How to Know If a Scorpio Man Is Not Interested (10 Clear Signs)

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Scorpio men make it really obvious if they don’t have romantic feelings for you.

Here’s how to know if a Scorpio man is not interested:

  • He doesn’t try to get alone time with you
  • Communication is one-sided—you’re always reaching out to him
  • He doesn’t reveal anything about himself or try to bond with you
  • You can’t seem to make him jealous
  • He doesn’t try to romance you, touch you or sweep you off your feet

But chasing a Scorpio is not a good idea—it makes him feel pushed and controlled.

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How to Know If a Scorpio Man Is Not Interested

1. He’s fine with only seeing you in group situations

When a Scorpio man wants some of your time, he tries hard to get it.

An interested Scorpio will attempt to get you alone whenever he can so he can learn more about you and you can learn more about him.

Though he can seem charming and at perfect ease in a group, if he likes you more than a friend, he’ll try to chat with you when you’re by yourself at the perfect opportunity.

But if he never seems to approach you solo, he may not be all that motivated.

And he won’t be reaching out to you to do something one-on-one.

If he was reaching out to see you and then he stopped altogether, it could similarly indicate that he’s lost interest.

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2. He never texts you

If they’re intrigued, Scorpio men are known to text or call you pretty regularly to check up on you and know where you are and who you’re hanging out with.

They’re a little possessive even from the get-go.

On the other hand, they show none of this powerful need to be in contact with you or keep tabs if there are no feelings on their end.

You won’t hear from them frequently (or at all), they won’t reach out first and getting them to have a conversation over text or on the phone will be like pulling teeth.

3. He doesn’t try to learn everything about you

Scorpios love figuring everyone they meet out, and they’re good at it.

But they show an almost passionate interest in learning about you if they desire you.

They’ll ask you personal questions and listen to you and talk with you for hours.

You’ll sense that they’re digging deeper, trying to unearth something.

So if a Scorpio man you’re talking to isn’t asking the types of questions that are almost intrusive in nature and he’s not encouraging you to share more about what you think and feel, it’s a sign he’s not emotionally attached to you.

He’s either got you all figured out and he’s grown bored, or he never saw you as dating material in the first place.

4. He doesn’t stare at you

You’ll know if you’ve been the object of close study by a Scorpio man.

If you haven’t felt his eyes burning into you with a shamelessness that could make you blush, that’s not because the Scorpio is good at hiding it.

In fact, Scorpio men are not at all embarrassed to be caught staring at you.

Whether you’re across the room or right in front of them.

Scorpio men are well aware of their mesmerizing gaze and the effect it has on women—making them feel exposed, aroused and weak in the knees all at the same time.

Which means if you’re not getting the famous Scorpio stare, he isn’t trying to seduce you.

If he sees you as a friend, he won’t avoid your gaze, of course.

He just won’t turn that smoldering look on when he talks to you.

5. He doesn’t sweep you off your feet

Scorpio men are known to go from zero to sixty with a woman they’re into.

Women who have dated Scorpio men talk about being swept off their feet in a whirlwind romance.

Even if you haven’t given a Scorpio guy your number, if he likes you, he’ll do things like learn your schedule so he knows where to find you and run into you when he wants to spend time with you.

He’ll work to earn your affection, which an irresistibly dark and charming Scorpio man can easily do.

If he’s not chasing after you, romancing you, getting you gifts and moving quickly to win your heart, chances are good that he’s either on the fence about how he feels about you or he’s simply not interested.

6. He’s impossible to get a hold of

Are you trying to get in touch with a Scorpio man to see what he’s up to this weekend but he’s not responding?

Does it happen every weekend?

And if so, do you never hear a really good excuse as to why?

If you’re just trying to get to know the Scorpio and he’s making it this hard, that’s a sign.

He probably knows that you’re reaching out to him and he’s choosing not to make himself available.

If he were just busy and wanted to talk to you, he would get back to you with an explanation and be open to making plans.

But if he doesn’t even care to do that, he’s not invested.

The Scorpio guy may respond to you days later—he’ll likely take his time getting back to you.

Or just leave you on read.

7. He’s careful not to lead you on

Scorpio men say what they mean.

They don’t feel the need to lie or beat around the bush when it comes to what they want or what they think.

So a Scorpio man will definitely not say things to you that contradict his true feelings: that he’s not into you.

If your Scorpio man ever says anything that indicates there could be a chance for a relationship, you know he’s at least open to the idea.

But if he doesn’t, take his silence as meaningful in itself.

