How to Get a Scorpio Man to Fall in Love With You (10 Ways That Work)

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Want to know how to get a Scorpio man to fall in love with you?

You’re in the right place. Here’s are the basics:

  • Make him feel like you get him like no one else does
  • Be passionate in and out of bed
  • Pass his loyalty tests and prove you’re trustworthy
  • Be open and honest with him always
  • Never be needy and DON’T chase him

Problem is, there’s no guarantee the Scorpio will decide you should be together.

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How to Get a Scorpio Man to Fall in Love With You

1. Understand him

Even if he starts to fall for you, a Scorpio man will hold back if he thinks you’re just not on the same wavelength.

Eventually, a Scorpio who feels misunderstood will assume you’re not right for him and once that happens, it’s hard to change his mind.

You’ll need to work to show him that you identify with him.

That you share deep-down views of life and the world around you.

You can’t simply placate him, because he will know if you really get him or not.

The best thing you can do is listen to him with all of your attention when he talks.

He’s often dropping hints and subtle tests to see your reactions and judge what kind of person you are on the inside.

Indulge him in long talks about metaphysical subjects.

Connect with him emotionally and trade stories and life experiences with him.

Communicate with him with your body language and your eyes, without using any words.

He’ll realize that you can give him something other women can’t.

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2. Show your passion

Scorpio men are attracted to strength and passion in a woman.

If you are noncommittal or don’t stand for anything, you will not stand out to a Scorpio man.

And you really do need to set yourself apart if you’re going to win his heart.

When you’re talking to him, state your opinions and let your dedication to your beliefs come through.

A Scorpio man is intense and he needs a partner who can keep up.

This goes for the bedroom, too.

Be wild and uninhibited in the sack and blow his mind.

3. Prove you’re loyal to him

There is nothing more important to a Scorpio man than a healthy sex life and your undying loyalty.

Deep down, Scorpio men have an insecurity about being exposed like a raw nerve while someone takes advantage of them.

You would never imagine it being possible as Scorpios are so secretive and self-protective.

But these are defenses for them.

Scorpios men are really sensitive and emotional beneath the armor.

If you can show a Scorpio man that you will never betray his trust, he will be willing to let you into his heart.

That being said, proving your loyalty is not necessarily easy.

Scorpio men are known to test you.

Listen carefully for how he phrases things when he needs reassurance that he’s the only one you want.

If he pulls away, don’t write him off.

He may be waiting to see how true you are.

4. Don’t press him

Scorpio men don’t respond to pressure.

Asking a Scorpio man for more than he’s willing to give you doesn’t encourage him to do so.

Rather, it can make him pull away from you and reevaluate whether this is the right relationship for him.

He could decide that he’s not ready for a commitment, assuming that’s what you’re looking for.

To make things worse, Scorpio men can very suddenly end things.

If a Scorpion thinks he’s wasting your time and that you’re on two different tracks, he will remove himself from the picture even if it causes him pain.

Even if you think things aren’t progressing because you haven’t heard him say he loves you yet or talk about being monogamous, trust that he’s moving at his own pace and opening up to you as quickly as he’s comfortable with.

5. Make him chase you

Similar to our tip on not pushing for more with a Scorpio man, it’s best to make a Scorpio man do the chasing rather than pursuing him.

Chasing after a Scorpio man can make him lose interest, rapidly.

They look for mystery in a woman and don’t like it when you’re overly available.

Pursing them is also a form of pressure, which of course they won’t accept.

Chasing you is important for Scorpio guys because they are dominant personalities and they like to be in charge.

They like to set the “rules of engagement” so to speak.

Keep him guessing and he’ll want to chase you to unravel the mystery that is you.

That’s all part of the process of falling in love for a Scorpio man.

6. Open up to him

While you should always maintain some mystery about you with Scorpios, you don’t want to be secretive.

Keeping things from Scorpios breaks their trust and then they will not let you in.

What you will need to do is show some vulnerability to him.

Share with him your emotional life. 

Don’t overwhelm him because an emotional rollercoaster is not what he’s looking for, but he needs to feel an emotional unity with you.

Share secrets with each other—this is important for building a Scorpio man’s trust and his sense that you have a special connection.

Don’t be afraid to express your darker emotions with this man, either.

Scorpions live on the dark side of life and understand it better than most.

7. Don’t be clingy or needy

It’s a big problem for a Scorpio man if he thinks you can’t get by on your own without him.

While he has a definite need to feel needed, he doesn’t want to be with any woman who lacks an independent streak.

That type of woman is, to him, asking for more than he can give to her.

Ideally, you should have your own life and your Scorpio man should fit well into it.

