How to Seduce Taurus Woman (11 Tips You Don’t Want to Ignore)

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Are you attracted to a Taurus woman and need to know how to get closer to her?

Here’s how to seduce Taurus woman the right way:

  • Romance her with traditional courtship
  • Practice patience—never rush things along
  • Take care of yourself and look and smell amazing
  • Don’t be cheap
  • Set your place up for sensory pleasure
  • Take your sweet time

Ready to seduce the Taurus female of your dreams? Read on, my friend…

How to Seduce Taurus Woman

1. Try a traditional courtship

Taurus women prefer to be courted by a man who does things the traditional way.

That is, you should take the lead and prove your worthiness with flowers and sweet little gifts.

Don’t lead with your sexual desire.

Though earth sign Taurus is one of the most lusty signs of the zodiac, Tauruses want modesty in a romantic and sexual interest.

They want the romance of it all. 

After all, a Taurus woman is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.

A good thing to realize is that by wooing the Taurus woman this way, you’re making your intentions clear and avoiding the friend zone in her mind.

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2. Always smell amazing

A Taurus woman is addicted to all things that smell good, from scented candles to her favorite perfume.

If you really want to seduce a Taurus woman, you’ll make sure you don’t forget a dash of cologne when you meet up with her.

Taurus women like masculine, but not harsh or overpowering scents.

Something musky, slightly woodsy and clean smelling. 

And don’t use too much.

The Taurus nose is sensitive and the Taurus woman will appreciate it if you don’t bombard her with a cologne bath every day.

3. Be a gentleman

With a Taurus woman, practice politeness.

Say please and thank you, and open doors for her whenever you’re entering a building.

In general, put her first.

Prioritize her comfort, give her your jacket when she’s cold and don’t use a lot of harsh, crude language.

Treat her like a lady!

A Taurus woman just wants to feel special and respected.

She may be a feminist, but she still wants her femininity to be worshiped and to be treated tenderly.

4. Be squeaky clean

One thing a Taurus woman cannot abide is a man who doesn’t take self-care seriously.

If you want a Taurus woman, it’s time to invest in a skincare routine.

Moisturize. Trim your beard. And, definitely, shower often.

This sign is very neat, organized and hygienic.

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They really can’t get close to someone who offends their senses by being dirty, disheveled or raggedy looking.

Pay attention to details.

Like your fingernails—don’t be showing up to a date with dirt under them.

5. Never be cheap

Want to impress a Taurus woman?

Show her that you’re generous and you share her taste for nice things.

Get her nice flowers that look like they weren’t from a bargain basement.

Take her to good restaurants.

Don’t order the cheapest meal and a water for yourself to balance out the Taurus woman’s more pricey order, because she’ll definitely notice that.

And don’t try to go halvsies on the bill—offer to pay the whole thing.

Remember, she likes the traditional stuff, like a man who takes the woman to dinner.

You don’t have to order the most expensive bottle of champagne on the menu—just don’t be a cheapskate.

6. Take your time

A Taurus woman really needs to trust you if she’s going to get close to you.

She wants to make sure you’re a decent human being.

To do this, she needs time.

Never rush her or be demanding of her attention.

Let things unfold naturally. Show her that you’re the man she wants, not the man who’s out there to conquer.

7. Cater to her sensual side

Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac.

Being very tactile, the Taurus woman is touchy-feely. She likes to run her hands over things that feel nice.

So wear fabrics that are high-quality and pleasing to touch.

Make your hair touchable by not throwing a bunch of gel in it so she can run her hands through it.

Once you have her trust (usually you can tell because she’s moving physical moves toward you and touching you), you can use gentle, affectionate touch to make her swoon.

Like hugs, cuddles and tenderly touching her face.

8. Invite her over for dinner

It’s always a good idea to offer to cook for a Taurus woman.

Tauruses love to eat good grub, and they’re impressed by anyone who can serve up a mean steak.

