How to Know If a Taurus Woman Likes You (16 Signs Not to Miss)

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Listen up!

A Taurus female is not going to hold up a huge sign that says she likes you.

So you better be prepared to read her subtle signs!

Here’s how to know if a Taurus woman likes you:

  • It’s in her eyes and intense stare
  • She’s very touchy-feely with you
  • She dresses to impress you
  • She’s hyper-focused on you 
  • She trusts and relies on you
  • She hints at asking her out
  • She’s possessive and a bit jealous

Below, we’re explaining the top 16 signs a Taurus woman likes you so you don’t miss your chance to date her.

How to Know If a Taurus Woman Likes You

1. The Taurus woman makes intense eye contact

A Taurus woman is going to be staring into your eyes a lot when she likes you.

You’ll feel her gaze on you when you’re not looking.

And when you’re talking to her, she’ll look back at you wide-eyed and intensely, like she’s drinking you all in.

It’s almost like she’s trying to hypnotize you—

Or is it you who’s hypnotized her?

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2. She hugs you

Tauruses are touchy-feely folks.

A Taurus woman loves hugging her friends, family and romantic interests.

We’re not just talking about a quick hug hello or goodbye.

Instead, you’ll notice that she hugs you every chance she gets.

Like sneaking up from behind and wrapping her arms around you, or giving you a little squeeze when you make her laugh.

3. She puts her hands on you a lot

Are you constantly getting gentle little touches from a Taurus female?

This is her way of showing you that she’s attracted to you.

If she has an excuse to touch your hand or brush something off your cheek, she’ll jump to make physical contact.

In contrast, if she doesn’t like you, she’ll just tell you something is on your face and let you take care of it.

So pay attention to how much she lets her hands do the talking.

4. She’s always dressed sexy and cute around you

Taurus women take good care of themselves and like to look good.

But a Taurus woman will put in extra, extra effort when she knows she’s going to see the object of her affection.

She’ll skip the cute yoga outfit and go for the short dress and heels on a Wednesday afternoon, for *apparently* no particular reason.

But we both know she has a reason—to impress you!

So if you catch her out by surprise not all dolled up, she just wasn’t expecting to run into you.

But if she can, she’ll do a quick mirror check to make sure her hair looks neat and throw on some lip gloss.

5. She’s always trying to get your attention

Anything the Taurus woman can do to make you notice her, she’s going to do.

Her attention-seeking can be obvious, like trying to grab your hand or sidling up next to you.

However, she’s somewhat passive about it, so she’ll really be trying to make you make a move to talk to her.

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And if that fails, she’ll find a way to make a connection so you can’t ignore her.

6. Her laugh gets louder around you

A Taurus is usually quiet and mild-mannered, but being around someone they like makes them giddy.

If a Taurus female likes you, don’t be surprised if she seems extra animated.

She may seem to think you’re the funniest guy she’s ever talked to. 

This is especially true if you’re at a party or a crowded event where the mood is lighthearted and she’s working harder to keep your attention.

7. You’ve earned her trust

Trust is the number one issue for Tauruses.

So when a Taurus woman trusts you, it speaks volumes about how she feels about you.

She’ll be more relaxed around you and let down her guard, without fear of judgment.

You’ll notice that she relies on you to help her out when she needs it, which is big for the self-reliant Taurus woman.

She’ll be open and honest with you, maybe even to the point of letting you know how she feels about you.

If you’ve earned her trust, you know she’s ready to have a meaningful relationship with you.

8. She compliments you

Tauruses love compliments.

They love getting them, and they love giving them to someone they think is attractive.

If the Taurus woman thinks you’re handsome, you’ll be hearing how good you look to her in a muscle tee.

She’ll also compliment your intelligence and try to pump up your ego.

She’s being genuine, but she also wants you to win your approval.

9. She gets flustered

As charming and smooth as a Taurus is, sometimes they get tongue-tied talking to someone they really like.

A Taurus woman will turn beet red when she’s embarrassed by something she said around you. And it will be completely adorable.

Normally she doesn’t really care what people think, so this is a subtle but significant sign.

10. She gets thisclose to you

When you’re around the Taurus woman, does she hover around you?

Close any and all gaps between you with her body?

Especially if there are other women around?

This is a good sign the Taurus woman is into you and wants you all to herself.

It will definitely be a thing that feels more than friendly.

11. She’s invested in your conversations

A Taurus woman who is into you will pay close attention when you talk to her.

She’s a great listener, and she wants to show you that she cares about what you’re saying.

