How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back (in 8 Steps After Breakup)

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Need to know how to make a Scorpio man want you back?

Here’s the quick answer:

  • Follow no-contact rules when the breakup is fresh
  • When you’re finally talking, don’t jump into the break-up talk just yet
  • Apologize, but don’t hand all your power to the Scorpio
  • Prove that you love and accept him and will stay loyal to him

So why is losing a Scorpio man permanent for most women? Because they do things like chase the Scorpio man and let their emotions control them.

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How to Make a Scorpio Man Want You Back

When a Scorpio man leaves, you’ll end up feeling like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Get too emotional on him and he’ll pull even further away.

This seems strange considering that the Scorpio is a water sign and deeply, even chaotically emotional himself.

On the other hand, act like you don’t care and you might be afraid he’ll feel vindicated.

So where’s the middle ground?

In truth, you do actually have to ignore him. At least a bit.

For now.

But there’s so much more work to be done.

Let’s dive into the steps to start dating your Scorpio ex again now.

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Step 1: At first, practice no contact rules

After a breakup, it’s likely that the Scorpio man won’t talk to you at all.

He’ll need space from you so that he can get over the breakup himself, and seeing you or speaking to you would hinder his healing.

Or make him want to come back to you for the wrong reasons—simply because he misses being with you.

If he does that, you can almost guarantee that he’ll break up with you again in a short time.

So for both your sakes, don’t talk to each other for a while.

It could take weeks, or even months.

The good news is that during this no-contact time, if he misses you, he’ll probably reach out to you first.

Which is great, because you’ll have an in there.

But even if he doesn’t, the time apart is crucial to let him think things over (which he will, to death) and yes, to start really missing you.

In the meantime…

Step 2: Work on yourself

While you’re waiting for your Scorpio ex to either get in touch with you or have enough time apart to be open to communicating again, you have an excellent opportunity.

And that is to make yourself more tempting to the Scorpio than ever.

You’ll do this by, number one, reinvesting your time back into your own life.

Prioritizing your own life as a single person has a way of making you instantly more attractive because it gives you automatic confidence and independence.

What’s more, it’ll give you time to pursue your hobbies and interests.

Scorpio men like a woman with passion. 

A woman who stands for something.

Work on what you’re passionate about, be it art, interior design or your coding skills.

A Scorpio keeps tabs on his ex, so he’ll likely get word of what you’re up to through mutual friends and contacts.

Step 3: Send a friendly text

If you don’t hear from the Scorpio, there’s nothing wrong with texting him.

Sometimes this is what he needs if he hasn’t allowed himself to contact you first.

You see, Scorpios have incredible willpower and will use it to keep themselves away from you if they’ve determined that’s the best thing.

But you can break the spell simply by reaching out first.

Just don’t be surprised if you have a somewhat cold reception, or it takes a while to get an answer.

That doesn’t instantly mean he’s over you.

What it means is that he’s on the fence and he’s not sure how to reply to you yet.

But that’s why you need to keep it friendly and expectation-free.

Just see how he’s doing and let him take it from there.

Step 4: Don’t talk about getting back together yet

When you first start talking to your Scorpio ex, don’t immediately launch into any overtures for his affection.

Just keep it on the light side and don’t give him a reason to suspect your motives.

Even though he can probably tell you’re still interested in him, he won’t be interested back if it seems like you need him too much.

Even though he’s an emotional guy, he likes to be in control of his emotions.

So showing the same emotional restraint can demonstrate that he’s met his match.

Step 5: Hold onto your power

Scorpios play power games.

They are obsessed with control and like to be the ones who have all of it.

If this was the case in your previous relationship, you’ll need to work even harder to maintain a balance this time.

Don’t be at his beck and call.

If he flakes on you, don’t have a meltdown.

He’s probably testing you to see how you’ll react.

Scorpios are guilty of that sort of behavior, and unfortunately if you want a Scorpio man, you have to play along.

Don’t start apologizing out of nowhere to him and say everything was your fault.

