How to Text a Scorpio Man (How Often, What Texts to Send and More)

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Not sure how, when and what to text a sexy Scorpio guy? Fear not! 

This is how to text a Scorpio man:

  • Be active and responsive, but don’t flood his inbox
  • Entice him with subtle humor and innuendos
  • Don’t hide your emotions
  • Text about occult subjects
  • Refocus questions on him and give him the floor

Be warned, though, that Scorpio men don’t surrender their hearts easily.

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How to Text a Scorpio Man

When should you text him?

What should you say?

These are excruciating questions to not have the answers to, particularly when it comes to Scorpio men.

Probably because all women can feel deep down, even if they don’t know anything about Scorpios and astrology, that these men are hard to get in the first place.

But it’s a lot less difficult if you know what you’re doing.

Let’s talk about how, when and what to text the Scorpio man you have your eye on.

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How Should You Text Him?

In general, respond right away

Scorpio men, when they text you, like to know that their communications are going to be reciprocated.

They like to mind-meld with you and forge a profound connection.

When you’re texting, that’s done best with quicker responses to keep up the pace of the conversation.

And if you ignore him, he might stop responding to you altogether.

Escape the mundane

Scorpio is a water sign, which makes Scorpio men extremely intuitive.

They live in the world of the unseen, the world of shamans, and they use their intuition to navigate it.

What this means for you is that you should keep your texts interesting for a Scorpio guy by exploring the mysterious with him.

He’ll be delighted to have someone to share his interests with.

It’s also a way for you to differentiate yourself from other women as many are too concerned with keeping things friendly to dive into deep waters with the Scorpio.

Don’t bombard him with texts

A Scorpio man likes a good, steady texting pace, but he can get squirrely if it’s nonstop, all day, every day.

Try to keep your texts organized enough so you’re not overloading his inbox or double-texting.

Remember, Scorpio likes mystery, so less is more.

If he’s not texting you every day, don’t text him every day.

Try to match his pace.

Embrace emotion

As a water sign, the Scorpio male is ruled by the emotional realm.

He feels things keenly and while he’s careful what he shares with you, he has no desire for a superficial relationship.

At the same time, a Scorpio male likes mystery surrounding a woman, so oversharing is discouraged.

Find the line between leaving yourself wide open and blocking your Scorpio from seeing what makes you tick.

Be emotionally honest, which can often come more naturally through texting than face-to-face.

See if he texts first

As a Scorpio man won’t be into a woman without the element of the chase, it’s best once you exchange numbers to give him a chance to text you first.

Don’t worry. If he’s interested, he will text you.

Even if it takes him a while.

He’s just watching, thinking and waiting for the right opportunity.

But if you’re worried he’s taking too long, find out what you can do to make sure a Scorpio man can’t not text you day and night in Scorpio Man Secrets.

Encourage him to talk about himself

Scorpios like to ask you the questions.

It’s how they get to know you on a more intimate level, because they’re always analyzing you and attempting to get at the real you.

However, it’s a mistake to believe a Scorpio man doesn’t want to talk about himself, too.

Scorpios want to share their worlds with someone.

They want to find that one person who really, truly gets them and cares about them with all their heart.

So be sure to reciprocate!

Use smart humor

Scorpio men are intelligent and want an equally intelligent woman.

Humor is just as important to Scorpios as other signs, but elevating humor with your wit and cleverness is sexy to the Scorpio man.

Being sly and playing with words are good examples of what he likes.

Subtlety is key.

If you can get your meaning across without having to spell it out, the Scorpio will pick right up on it and get very interested in what you’re saying.

What Should You Text?

Follow up on previous conversations

If you do text first, this is a good place to start. 

If you were previously having an interesting chat that captured his imagination, keep it alive with the Scorpio.

Chances are, he continued to think about it well after you talked about it.

Scorpios aren’t like signs like Libra and Gemini who jump from topic to topic.

A great opener text is a link to an article related to a meaty subject you connected on a few days before.

Let the Scorpio man know how much your chat made an impression on you.

It’ll help to convince him you’re on the same mental wavelength.

