How to Make a Virgo Man Miss You (9 Ways to Stay on His Mind)

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Want to make a Virgo guy miss you so bad it hurts?

Here is the quick answer to how to make a Virgo man miss you:

  • DO be emotionally available―DON’T smother
  • Reel him in with intelligent conversation
  • Focus on how unique and amazing you are
  • Learn everything you can about your Virgo man to impress him
  • Take care of yourself and he’ll want to take care of you

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How to Make a Virgo Man Miss You

Ready for some unexpected advice?

If you want your Virgo man to miss you, you do, in fact, have to play to his emotions.

I know! Shocking, right?

Most women hear that Virgo men are super cerebral, logical types.

Which is true—but Virgo men are humans, not machines. 

A Virgo man would tell you himself that he and his fellow Virgoans have very deep emotions.

And though they tend to keep their feelings private, Virguys do need a strong emotional connection to want to get involved in a romance.

Bottom line? 

They use their hearts as well as their heads, which means you’ll need to take care of both if you want them to long for you.

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1. Be emotionally open, not overly emotional

Even if they feel something intensely, Virgo men have a hard time expressing it.

Which is not surprising for a sign that’s so their head all the time.

You can endear your Virgo man to you by helping to bring balance here.

Not by being crazy emotional yourself (don’t get too dramatic around a Virgo or he’ll run scared!), but by being emotionally open.

What do I mean?

Let your Virgo man know you care about him, but don’t declare your undying love.

Share your feelings, but in a light way—don’t dwell on them.

And if your Virgo mentions his feelings, validate them by listening and being responsive and supportive.

These are all good ways to gently open up a Virgo man’s own emotions, which is ultimately what he really needs.

2. Be careful not to reject him

You might not think so, but Virgo guys are actually highly sensitive when it comes to rejection.

It’s easy to think that they’re not because they don’t show their reactions to you.

But really, being rejected by someone they care about stings so much that they would rather lose your number than risk chasing you if you’re just going to toy with them.

To be clear: It’s good to not make yourself too available to a Virgo man while he’s courting you so that he knows you won’t be clingy or too dependent on him.

However, you will also need to demonstrate that you do like him.

You can say you’re busy this weekend, but don’t ignore his texts.

Treat him with kindness and respect so he knows he’s important to you.

Then he’ll know he’s putting his efforts in the right place and want to be around you more when he can’t see you.

3. Have a positive attitude

Virgos are very selective about who they let in.

That’s because their environments and the people they associate with can have a big impact on them and their emotional health.

So they tend to prefer people with sunny dispositions.

Virgos themselves are realists, always weighing all the facts and seeing all possibilities, both good and bad.

But, just because a Virgo can see the bad doesn’t mean he doesn’t hope for the best.

Your positivity can uplift him and help him maintain that optimism.

A negative attitude, on the other hand, can drag him down.

So don’t be broody and moody around him!

Be a ray of sunshine in his life. Laugh, say “yes” and look at the bright side with him.

He’ll want more of that!

4. Really get to know him

If a Virgo man is into you, he’s paying close attention to your quirks, likes and dislikes in order to cater to them.

If you want him to miss you, you should follow his lead here and do the exact same thing.

Why is this important?

Because Virgo is the sign of service to others, and your Virgo man is used to giving of himself to those he cares for.

Trust me, it will blow him away if you reciprocate that selfless, giving behavior.

So observe him closely.

What does he care about? If he’s an animal lover, suggest that you both volunteer at an animal shelter over the weekend.

Is apple pie his favorite dessert? Make it for him just because.

He won’t believe his lucky stars that you care enough to know him so well.

Another good way to understand him inside and out? Read about his sign.

A guide like Virgo Man Secrets was specifically created to teach you everything a Virgo man wishes you knew so you can build a healthy, happy relationship with him.

5. Believe you are amazing

Virgo men don’t want to settle. They want the best. They want perfection.

But before you get intimidated, hear me out.

Finding a perfect woman doesn’t mean finding a woman without flaws. To a Virgo man, it means finding a muse he can worship and adore.

She will be a confident woman who knows herself, is happy with herself and commands respect from everyone she encounters.

How do you become that woman?


Simply believing that you are worthy of any man’s attention because he should be so lucky is going to shine through to Virgo men.

They’ll pick up on what you’re projecting and will be magnetized to that energy.

6. Be an interesting conversational companion

You know what Virgo men go weak for?

Intelligent conversation with a woman they can connect to mentally.

Because Virgos need to reinforce their romantic feelings with a strong mental connection, good conversation between you is vital.

There won’t be much in the feelings department otherwise.

Sparking an intellectual exchange with a Virgo man when you first meet him is a great way to get his attention—just don’t let that die.

Keep it going on your dates, when you’re hanging out—any time.

The more you make him think, the more you’ll stay in his mind and heart.

7. Be independent

This is a majorly important tip.

An independent woman is what the Virguy looks for. Never be too available so that you seem like you’re going to cramp his style.

When he sees that your time is precious and it’s not always up for grabs, it’ll make him want to snag some of it even more.

Focus on your own life and don’t become overly reliant on your Virgo man for validation and attention.

Another side to showing your independence is not expecting a Virgo man to pay your way.

Virgo men can and will spend their dough on a classy dinner date with you, but don’t make it a rule that he’s supposed to pay for your Starbucks, your nails, your bills and everything else.

Self-sufficiency is sexy, not dependence.

You want to come across like you are your own woman and you don’t need anyone to do anything you can’t do for yourself.

Paradoxically, this will make a Virgo man want to do things for you―even though you don’t need him to—and feel more eager every time he thinks about you.

8. Don’t make him jealous on purpose

Yeah, Virgo guys can get jealous.

But a Virgo is not the type you want to test.

It’s possible to inadvertently make him covetous of you, like if another man tries to hit on you and you totally rebuff him.

But women who actively try to hit that button do so at their own risk.

You see, while some signs consider a little jealousy-inducing behavior healthy and harmless, Virgo would rather you give him every reason to trust you completely.

He is looking for an utterly loyal woman in whom he can invest his feelings, time, energy and attraction.

So whatever you do, avoid jealousy tactics to make him miss you.

Rather, he will miss you when he is able to start letting his guard down because he trusts you.

9. Give him room to let his feelings develop

If you’re pursuing a Virgo man, you will need to pace yourself.

Be prepared for some stop-and-go behaviors from him.

He might focus on you intensely for a few days and then fade into the background over the next few.

It’s how he assesses how things are going and figures out his emotions while keeping his life in order.

It doesn’t mean he isn’t into you.

On the contrary, if you’re right for him, he will expect that you’ll get this is how he operates.

You can’t mold his feelings—they will grow as a result of you giving them the chance to (and following the other tips on this list!).

So, be patient and in time, as your Virgo realizes more and more how incredible you are and how well you understand him, he will grow more and more attached and attracted.

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