How to Tell If a Taurus Woman Is in Love with You (9 Telltale Signs)

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If a Taurus woman has fallen for you, you are one lucky duck. She’s going to sweep you off your feet. But first, you need to know how to tell if a Taurus woman is in love with you. Read on!

How to Tell If a Taurus Woman Is in Love with You

I can tell you that this gal is not likely going to send you any mixed messages. Once the symbolic Bull has made up her mind, she’s not budging. She’s into you, and you’re going to know it.

However, her messages could go right over your head if you’re not putting feelers out for them. I mean, if she’s gazing at you longingly, it’s hard to miss.

If you are missing her signals, she may even try to turn up the volume until it’s VERY CLEAR to you and everyone else with eyeballs.

But without further ado, let’s jump right into how to tell if a Taurus woman is in love with you, no doubt about it.

It’s Written All over Her Body Language

It’s so obvious when a Taurus woman is feeling someone. In fact, if you look over and see her throwing signals at someone like hammers and that person is not getting it, you may wonder if that person is an Aquarius or something.

Keep your eyes peeled and don’t mistake these unspoken gestures and signs.

There’s a twinkle in her eyes.

They say that the eyes of a love-bitten Taurean are filled with light and mush and seduction. They sparkle, and they sparkle only for you.

In the beginning, a Taurus woman might shyly look away if caught staring longingly at you. But as she falls for you, don’t be surprised if she becomes bolder and gives you the look, like, all the time.

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You’ll know it when you see it. Or rather, you’ll feel it.

She leans in.

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All Tauruses want to be close to the object of their desire. These bulls are creatures of the five senses, lovers of pleasure, appreciators of everything about you that they can see, smell and touch.

If the Taurus woman loves you, she’s going to want to sit real close to you when she can. If you’re OK with it, she might be a little handsy, offering to rub your back or touching you whenever she thinks she can get away with it.

If you don’t believe me, watch her with other people. Chances are, she’s not trying to rub Joe Shmoe’s back. Unless she’s a masseuse. 

She radiates sensuality.

This is one of her most famous traits: Taurus sensuality. She’s a passionate woman to be sure, and if she’s digging you, all that passion is going to be directed at you.

Even if she’s not actively tossing out sexy cues left and right, she’s probably oozing sensuality in general when you’re in her proximity. 

If her hair, makeup (if she wears it) and style are on fleek every time she knows you’re going to see her, she’s at least verrrry interested in you.

The Conversation Changes

Don’t worry, the witty banter won’t stop. And she will expect you to keep up with that. But there will also be subjects she starts bringing up that shine a light on her feelings.

She opens up to you.

Are you finding that you suddenly know a lot about her? If she’s telling you some things that are clearly very personal about her life, she trusts you. And trust is important for a Taurus falling in love. And it’s important not to take this lightly.

It’s also an indication that she’s grown much more comfortable with you—she sees you as a stable point in her life, which is huge for the super stable Taurus. She definitely sees you as the right kind of material for the secure path she envisions.

She starts talking about your future together.

Just as your Taurus love opens up about her inner life, she’ll possibly initiate little conversations about what’s going to happen down the road. They may not be full-fledged sit-down discussions, but her thoughts will at least be tossed out there.

If you’ve been dating for a while and she’s serious about you, she’ll want to know where the relationship is going so that she can keep moving toward her goal—the one with you in it.


It’s not going to be a quiet jealousy. Your Taurus is probably going to bring it up if she sees you interacting with someone else in a way that’s too flirty or intimate for her liking.

It might come out as slightly sarcastic side commentary, but your ears will perk up when she throws it down. 

If she’s jealous, she’s invested in you (but don’t ever take her for granted). And don’t ever TRY to make her jealous. You won’t like the cold shoulder you’re asking for.

She’s in It for the Long Haul

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Want to know if the Taurus woman of your dreams is serious about you? Look to her actions. Tauruses are all about materializing energy, so if they care deeply about you, they’ll show you. Be sure to show them in return.

She’s a bit of a hopeless romantic.

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Venus rules her star sign, so she’s sensual and romantic by nature. She’s going to want to set up dreamy dates and amorous environments for the two of you. They may be the traditional long walks on the beach after a candlelit dinner—she’s a sucker for those kinds of dates.

She’ll also work hard to make her home inviting and set the mood with scented candles, good food and good music. If you like watching sappy movies, all the better. Anything that sets the tone for romance is what the Taurus woman lives for.

The little things are taken care of without you even asking.

Probably no sign, except maybe Cancer, begins instinctively taking care of your physical needs (not just those ones) like the Taurus. 

When she’s in love, she’ll do what she can to make your life easier. Whether that’s picking something up at the store for you while she’s there or buying you practical items she knows you really want or need (she notices these things), you’re going to feel looked after.

She sticks around no matter what.

Once the Taurus has made up her mind about how she feels about you, it’s hard to shake her from that decision. Through thick and thin, through arguments and sore feelings, she’ll continue to stand up for your relationship and make it work.

So if you’ve been seeing a Taurus and it’s been a bumpy ride, if she’s in love with you, she’s probably not going to fall out of love with you just like that. This is not an excuse to be capricious or to not take her seriously. That’s a huge mistake, and you will get the horns.

But you know that her famous desire for stability and stick-to-itiveness apply equally to the relationships she treasures. She’s as loyal as the day is long.

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