It’s more than her just being polite. She genuinely wants to know more.

Taurus women are very attracted to intelligence, so if you’re having a brainy conversation, she’ll be equally fascinated and turned on.

And if you’re having a heart-to-heart, she’ll show caring and concern for you beyond a typical friendliness.

12. She texts you frequently

One of the attention-grabbing moves a Taurus woman does is texting you.

She’s not normally big on texting, since she prefers face-to-face communication.

But since she gets a little more shy around you in person, it’s easier for her to express herself over text.

Especially if she’s texting you consistently, you know you’ve got her smitten!

13. She does favors for you

Always concerned for your wellbeing, the Taurus woman will be there for you if she has feelings for you.

She’ll go out of her way to do a favor for you, even if it means driving thirty minutes in the wrong direction after work to pick up some dinner for you.

It’s in her nature to nurture those she cares about, so if you feel like you’re being babied and pampered by a Taurus woman…

She likes you.

14. She suggests “hanging out” a lot

A Taurus woman is a funny combination of subtle and direct.

She’s not too shy to make the first move if you’re not moving at her speed, but the first thing she’s going to do is hint at wanting to spend time with you.

She’ll call it “hanging out,” when really she wants to get a date with you.

In fact, she may even make jokes about you wanting to date her in a not-so-subtle, flirty way.

If the Taurus woman is asking you to spend time with her, ask her out.

She’ll probably say yes.

15. She ignores everyone else when you’re around

Does the Taurus woman have her eyes glued to you?

Once you get in her orbit, she’ll hardly let you go.

She’ll be doing her best to entertain you and hyper-focus on you.

She doesn’t try to fool you into thinking she’s not into you by spreading her attention around.

Take it as one of her more open hints that she wants you to pursue her.

16. She gets jealous 

Have you ever seen a Taurus woman get jealous?

If so, she had feelings for you, my friend.

A Taurean is possessive of the things (and people) they want. 

So if a Taurus woman acts weird or make sarcastic comments when you look at another woman, take note!


What are Taurus women attracted to?

Taurus women are attracted to men who are masculine, but not out of touch with their emotions.

They like sensitive, strong men who are practical, responsible and chivalrous.

Physically, Taurus women like guys who appeal to their senses.

Men who smell good, look good and are well-groomed.

If you have a beard, keep it trimmed! And make sure your nails look neat and clean.

How do Taurus act around their crush?

Tauruses try to act cool around their crush, but they end up coming across as shy, giddy or a little goofy.

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They get super conscious of how they appear to their crush, so it throws a wrench in their usually smooth and relaxed demeanor.

How to tell if a Taurus woman is falling in love with you

You can tell a Taurus woman is falling in love with you from the twinkle she gets in her eye.

She suddenly becomes very sentimental and romantic with you.

She’s usually pretty stubborn and feisty, but she’ll become more soft and gentle.

And she’ll drop little hints about a future with you to see how you react.

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Signs a Taurus woman likes you through text

Just reaching out to you alone is a huge sign a Taurus woman likes you.

She wouldn’t bother otherwise.

Especially since texting is not her favorite.

But she will do it for you because she wants to stay connected to you throughout the day.

How to get a Taurus woman to chase you

If you want a Taurus woman to chase you, put on good-smelling cologne (just a dab) and dress yourself well.

A Taurus woman will chase a man who looks hot and cares about his appearance.

You should also make steps toward declaring your intentions with her.

Like buying her flowers or little tokens of your affection.

She needs to know it’s worth her investment of time and emotion first.

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How do you win the heart of a Taurus woman?

Win a Taurus woman’s heart by being attentive to her.

Be consistent, and let her see she can rely on you.

Being trustworthy is a top concern when it comes to giving her heart to someone.

But you also want to pepper in plenty of romance and the occasional mushy card if you really want to seal the deal.

How to know if a Taurus woman is playing you

Taurus women aren’t typically the player types.

But if a Taurus woman is just using you for a good time, she will make sure that the only interaction you have with her is between the sheets.

No going out on dates, no meeting her friends and family and definitely no cuddling.

She’s not going to send you mixed messages emotionally.

It’ll be pretty clear that she isn’t attached and is keeping you at arm’s length.

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How to attract Taurus woman with texting

You can attract a Taurus woman with texting if you do it the right way.

First rule: Keep your texts brief and don’t overwhelm her.

And mix up your texts with voice and video messages.

The more you make it like an in-person experience for her, the more you can seduce her over text.

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