How to Text a Taurus Woman (10 Hot Tips You Need to See)

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Want to know how to text a Taurus woman and make her want you?

Listen closely, my friend.

Here’s how you should text a Taurus woman:

  • Rule #1: Don’t bug her! Be casual and slightly mysterious
  • Compliment her
  • Use voice texts and video messages
  • Be cute, sweet and caring
  • Use texting to set up an actual date

If you follow these basic rules, you’ll have a Taurus woman texting you back and waiting eagerly for your next text.

Let’s dive in and talk about what to text a Taurus woman, and how to do it.

How to Text a Taurus Woman

1. Tell her casually, “You’re gorgeous”

Your Taurus woman loves compliments.

However, you have to handle them gracefully. You don’t want to jump all over her and come across as desperate.

A genuinely nice compliment without a bunch of fanfare is perfect.

Example: She sends you a pic of her wearing a new top to get your opinion.

She says, “You like it?”

You say, “Yeah, but you know you look gorgeous in anything.”

Trust me, it’ll make her blush and smile from ear to ear.

2. Keep your texts brief

A Taurus woman has kind of has a short attention span.

So you need to capture her attention with something totally readable and enjoyable.

No essay-length replies! That’s work you’re giving her.

But also, with a Taurus you always want to be direct.

And that almost always means fewer words.

Don’t tell her your life’s story via text or expect her to tell you hers.

Save that for when you’re face-to-face, because that’s what she prefers.

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3. Be mysterious

A Taurus woman can’t resist a man who makes her do just a teensy bit of chasing.

You should actively show interest in her, but keep her curious about you.

Tease her. Be coy.

When she wants to know more about you, send her an “LOL, you’ll just have to find out.”

She’ll bite!

4. Send her a voice text

Want to drive a Taurus woman crazy?

Let her hear your voice when you text her.

The Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by the physical senses, which makes Tauruses highly susceptible to what they can touch, taste and hear.

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The way you sound is particularly sexy to her, as Taurus rules the throat and is very sensitive to voices.

Send her a voice text speaking calmly and softly like you’re right next to her, almost with your lips against her ear.

It’ll send shivers down her spine.

5. Send her a video message

A great way to increase the sexual tension through text is to appeal to her visual sense.

Especially if you’re wearing something that makes you look dashing and handsome.

Being able to put a visual to your communications makes them more real to her.

That’s what will stick out in her mind most.

Whatever your best trait is, show it off.

Got muscular arms? Nice smile? Six pack?

Let her think about that. I guarantee she won’t be thinking about the actual words you’re messaging her.

6. Don’t be too eager

Are you trigger happy with the texts?

Might want to give it a second and prioritize your own life.

A Taurus woman doesn’t want to feel like you have nothing going on in your life.

You never want to overwhelm a Taurus female with a barrage of messages. She sees this as needy, and she’s not looking to baby your emotions.

You should definitely not ignore her, but you do want to show her that your world doesn’t revolve around her.

Do yourself a favor and don’t text her constantly.

Instead, make your time more valuable to her by not being overly available and making the texts you send count.

6. Text her something funny

One of the best conversation starters with a Taurus woman is something funny.

Taurus women have great senses of humor and love to laugh.

If you can make her laugh, she will be instantly more addicted to you.

This is because you make her feel good, which is important to the sensory-based Taurus woman.

So open with a joke when you want to text her for the first time.

Send her hilarious memes.

Bonus points if she can personally relate to the memes you send her.

Like something about her line of work, or a hobby she told you about.

It shows you’re really listening and has way more impact that way.

7. Be cute

When you’re texting a Taurus woman, you need to stand out to her.

Sending her cute messages is romantic, flirty and fun.

“Wanna be my little spoon tonight?”

“My cheeks hurt from smiling all day thinking about you.”

Steer clear of anything too serious, but do be sweet and adorable in a gentlemanly way.

She’s a sucker for that.

9. Show your caring side

It’s not just your funny and sexy sides you want to show the Taurus woman.

Show her that she means something to you as well.

The best way to do this is not to say, “Hey, I really care about you.”

Instead, you want to demonstrate it by sending her texts that make her feel wanted, secure and protected.

Like texting her to make sure she got home safe.

Asking her how that big, important project at work went.

Offering to make her dinner because you know she’s exhausted.

All these little things spell out how much you truly care about her.

Bottom line, they’re texts worth opening up and reading.

You will get a response!

10. Ask for a date

One thing you should remember is that a Taurus woman doesn’t do a whole bunch of texting.

Normally, Taurus women are too busy living their lives to be attached to their phones.

If you don’t want to lose a Taurus woman’s attention, better make the most of your texts and ask her out.

It’s a good way to leave the conversation after you’ve warmed her up with a few voice texts and cute messages.

Tip: Don’t wait to ask her for a date.

After weeks of texting, she’ll assume you’re not into her and move on.

Strike while the iron’s hot and then impress the heck out of her on your date!


How do you impress a Taurus girl over text?

Impress a Taurus female over text by really getting her sense of humor.

Show her that you’re the guy to make her laugh with a joke you know she’ll like.

You can also impress her with your listening skills when you text her about something she said to you when you were hanging out.

If she told you her favorite song, tell her you’re learning it on the guitar and send her a quick thirty-second video playing it.

Instant mushy feelings.

How do you know if a Taurus woman likes you through texting?

If the Taurus woman is consistently communicating with you via text, you know she likes you.

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It takes a lot of effort for her to text, so if she’s doing that for you, that’s a good sign you’re on her mind a lot.

If she feels more confident about you, she’ll text you asking to get together.

That is definitely your sign that she’s into you.

How do you seduce a Taurus over text?

Keep texting her adorable things and make sure you’re giving her enough audio and visual food for thought.

Never be overly available and make sure none of your texts are rude or overly forward sexually.

She likes to be wined, dined and romanced, so keep your focus on that.

How do you text a Taurus woman good morning?

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Felt wrong not to start my day saying good morning to you. So good morning, gorgeous.”

“I had a dream about you and woke up spooning my pillow. Not quite as good.”

“My bed is soft and comfy. Call out of work and come cuddle with me.”

Will a Taurus woman text first?

She might.

A Taurus woman has no problem texting you first.

But don’t wait for her to do it.

She may want to see if you’ll text her first.

Furthermore, she may just forget because she has so much going on.

So if you’re not texting her first on purpose, get over your hesitance and send her a message!

How do you make a Taurus obsessed with you?

Make a Taurus obsessed with you by appealing to their senses.

Look good, but don’t forget to smell amazing, too.

Use gentle touch to get them aroused and craving you.

Feed them good food and romance them.

The Taurus will be all over you.

What are Taurus women attracted to?

Taurus women are attracted to strong, masculine men who are in touch with their emotions.

They like a man with substance, which usually means a smart guy with ambitions and intense interests.

A Taurus woman wants to be fascinated and impressed by a man.

Earn her respect and she’ll be way more attracted to you.

Signs a Taurus woman secretly likes you

When a Taurus woman secretly likes you, she’ll look at you a lot.

You’ll notice her staring because she won’t be able to help it, and she’s terrible at hiding it.

She’ll hang around you and physically touch you as much as she can.

She’ll try to be sexy to you, laugh a lot and make herself hard to ignore.

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