He would never want to give you the wrong impression because he wouldn’t want you to chase after him when he’s not interested, which many women do.

If you’re not sure what to do then, Scorpio Man Secrets is an excellent place to learn what you should and should never do to get a Scorpio guy’s attention.

8. He doesn’t reveal things about himself

Contrary to popular belief, Scorpio men do let you into their private lives if they like you.

Albeit in a slow and controlled way.

Scorpios will never reveal anything they think leaves them in a very vulnerable position, mind you.

However, Scorpio men will absolutely share insider details about their lives and emotions with you if they have a need to connect with you.

It’s how they lay the groundwork of a strong and truly intimate relationship.

Intimate meaning, for the Scorpio, emotionally and not just sexually intimate.

This is a must for a Scorpio man if he’s got feelings for you, but if he doesn’t, there’s no reason to let you in.

So listen closely to what he says.

Or rather, listen to what he doesn’t say.

9. He doesn’t get jealous of other men

If he’s into you, you better believe that he’ll try to make himself the only man in your life.

He’ll even behave territorially toward his own friends when you’re around if they don’t know where the line is with you.

Flirting with other men would piss him off.

Even receiving flirtations from another man would cause a smitten Scorpio man to pull you out of that situation.

So if none of that is happening, you’re likely just friends with the Scorpio guy.

10. There are no gentle touches

The touchy-feely Scorpio man will make attempts to hold you and hug you if he wants to get close to you.

And he can be pretty obvious about it, too.

No casual bumping of hands or quick, friendly hugs.

This way, it’s a little easier to tell if the Scorpio is interested or not.

Because if he never grabs you and hugs you tightly and deeply or plays with your hair or touches your face, there is no physical attraction for him.

At least, not enough to act on.

Scorpios are extremely deliberate in every move they make.

So by the time a Scorpio is trying to snuggle up to you, he’s thought it out and decided that he likes you enough to go for it.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

How do you know if a Scorpio man is using you?

Unfortunately, it’s true that some Scorpio men string women along particularly if they’re getting sex out of the deal.

But it’s usually pretty obvious when this is happening if you know where to look for the signs.

Namely, the Scorpio man will be careful not to be seen with you anywhere he might be recognized in public.

He won’t bring you around his family and those closest to him to the extent that it’ll be like he’s hiding you.

When he’s around, it’s exclusively on his terms.

Otherwise you can never get in touch with him and you certainly don’t know where to find him because he’s never told you.

What is the Scorpio disappearing test?

There’s quite a variety of reasons a Scorpio man disappears, including needing head space to figure out his emotions, a fear of being controlled and simply craving solitude because that’s what Scorpios do.

We go in-depth on why Scorpios disappear in Why Does a Scorpio Man Ignore You?

But if it’s a test, he may be testing either you or him.

Or both.

If it’s himself he’s testing, he’s trying to see if the need to be with you is strong enough that he can’t stay away from you.

He needs to be very sure of how he feels about you, and this is how he finds out.

If he’s testing you, he’s checking to see how loyal you’ll be to him if he drops off the face of the earth.

What is the Scorpio silence test?

This is another test that a Scorpio man might use to see how you react.

If he suddenly stops communicating out of nowhere and you don’t think he’s lost interest, it could be that he’s attempting to see how hard you’ll work to get him to talk to you again.

It’s to prove that you’re as into him as you say you are.

How to deal with a Scorpio man when he becomes distant

It depends on the reason he’s grown distant, but if it has to do with something that you did to hurt him, you’ll need to apologize.

At the same time, you should never grovel—that’s weak in the Scorpio’s eyes.

But giving the Scorpio room to breathe and consider what he wants to do is the best course of action.

Otherwise, you risk making him feel suffocated.

If you want to know more about what to do, see our article How to Deal With a Scorpio Man Ignoring You.

Signs a Scorpio man is obsessed with you

For a Scorpio man, the line between liking you and becoming obsessed is pretty thin.

He’ll be making a bee line for you when he sees you at a social gathering.

He stares unabashedly at you and it’s super intense.

His jealousy comes out in full force or he gets sarcastic when you talk to other men, even his friends.

He chases you no matter how small his chances are of success.

He wants to have deep, intimate conversations with you.

And you know he’d gladly jump your bones the minute you give him a chance.

Read How to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed With You if you want to know how it’s done.

How to know if a Scorpio man misses you

If a Scorpio guy misses you, he’ll want to know what’s going on in your life.

He’ll be very concerned with the details of it, like who you spend time with, where you go and what you do.

He’ll do his best to talk to you or see you.

He won’t be able to help himself.

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