What to Say to a Taurus Man (8 Lines to Hook Him)

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Getting a Taurus man hooked on you is a piece of cake when you know what he needs to hear.

Here are the highlights of what to say to a Taurus man:

  • Highlight what he’s good at: style, music, his job…
  • Share his love of art and nature
  • Tell him you feel safe with him and can rely on him
  • Offer to cook for him some time—it’s the perfect date

Truthfully, Taurus men are notoriously confusing, often going hot and cold on you right when things start to get serious. A lot of women mess up here.

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What to Say to a Taurus Man 

1. “You have great taste.”

Ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of beauty and love, this man has an eye for aesthetics and making himself and objects look good.

He most likely has a nice style in the wardrobe department and a beautiful home with nice decor.

He prides himself on having good taste, so make sure to let him know. 

Ego stroking is not just the domain of Leo men!

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2. “What’s your advice on making some financial investments?”

One of the money signs of the zodiac (the other is Cancer), this man has a way of making money work for him and seems to always have lots of it.

He probably has all kinds of investments or side hustles—being financially secure is important to him.

By getting him to give you some advice in the financial department, you’re giving him the opportunity to talk about something he’s really interested in, for one thing.

For another, you’re showing that you, too, are interested in your own financial security.

That’s hot to a Taurus guy.

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3. “I can really rely on you.”

Taurus men are grounded and one of the most dependable signs. That means when they make a promise, they stick to it.

This is another quality these men deem important. Letting them know you feel that way is an ego booster and a quick way to their heart.

You, of course, also want to come across as reliable to him.

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4. “I love being out in nature.”

As an earth sign, Tauruses have a natural affinity with the earth and all its natural beauty.

You will often see them taking part in activities outside, including hiking, fishing, golf, etc.

Aries might be the mountain-climbing Ram, but you won’t be hard-pressed to meet many a Bull at the summit.

Letting this guy know that you share his love of nature and outdoor sports is a good way to pique his interest.

5. “I would love to cook for you.”

Trust me when I say, nobody enjoys delicious food like a Taurus.

Under the Venusian influence, pleasure and luxury are no strangers to the Taurus man. In his mind, food is both.

Tell him you’ll make his favorite meal and you’re hitting some major points with this guy:

  • His love of comfort
  • His homebody nature
  • His weakness for being pampered

6. “I really admire your work ethic.”

This man does not fear working hard for what he desires.

Taurus men are known to be level-headed and no-nonsense about business.

Compliment him on how diligent and methodical he is when it comes to his work.

He’ll be happy you noticed.

7. “Your arms look good in that shirt.”

Taurus men can be pretty boys. They make sure they’re always looking their best, whether clean-shaven or not.

Looks to them are important—they’re very sensory-oriented people.

Make sure you tell him how good he looks. Focus your compliment on a specific body part if you can so he knows you’re checking it out.

8. “Do you want to dance with me?”

Obviously this line is reserved for times when it would be appropriate!

Many Taureans are skilled in art, music, dance and other artistic pursuits.

Whatever his thing is, feel free to suggest doing it together. Or going somewhere you can catch a show, like an art museum or concert.

This should give you some good date ideas!

What Not to Say to a Taurus Man

As an earth sign, Tauruses are pretty chill and down-to-earth. They mainly like to go with the flow.

However, this fixed sign can at times be stubborn and hard to get along with.

It isn’t always easy to reason with them and though they try to hide it, they are quite sensitive.

Now you know what to say to a Taurus man—let’s cover a few things you probably shouldn’t say…

1. “Why are you such a couch potato?”

Tauruses love being at home.

It’s the place they feel most comfortable, and comfort is high priority for these guys.

They enjoy decorating their homes just the way they like them and enjoying their digs by lounging around in them.

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Many times, they would rather invite you over to their sanctuary and be the pleasant host than venture out.

That’s not the same as being a couch potato, though—and they will resent you suggesting so.

2. “I don’t know if I can trust you.” 

A Taurus is not one to trust people quickly.

This man likes to take his time getting to know you. Trust is a quality that a Taurus man considers of the utmost importance in not only others but especially for himself.

Unless he’s done something to deserve it, telling him you find his trustworthiness questionable is insulting.

Better to know now than make the mistake later!

3. “Quit being so stubborn.”

Even though this is true, he won’t want to hear it.

He may be perfectly aware of it, but it’s not going to change anything.

Most likely, all that will happen is he won’t listen to anything else you have to say.

4. “Make up your mind.”

One thing a Taurus won’t do is rush to a decision. He’ll take his time until he feels he’s made the right choice.

If you make him feel as if he has a time restriction, he’ll just become frustrated with you and take even longer.

No one understands that patience is a virtue like a Taurus.

Be patient like him, or he’ll just dig in his heels.

Even though a lot of women end up pretty confused by the Taurus men they’re dating, they’re not as complicated as you might think.

But you do need to understand how they think to be able to react the right way and navigate a successful relationship with them, which you can learn in Taurus Man Secrets.

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