

For the most part, their deepest needs and desires in a marriage are the same.

However, they have different love language and quirks that should be examined if they want to make their marriage as fulfilling as it can be.

More on that in a bit.

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Are Taurus Male and Virgo Female Compatible?

The Taurus male and Virgo female are very compatible on many levels.

Both are feminine signs that are sensitive on the inside, though they’re careful not to overreact.

They’re generally emotionally even people. This ensures it’s easy for them to get along without too much friction, if any.

Since they’re both so grounded, neither sign makes impulsive decisions.

Even when they begin a relationship, it’ll probably unfold slowly.

This helps them both come to trust each other and see how matched they really are before they get intensely involved.

With their loyal personalities and desire for stability, they have an instant foundation for a long, healthy relationship—and marriage if they decide to get hitched.

Taurus man and Virgo woman compatibility percentage

At least 75%.

Something to keep in mind is where the Taurus and Virgo are at in their own lives when they meet each other.

If one of them has just gotten out of a serious relationship, it can be hard for a Taurus or Virgo to forget about their ex.

But it’s not impossible, and fortunately Virgo and Taurus are both patient signs.

What Does Taurus Man Like About Virgo Woman?

When he meets her, the Taurus man sees the Virgo woman as relaxed and easy to be around.

He likes this kind of calm and inviting energy.

She’s also smart and insightful. Their conversations don’t suffer from awkward pauses and they excite each other with their cautious flirting.

There’s just something about this woman the Taurus man feels he can open up to.

He senses that she gets him.

She’s probably not going to fall into bed with him right away, which makes him want to prove his worth to her.

She represents the Virgin of the zodiac, and the Taurus respects her purity.

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She’s a good mix of being approachable and presenting a challenge, so the Bull will chase her.

What Does Virgo Woman Like About Taurus Man?

The Virgo woman appreciates the honest truth that the Taurus man always gives her.

She sees him as someone who has nothing to hide, which is good because she’s not about to give her heart over to someone sketchy.

The Taurus man is a dominant personality. He’s cool, calm and collected. 

You’ll never see him running around like a chicken with its head cut off (do Taurus men even get anxious?), which tells the Virgo woman that he’s in control.

As a person who needs to have control at all times herself, she sees that as a strength.

To her, Taurus man has potential long-term partner written all over him.

Are Virgo and Taurus Soulmates?

There’s a really good chance that Taurus and Virgo are soulmates.

These two will feel that something deep inside them recognizes the other as a true companion.

Astrology is very good at showing you who you are most likely to have a special vibe with, and Taurus and Virgo are on the same level.

It does not indicate that Virgo is the only sign compatible with Taurus and vice versa. 

Only that they share a type of instant connection they don’t with many other signs.

Why the Taurus Man Virgo Woman Marriage Works

For Taurus and Virgo, their marriage is relatively uncomplicated. Lucky them!

Mutual loyalty and support

Virgo and Taurus need absolute faith in their partner’s loyalty, which isn’t a struggle in their relationship.

The Taurus man is supportive and generous.

He believes in his Virgo wife and will not stand in her way if there’s a career goal or opportunity she has set her sights on.

All he asks in return is that she remain devoted to him and their children, if they have any.

And that she will be.

Favorable finances

Both of these signs take their work seriously and want to be successful. 

In fact, Taurus is blessed with the ability to make money and afford the type of easy life he wants.

This works well with the Virgo’s aspirations to build wealth and not worry about money.

They’re likely to have the material comforts that they both want.

They get each other

As down-to-earth, practical people, Taurus and Virgo understand each other’s thoughts and desires well.

These earth signs are fans of physical pleasures and will indulge together in good food and good sex.

They often find that a look communicates a thousand words.

When they’re with each other, they’ll feel safe, comforted and accepted.

Long-term stability

Virgo and Taurus are cautious. They don’t rush into anything, marriage included.

Their ability to make well thought-out plans means they will create the long-term security they both crave.

Neither will want to rock the boat once they’ve built the life they want together.

Their love is too strong and they’d rather work through any issues if they come up, making them strong enough to stay together.

What Problems Will They Face?

If they argue, they should bundle up because it will be cold as the Antarctic in the house for days.

Neat freak meets couch potato

Although the Taurus man is usually a hard worker at his job, he’s not so much a hard worker at home.

Virgo the neat freak will get irritated if she has to keep reminding her Taurus husband not to throw his dirty clothes on the floor.