Though he will likely want more and more of your time as he falls for you, you should never give up your passions and pursuits for him.

He will lose respect for you and if that happens, he can’t fall in love with you.

If you’re concerned about making mistakes with your Scorpio man, you can learn how to avoid them if you understand his thinking, something Scorpio Man Secrets teaches.

8. Don’t take his moodiness personally

If you’re going to be with a Scorpio man, you must learn to go with the flow.

He’s a water sign, and every water sign has the tendency to give in to mood swings.

For Scorpios, they will usually withdraw and want to be alone.

But you can’t take offense.

This is part of understanding your Scorpio man.

And just as importantly, accepting who he is unconditionally.

Scorpio men tend to become better versions of themselves when they find true love, but they will always be fundamentally who they are.

If you give love to a Scorpio man despite his shortcomings he will return it in full.

9. Don’t tell him you love him too soon

Saying you love your Scorpio man within weeks of dating can hurt the relationship.

Even if you’re pretty sure the feeling is mutual, saying the L word might not be what feels right at the moment to the Scorpio man.

It can pop the magical bubble that you two have been in together and make him feel like he needs to confront “reality.”

The best thing to do is wait for a Scorpio man to say it first.

That way you’ve put him “in charge” and allowed him to make up his mind in a time frame that he feels good about.

But if you don’t hear those three words after months and months of dating, waiting for the right time when he’s already started to show his dedication and loyalty to you is the ideal way to do it.

10. Go slow

Scorpio men can sometimes move way too quickly.

They will have no problems jumping into the sack and even sharing an emotional connection with you, which they need for a satisfying sexual experience.

They can also seem like they’re moving full-speed toward a monogamous relationship in week one.

Still, this can be a little misleading.

A mistake many women make with Scorpio men is becoming lost in the Scorpio’s enchanting personality and romantic wooing.

He will create a world around you that feels like it belongs to just you two.

But if you want the Scorpio man to really fall for you, you should give him space and not spend every waking minute with him.

Believe me, it can backfire.

Even falling into bed too soon can be dangerous.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

Signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you

Here’s the big question.

If a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he’ll be very demonstrative of them.

Not only will he make himself available and try to get time with you one-on-one a lot, but he’ll also share private details of his life with you in an attempt to create a special connect with you.

You can find out more in How Do You Know When a Scorpio Man Is Falling in Love With You?

What are Scorpio men attracted to?

Women who Scorpio men like tend to have something about them that’s different.

They’re unique, intelligent and deep.

They also like women who are powerful and independent.

Strength is a quality Scorpios respond well to, as explained in How to Attract a Scorpio Man.

Physically, Scorpio men are attracted to all different types, but a feminine, womanly quality is usually a common denominator.

How to make a Scorpio man miss you

It’s important to allow a Scorpio man time to miss you in the first place, as in giving him time alone without you.

This goes along with avoiding being clingy with him.

Treat him right when you’re with him but leave him alone sometimes.

Missing you will come naturally when he doesn’t have you.

Add to this the incentive to get closer to you when he does hear from you, or better yet, when he runs into you and he’ll be trying to get some of your time.

How to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you

Do you have what it takes?

You’ve got to be sexy but not flashy.

Play hard to get but not impossible.

And never let him think he’s got you exactly where he wants you.

Find out more in How to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed With You.

How to get a Scorpio man back

If you have a shot, you’ll need to force yourself not to contact him for a while.

Getting in touch with him too soon makes him retreat into his shell.

When you do reach out to him, though, it’s a delicate balance between acknowledging your faults and standing your ground to keep his respect for you intact.

But it can be done.

Full explanation here in How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back.

How to get a Scorpio man to chase you

Be smart and intelligent but retain an element of innocence about you.

Let him in just enough to see your depth but don’t spill everything about yourself to him at once.

A little at a time makes him want to unwrap the mystery of you.

And then of course, there’s knowing how to play the Scorpio man’s power game and being submissive, yet not a doormat.

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Signs a Scorpio man is playing you

If he’s just using you, a Scorpio man is not going to give you any romance whatsoever.

This is different, of course, from a Scorpio man who has changed his mind and is no longer interested—

A Scorpion who never had any intention of dating you or being exclusive will not get you gifts, share intimate details of his life with you or even want to cuddle, really.

He won’t be reachable at all and you’ll have no idea where to find him unless he wants to find you.

And he definitely won’t take you out on dates.

These are key warning signs, so watch out for them.

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It’s the definitive guide you need on how Scorpio men think, feel and behave so you can react the right way and make this dark, mysterious man yours for good.

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