What Kind of Woman Does a Leo Man Like? (9 Traits He Looks For)

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Do you have what a Leo man wants? You need to know what attracts him so you can put in on display.

What kind of woman does a Leo man like?

  • A free spirit
  • The uber independent type
  • The artistic type
  • A woman who commands respect and attention

Fair warning: If you want a relationship with him, you need more than his infatuation—because that will end.

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What Kind of Woman Does a Leo Man Like?

The Leo man is the person you see in a room full of people telling some outrageous story that has everyone intently listening while he enjoys every bit of the attention.

A Leo man loves to be adored and easily has many admirers waiting in the wings, hoping to get a chance with him.

He is open to dating a variety of people because he gets along with so many people from different walks of life.

But, there are certain qualities that form a pattern when it comes to the women he’s dated.

Are you his type?

Here’s what Leo men look for on the dating scene…

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1. A woman who is young at heart

Leos love to goof off and have fun.

Leo men love women who can have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

He wants someone adventurous who is not afraid to try new things and experience life to the fullest.

So go exploring together! Don’t be afraid to take risks. Say “Yes” to life.

Leo guys are always looking for the next opportunity and need a partner who can be their copilot.

2. A loyal woman

Leos are one of the most loyal men in the zodiac.

When they ride for someone they have their backs and are down for them no matter what.

A Leo man likes the same thing in a woman.

He wants to be able to trust you with his darkest secrets.

Protect his reputation and have his best interest in mind when he’s not there to defend himself.

Leo Man Secrets can tell you exactly how get a Leo guy to open up and trust you, even if he swears he can’t ever trust a woman again.

He’ll match the loyalty you give him tenfold.

3. A beauty inside and out

Looks are important to a Leo, but he needs a woman who not only looks good on the outside but has a good heart.

He wants a woman that cares about her appearance and takes care of herself. 

He likes when she dresses sexy and her makeup is on point.

He’ll want to show her off to everyone and will get an ego boost when he sees other men eyeing her but knowing she’s his.

But he also likes when a woman is intelligent, kind and sweet.

If you’re a kind and genuine person, that beauty will radiate outward and captivate your Leo man.

4. The independent type

Leo men love the company of others but have no problem being alone at times.

He doesn’t like to be smothered, so he desires a woman that has her own life.

Sometimes he may want to hang with his boys or go fishing alone so he will appreciate a woman who is independent and does her own thing.

This gives him time to miss her and when together again they’ll have something to talk about and share with one another.

5. Someone who can share the spotlight

He loves being the star in whatever he’s doing. He wants to be front and center, soaking up all the glory.

If a woman is going to be in life, he would like for her to at least be able to share it with him.

He wants to feel like a team. To bask in your glory just like everyone basks in his would be a dream come true.

Together you can be under the bright lights while all eyes are on the magic you make.

6. A respectable woman

Remember, reputation is important to the Leo man.

He has to have a woman that is highly respected in her circle and/or community and upholds an impeccable stature.

He wants a woman who will add value to his reputation and isn’t someone he’s afraid will embarrass him at some point. 

7. Someone with high ambitions

Leos are highly ambitious people.

Whatever they have their mind set on there is nothing that will stop them from going after it and getting what they want.

They have the spirit that nothing is out of their reach and they believe nothing is impossible for them.

A Leo guy wants a woman who has that same mindset and isn’t afraid to go after her goals and dreams.

Not only will he be able to understand and relate to her, but it also turns him on.

His fiery energy craves a woman who can match his ambitious spirit and as the king of zodiac he needs a queen who is ready and willing to conquer hers as well.

8. A bit of a drama queen

As the actors of the zodiac, Leos love drama. It runs through their veins.

At times Leos create drama in their lives just because they’re bored.

They play out their whole life like a movie and one of their favorite types of films is a love story.

The Leo man can appreciate a woman who is a bit of a drama queen. She makes his life interesting and he can play out his fantasies as the romantic hero.

She can boss him around (some) and maybe take his comments a bit out of hand. As long as she is respectful towards him, he’ll enjoy the theatrics.

9. The creative type

As the ruler of the fifth house, the house of creativity, Leos are very cultural and artistic.

They are good in the visual and performing arts and can appreciate a woman who has a creative side.

Drawing, designing clothes, dancing, painting, acting and singing are just a few of the activities a Leo man can appreciate in a woman. He values her creativity and wants to be able to share his own with hers.

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