From the Taurus man’s perspective, she’s just too demanding and critical and he’ll shut her out.

When their goals don’t sync up

Taurus men are highly driven when they want something, but they’re so laid back that they may be perfectly happy maintaining what they already have.

Not so for the goal-driven Virgo woman.

In which case, she’ll struggle to think of how to get on the same track for their future.

Taurus’s jealousy monster

Taurus and Virgo express love differently, with Taurus being more physically affectionate and Virgo showing love through how she takes care of her Taurus.

If the Taurus man isn’t getting her loving touch and words, his inner jealousy monster may rear its ugly head and he’ll question where the Virgo’s true feelings lie.

Taurus Man Secrets can show you how to deal with his jealousy so that it doesn’t destroy your relationship.

Virgo’s penny pinching

Virgo is much more of a penny-pincher than Taurus.

She’ll get anxious at the way Taurus indulges in a brand new gaming station or pricey speakers for his home theater with his tax return instead of putting it toward retirement.

If she tries to cut him off from his indulgences, he’ll be one crabby Bull.

What They Should Work On

No matter how similar they are, Taurus and Virgo can’t expect to be aligned on everything.

Discussing their expectations ahead of time is important. It should be relatively simple for this couple since they’re both level-headed and honest.

If they talk to each other, they can avoid stepping on each other’s toes unintentionally or feeling like there’s a gap between what they want and what they’re getting in their marriage.

The Taurus needs physical reminders of the Virgo’s love to be happy.

As for Virgo, she may need to be OK with being the one to be in control of the finances if she has an issue with how Taurus spends money.

However, she’ll have to understand that Taurus is a sign that can’t live without his luxuries.

Both the Taurus and Virgo can be stubborn, so they’ll need to learn to live and let live on the little things that aren’t make-or-break.


Taurus and Virgo make an excellent match for marriage.

They may even be soulmates.

However, this doesn’t mean that some common marital issues can’t touch them.

They should be aware of their differences, however minor they seem, and bring them to light by talking about what they each need from their relationship.

They are practical people who can turn their desires into a plan for the kind of life and marriage they want.

Other Taurus Man Virgo Woman Questions

Virgo woman Taurus man sexually

This couple is extremely compatible in the bedroom.

As earth signs, they both experience the world through their immediate senses and enjoy the pure pleasure of sex.

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Neither gets too carried away trying to do theatrics that may take away from their enjoyment.

Taurus sees sex as a way to connect emotionally while Virgo sees it as necessary for healthy functioning.

So, Taurus is more romantic and emotional in bed than Virgo is, but this can help her to open up more.

She’s more of a blank slate in that she likes to please her partner and let him take the lead.

Since the Taurus man likes to be dominant in the sack, this is perfect for him.

He’ll open her eyes to sensations she never knew existed.

Taurus man Virgo woman—love at first sight?

Though they may feel like they’re each other’s soulmate, Taurus and Virgo are probably not going to claim love and first sight.

Virgo is logical and in her head while Taurus needs tangible evidence before he lets himself be convinced of something.

In short, they need to get to know each other before they can tell how they really feel about each other.

It may sound unromantic, but it’s part of why they’re so rock solid as a couple.

They’ll know—and feel—in their hearts and minds if they’re the right fit or not.

Who do Virgos usually marry?

Virgos usually marry someone it makes rational sense to marry.

Of course, they need to love that person, too! That’s part of their rationalization, but only one piece of the puzzle.

Will it last? Is the Virgo’s potential fiance reliable?

Is their future bright, or is the Virgo having a hard time calculating the odds?

This is why Taurus tends to be a great husband for the Virgo woman, because he needs the same things and will not try to rush her before she’s ready.

What are Taurus attracted to?

Taurus men are attracted to feminine women who are mature, classy and have a natural or understated makeup look. Or no makeup at all.

They like a woman who is confident and on the modest side but takes no bull from anyone.

Emotionally, Taurus men are drawn to a woman who is gentle and receptive.

They tend to stay away from drama.

And although they like to swoop in and “save” a damsel in distress, they aren’t interested if you can’t save yourself sometimes.

Independence without being aloof is what they want from a woman.

What is Taurus worst match?

Probably Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is an adventurer who can’t stand routine. 

Taurus finds routine appealing and the unknown intimidating.

A Sagittarius woman demands freedom and a Taurus man demands attention and loyalty.

If they were attracted to each other, they would have their work cut out for them.

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