How Do I Know If A Cancer Man Likes Me? (5 Signs You Can’t Ignore)

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Not sure if a Cancer guy wants to be more than friends? Ask yourself the following 5 questions.

“How do I know if a Cancer man likes me?”…

  • Is he acting super shy and tongue-tied around me?
  • Has he let me into his private world?
  • Does he try to get me alone?
  • Does he try to take care of me?
  • Does he play the social butterfly in front of me—but follow me around?

Mostly yeses? Yeah, he’s into you.

But sadly, even a Cancer man who’s borderline obsessed with you will let you slip through his fingers unless he’s super convinced that it’ll work out between you.

For those of us who just don’t have 20 years to try to understand this complex sign, the best bet is learning about how he operates with a complete guide like Cancer Man Secrets.

Check it out now or have a scroll-through of our top signs that the Crab’s secretly got the hots for you.

How Do I Know If A Cancer Man Likes Me?

The Cancer man is one of the most romantic of the all the zodiac signs. 

But you might have never known it because it isn’t easy for Cancers to express their feelings at first. They’re shy when it comes down to it and fear being turned down.

If he just won’t come out and say it, you’ve got to know the signs that give him away when he’s all about you.

That way you can do what he desperately wants you to do: make that first move.

Once you do, he’ll lead the rest of the way.

Let’s talk about those signs:

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1. He’s all tongue-tied.

man peeping through his fingers with a quote about shy cancer men

Cat got his tongue—only when you’re around?

Yet somehow he can’t stop staring…

It’s not for lack of desire to communicate with you.

What’s going on is that this Cancer guy is totally caught up in his inner dialogue, going over what the most interesting/funny/insightful thing is to say.

So much so that he never gets to actually say it.

Or maybe it comes out all wrong and he gets embarrassed.

While the men of some other signs get cocky and show off, Cancer clams up when he means to impress you.

Don’y worry! Just keep being attentive toward him and you’ll make him get over it quickly.

2. He opens up to you.

Cancer men are intensely private and let only a few special people into their circle.

When he does find a woman that he likes, he begins to open up to her a little at a time.

Anna Kovach can actually teach you a neat trick to get him to spill his actual feelings even if he’s hesitant in Cancer Man Secrets.

Now, he won’t spill everything all at once. Cancer men like to take their time in life, and opening up is no different.

He will probably start by telling you about his day to day experiences that gives you a glimpse into his life.

As he becomes more comfortable with you, he’ll start telling you about the more personal stuff. His childhood, his family, his dreams and goals…

This is a significant step for him. He only shares this type of information with people he trusts. 

More to the point, it’s his way of establishing a one-on-one connection with you. Something intimate that only you share.

If your Cancer man is letting you in on his personal life, there is no doubt that he likes you!

3. He craves one-on-one time with you.

man and woman watching the sunset with a quote about when a cancer man likes you

In general, Cancers aren’t into crowds.

Typically, they’d rather watch Netflix at home with a friend or significant other than go out for New Year’s.

So it’s not unusual to find yourself hanging out with the Cancer either one-on-one or in a small group of friends.

When he likes you, he’ll work harder to get you alone.

Maybe he finds a reason why you shouldn’t invite other people to carpool with you to the movies. (No room in the car, you said? There clearly is, Mr. Cancer…)

Or maybe he always brings up activities that only the two of you can do together.

Whatever his tactic, if you’re finding that his suggestions are sounding more and more like intimate hangouts, he’s hooked.

4. He wants to take care of you.

You’ve got a cold and who shows up with chicken noodle soup?

Yup. Your Cancer man.

If he shows serious concern for your health and wellbeing, you’re in.

Do you ever feel like he makes a bigger deal out of your cuts and scrapes than you do? Shows a ton of empathy and maybe even swings by the drug store to get you some Neosporin?


a) genuinely concerned for you because he cares so much about you, and

b) subtly making it apparent to you that he’s feeling you.

The nurturer in him can’t help but dote on you.

5. He acts like a social butterfly at parties.

man talking to a woman at a party with a quote about how a cancer man acts when he likes you

When a Cancer man does put on his party hat, he can light up a room if he wants to.

He just needs a reason to. In this case, that reason would be you.

Observe your Cancer crush. Is he chatting up the room, making people laugh?

Look closer. Is he pretty much always somewhere in your vicinity?

If you move from room to room and he eventually shows up every time and stands near enough for you to notice him, there’s a good chance he’s doing that on purpose.

He wants you to notice him.

It’s possible that he doesn’t have the guts to go up to you and start a conversation. Alternatively, he might be waiting for the right moment to strike when someone else isn’t monopolizing your time.

A Cancer man will look for a natural segue to chat you up.

That Cancer man is trying hard to play it cool, but really, he just wants your attention!

So what happens when he’s got it?

Dating a Cancer can be filled with endless romance and joy…if you know how to handle them the right way. That’s why Cancer Man Secrets is such a powerful tool—it teaches you how to respond to this sensitive man so that he can trust you with his heart and soul.

Check out Cancer Man Secrets here.

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