Use innuendos

Smart humor doesn’t need to be unsexy.

Putting some double meanings into your language or alluding to something risque can be titillating for the Scorpio man.

Get him excited reading between the lines.

Play a guessing game

If you want to be playful, try making the Scorpio man guess something about you.

When he asks you a question meant to learn more about you, surprise him and ask, “What’s your impression?”

You may be shocked at his answer.

Scorpios have a piercing honesty about them.

Getting him to use his imagination in figuring you out can be an intriguing way to spice up the conversation for him.

Send a text for his eyes only

No, not I’m not talking about sending nudes.

I’m talking about sharing secrets with the Scorpio.

As the master of the realm of the unseen, Scorpio is well-entrenched in all things hidden, secret and below the surface.

It’s why Scorpios are so good at studying people and seeing straight through to their souls.

If you can tell your Scorpio man something you don’t share with other people and make sure he knows it, it’ll bring pleasure to that part of his brain that’s wired for it.

Ask him what he wants

This is a good text to both show interest in the Scorpio man on a personal level and also to get dirt on him.

If the Scorpio man likes you, don’t be surprised at how honestly he can answer this question.

A Scorpio man who is into you is always testing the waters to see if you’re a true match.

So a question like this can prod him to open up just enough to gauge your response.

It’s also a great one to ask him in person, not just through text.

Share your wildest dreams


Because Scorpios are interested in subjects like dreams.

They’re part of that hidden world, deep in the unconscious, where Scorpio talents of understanding the undefined lie.

Tell him you had this crazy dream.

Let him know what happened.

If he asks you what you think it means, share your insights.

Then, ask him if he ever has weird, wild or interesting dreams.

Get him to tell you about them.

An exchange like this builds a connection between you on a more intimate level for him.

Talk occult topics

Topics like mysticism, mythology, the paranormal, UFOs and the like are inherently fascinating to Scorpios.

Though you may not be used to talking about these subjects with other people, if anyone wants to hear about them, it’s the Scorpio.

You can pepper them into texts about your own interests.

See if the Scorpio man wants you to elaborate.

He may very well be glad to have someone else to talk to.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

What are Scorpios attracted to?

Scorpios are attracted to mysterious women who are deep and emotional.

They like a balance of inner strength and softness that allows the woman to be vulnerable with her Scorpio man, and him only.

Relatively modestly sexy attire that hugs your body but doesn’t scream red light district gets him going.

There’s more to it of course, which you’ll learn in How to Attract a Scorpio Man.

What to say to a Scorpio man to turn him on

Using sexual innuendos in your language can be forward enough, yet not in-your-face so that the Scorpio man is enticed.

Also, saying anything that positions him as the one in power can turn him on.

“I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“I’m all yours.”

You can use lines like these in ordinary conversation to get your meaning across subtly.

Read How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man if you want to know more about getting a Scorpio guy hot.

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

If you haven’t heard from a Scorpio guy in a while and he texts you out of the blue, he’s been thinking about you and he misses you.

Scorpio men like to keep an eye on the object of their affection.

If they can’t see you in person, they’ll do this from a distance through text.

But if he’s trying to hide the fact that he misses you because he’s upset or he thinks you need to take a break, you might not know it unless your sleuthing skills are very good.

He’ll keep up with you in secret through social media and any way he can.

What will a Scorpio man do if you ignore him?

Likely, ignore you back.

A Scorpio man knows his value and doesn’t waste time with anyone who doesn’t value him the way he wants.

That is, if you ignore him completely.

If you just make him wait to hear from you, he’ll give you the time you need—unless you come across as flaky.

In which case, he’ll ignore you back.

If you’re trying to act icy because a Scorpion is currently ignoring you, find out the right method in How to Deal With a Scorpio Man Ignoring You.

How to communicate with a Scorpio man

Be honest 100% of the time.

Scorpios demand complete honesty, trust and loyalty in their relationships and will be up front with you if you’re up front with them.

But also, use your intuition and emotions as you communicate.

Scorpios don’t need everything to be verbal.

They pick up on body language and vibes like experts, so communicate like you understand each other telepathically.

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