Strength attracts him, and requests for his pity will repel him.

Act around him like you have value beyond his judgment.

If you feel like your control is slipping, start learning how to cut through Scorpio men’s games with Scorpio Man Secrets.

Step 6: Own up to your wrongdoings honestly

Once you and the Scorpio are talking again and things are progressing, he will want to know something very important—

That you know what your missteps were in the past.

The Scorpio will not get back together with you unless he has full reassurance from you that things will change and that you are truly sorry for your part in the breakup.

Don’t go overboard and take unnecessary blame, though.

That will give your power away.

Nor do you want to ignore something that he hasn’t brought up himself.

The memory of a Scorpio is forever, and misdeeds that have not been atoned for will brew in his mind until they erupt and break you up. 


Step 7: Accept him completely

The Scorpion is not going to change for anyone.


Being with a Scorpio man is an intoxicating experience full of passion, romance and deep, boundless love.

At the same time, Scorpio men adhere to such double standards as being able to disappear but expecting you to stick around, if you care about them.

Try to mirror all the Scorpio’s behaviors and you’ll find yourself in a tit-for-tat game that will end in heartbreak.

Instead of trying to get even with a Scorpio man or attempting to ask him to become a fundamentally different person, you must accept him unconditionally.

Love him completely, give him your undying devotion and respect and he will wrap you up in his loving, protective embrace.

Step 8: Prove your loyalty

Scorpio men do weird things in relationships.

A Scorpio man might keep you at arms length for months and even tell you outright to move on.

Only to never quite let you go.


Because he’s giving you a loyalty test.

He might put you through the fire to see how strong your love is in the end.

While you should never let a Scorpio man take over your life and mess with your mental health, Scorpio men have been known to go to extremes based on their intense trust issues.

Bottom line, if you want a Scorpio man back, be ready to show that you will never leave him or stray.

Other Scorpio Man Questions

When a Scorpio man is done with you?

When a Scorpio man is done with you for good, it’ll be like he never existed.

He will disappear from your life completely.

No calls, no texts, no showing up where you are.

The cut-off will be swift and total.

Scorpio men, when they’ve made up their mind, don’t tend to leave the door open.

They only do this when they haven’t completely moved on from you.

What does a Scorpio man want in a woman?

In his heart, a Scorpio man judges women based on their eligibility to become his soul mate.

He’s looking for a type of love that merges two people together emotionally, romantically and spiritually.

A woman who will be loyal and faithful to him with every thought and action.

She should be genuine, thoughtful and sophisticated.

Scorpio men tend to like different “superficial” traits like looks and style, so don’t box yourself in.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man can tell you more.

If you ignore a Scorpio man, will he come back?

It depends on the circumstances.

If you’re following the general rules of engagement after a breakup and giving the Scorpio space, he’ll be more inclined to miss you and want you back.

But if you’re ignoring him while he’s texting you, he might not.

There’s a big difference to him between getting on with your life and trying to get under his skin, which he won’t let you do.

If you’re simply ignoring him because he’s ignoring you, check How to Deal With a Scorpio Man Ignoring You first.

Do Scorpios forget their exes?

Not if the relationships they had with their exes were serious.

And Scorpios tend to do serious relationships.

While a Scorpio man pushes you away and stops talking to you, he may continue checking up on you from afar.

His tenacious grip when it comes to (not) letting an ex go is perhaps even stronger than the Cancer’s.

But be careful, because a Scorpio man who isn’t over you, yet doesn’t want a relationship may toy with you out of his own mixed feelings.

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

It’s pretty easy to know when a Scorpio guy misses you because he will want to talk to you.

He won’t just keep tabs on you.

He’ll actually pick up the phone.

Even if he can’t be near you physically, he’ll want to communicate.

If you’re serious about getting a Scorpio man to stay devoted to you, check Scorpio Man Secrets.

Its genius is in giving you the tools to move your relationship in the direction you choose without making him feel like he’s not in complete control.

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