Open up a nice bottle of wine and let her enjoy watching you work.

Relax and chat her up while you cook for her.

Set the table prettily with flowers and your best dishes.

Think about the whole experience for her, and don’t forget dessert!

9. Set up your place to intoxicate her senses

You should always make your place as comfortable and inviting as possible when you ask a Taurus woman to come over.

Dim the lights slightly so they’re soft, not harsh.

Put on some music that’s soothing and a little sexy.

Fluff up your pillows, light some scented candles and voila.

You’ve made your pad seduction-worthy for a Taurus woman.

10. Have nice sheets

If you think things are going to move to the bedroom, be sure that your bed is a place she’ll want to rest her head.

Throw on your nicest, softest sheets.

Don’t have any? Buy some!

Make your bed up so it looks nice.

She’s not going to want to get near it if she feels like she’s entering a frat house.

11. Tease her

All through the night, it’s important to drag out the sexual tension with your Taurus woman.

When you’re talking, sit close together on the couch so you accidentally brush up against one another.

Don’t jump too soon to make a move.

When it comes to getting down and dirty, make sure heavy kissing and foreplay take center stage…for as long as she can take it.

Like, an hour or more if possible.

Tease her mercilessly and she’ll be putty in your hands.


What are Taurus females attracted to?

Taurus females are attracted to men who are masculine, yet sensitive.

Sometimes a Taurus woman is very attracted to the lone wolf type.

Taurus women don’t love the overly macho type, but they do want a man who can lead.

She’s not into anyone who is unstable, off the wall, rude or offensive in any way.

Be charming and show her your good taste and manners if you want to attract her.

And never neglect your appearance!

How do you seduce a Taurus woman over text?

Seduce a Taurus woman over text by mixing in some voice texts and video messages.

Let her hear the sound of your voice and see your incredible smile.

It’s great if you’re a wordsmith, but Taurus women are much more drawn to the more tangible stuff.

And don’t act needy or text her too much—she’s not a slave to her phone and will not be answering every second of the day.

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How do you melt a Taurus woman’s heart?

Show her your caring nature and romance her.

Send her flowers just because.

Be protective of her.

Nurture her and offer to take care of her when she’s sick.

Being sincere and doing “boyfriend stuff” melts a Taurus woman’s heart.

What are Taurus turn ons?

Taurus turn ons include massages with body oils and lots of kisses on the neck.

High-quality sheets and a sensual environment go a long way to turn them on, as does a delicious meal.

Immerse them in pleasant sensory stuff as much as possible—candles, wine, chocolate, music, the works.

Make it classy and indulgent.

How does a Taurus woman flirt?

A Taurus woman flirts fairly openly.

Her flirting style is part sex siren, and part cutesy.

She’ll dress as hot as she can around you and touch you a lot.

She keeps it classy, but she’ll definitely try to up her sex appeal.

Expect heavy eye contact, intense attention and sweet gestures like trying to hug and cuddle you.

How do you drive a Taurus woman crazy?

Drive a Taurus woman crazy by appealing to her senses.

Give her your sweater with your cologne on it so she’s reminded of you whenever she smells it.

Work on your physical appearance and dress well around her.

Give her plenty of attention when you’re with her, but otherwise make sure you’re busy enough so you’re not overly available.

Make it a little harder for her to win you!

What Taurus woman likes in a man?

A Taurus woman likes a man who is respectful, sweet and romantic, yet masculine.

She likes a man who is stable with a good head on his shoulders. 

He should show her that he makes good, practical decisions and that she can rely on him.

Intelligence, sincerity and shared common values are also very important to her.

How do you tell if a female Taurus likes you?

You know a Taurus woman likes you if she’s very open to hanging out with you and going out on dates.

Taurus women don’t play games. They’re very direct and know what they want.

If you’re not sure if she likes you, see if she touches you and hangs around you a lot.

She doesn’t do this with just anyone, so these are pretty surefire signs she’s into you.

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