How to Attract a Taurus Man (In Person, Over Text & On Social Media)

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Want a hot Taurus guy’s attention?

Here’s how to attract a Taurus man:

  • Hypnotize him through his senses—sight, smell, touch, sound and taste
  • Dress well, smell great, feed him, make physical contact and seduce him with music
  • Be elegant and mature—a Taurus man likes a classy woman

Most of the mistakes women make with Taurus men happen because they don’t know how to interpret confusing Taurus behaviors and push them too hard.

You can avoid a lot of heartache if you understand what’s really going on, which a guide like Taurus Man Secrets can help you with.

If you’re ready to dive in now, click the link above. Or read on for the top Taurus man attraction tips.

How to Attract a Taurus Man

Let’s start with the basics.

Ideally, you’ll appeal to as many of his senses as possible.

This earth sign is very connected to his body. Which makes him highly vulnerable to touch, sight, sound, taste and smell.

Use them to your advantage!

After you attract him initially through the senses, you’ll want to show that you’re mature, honest and genuine.

The kind of woman he can see himself with years from now—because that’s what he really wants.

Ready to get a Taurus man wanting you? Here’s what you should do.

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1. Smell incredible

Vanilla and spice and everything nice.

That’s what gets a Taurus man hooked on you.

Put on a fragrance that smells neither overly sweet nor too earthy.

A balance of the two will win him over.

Scents with ingredients like roses, vanilla, sandalwood and ylang-ylang work well.

2. Wear something feminine and oh-so touchable

An ultra feminine woman can turn any Taurus man’s head.

Wear a dress that flatters your curves but is also classy and chic.

Or wear a flowy top that makes you look delicate and sensual.

To really step it up, wear clothes made of some type of nice-feeling material like velvet or silk.

A Taurus man is a sensory person and will want to get even closer to you wearing something so soft and cuddly.

3. Let your hair down

Speaking of the Taurus man’s love of soft, touchable things, your hair counts, too.

If you have hair long enough to tie back, don’t put it up.

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Let your tresses hang loose and frame your face.

Use a good conditioner that makes your hair smell good and look lustrous.

Play with your hair when you’re talking to the Taurus.

Your goal is to make him want to reach out and touch and smell your gorgeous hair.

4. Bake him something sweet

Taurus appreciates the earthly pleasure of delicious food more than any sign of the zodiac.

You’ve got to have at least a few good recipes to win him over!

A sweet way of attracting a Taurus is to bake for him.

This not only shows that you know your way around a kitchen and can whip something delicious up, but also that you cared enough to make him something from scratch.

As Taurus is all about the details, that means something to him.

Let him sink his teeth into your homemade oatmeal raisin cookies or salted caramel brownies.

If he bites, you may easily convince him to let you cook him dinner next.

5. Give teasing touches

An important way to show a Taurus man that you’re interested is through touch.

However, you’ll want to be careful you don’t overstep your bounds.

Just gently touch his arm or his shoulder playfully while you’re talking and see how he responds.

If he backs away, he’s not into it.

But if he leans in and turns his body toward you, he’s into it and you’re already attracting him.

If you’re not sure what you should and should not do with a Taurus guy, Anna Kovach explains in-depth in Taurus Man Secrets.

6. Set the mood with music

If you get a Taurus man in your apartment, you have a perfect opportunity to appeal to his love of music.

Taurus is naturally drawn to music and can shift moods quickly with the right tune.

Put something on that’s easy to listen to and makes you feel relaxed and seductive.

It’ll have a strong affect on the Taurean and put him in the right head space for some romantic vibes.

7. Be friendly, not overly flirty

Before you know a Taurus guy better, it’s good to respect his boundaries.

Flirting in a polite and friendly way is good to show that you’re into him. On the other hand, coming onto him too strongly at first will make him question your modesty.

He’s very private and prefers to be the one to chase you if he’s interested.

So give him the go-ahead with some sly smiles and eyelash batting.

But steer clear of racy comments and objectifying him.

8. Don’t play the field

If you’re trying to win over a Taurus man, he can’t think he’s one of many.

He won’t go for a woman he has a ton of competition for right from the start.

It’s not because he has no competitive streak.

The reason? He’s only interested in pursuing a one-man type of woman.

He has to be the only real contender in your eyes.

So delete your dating apps ASAP and put all your attention on the Taurus man.

9. Be classy

Taurus men like mature women who present themselves in an elegant way.

You’ll win points if you keep an air of sophistication around you.

Never be crude or rude, and have good manners.

Put gracefulness into everything you do and hold your head up high when you walk through a room.

The Taurus men will think, how can I talk to her?…

10. Be sweet

A Taurus guy prefers sweetness to sassiness (though a dash of sass isn’t going to deter him).

Show kindness to him and to others.

He likes thoughtful gestures (like giving him fresh-made cookies) and compliments, so feel free to give him both.

Be sincere so the Taurus man knows you’re for real.

He can be defensive at first, so being patient, kind and genuine can help him understand that you’re really into him and you’re not just going to use him and leave him.

11. Be yourself

One of the most important things you can do is present yourself as an honest person to the Taurus man.

Part of that is allowing him to see the real you.

There’s no need to fake interest in something he says. Don’t try to come across like you’re into cycling just because he is.

Focus on finding what you have in common and avoid changing your personality to try to draw him in.

A Taurus will detect that and label you a fake.

Not to mention, you won’t know exactly what it is a stoic Taurus man finds intoxicating about you, so don’t limit yourself!

How to Attract a Taurus Man Long Distance

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Attracting a Taurus man long distance, you’re not at the same advantage appealing to his senses as if you were in person.

You’ll just need to be more creative!

  • Make your voice sound soft, buttery and sensual on the phone. 
  • Hand-write him a letter. Spritz your trademark perfume and wave the letter close to where you sprayed so it gets some of that lovely scent.
  • Send the Taurus man something you baked in the mail. Wrap it in a pretty box and leave a note inside simply telling him to enjoy.
  • If you’re talking to a Taurus man online, you can really charm him with conversation.
  • Be witty and keep things breezy, but be slightly mysterious.
  • Lastly, don’t pressure him to see you. Let him determine when the time is right for a face-to-face meetup as he’ll want to take the lead.

How to Attract a Taurus Man Through Text

Since a Taurus man isn’t getting to admire you in the flesh, you can really help your personality shine through text.

  • Invite the Taurus man to engage with you with light conversation and banter. 
  • Focus on being friendly (and not too seductive at first). It will get the Taurus man feeling at ease with you and wanting to talk more.
  • Using emojis and LOLs can help you out a lot here.
  • Of course, you do want to send him some pictures! Text him pretty selfies where you look natural snapping a photo of yourself.
  • Nothing too staged, simple is best when it comes to the Taurus.

How to Attract Taurus Man With Texting can give you more details.

How to Attract a Taurus Man on Social Media

If you want to get a Taurus man looking your way on social media, you have more opportunities to play up your looks.

  • Taurus men have a weakness for natural beauty, so post dewy-skinned selfies with little to no makeup.
  • Show your personality through the pictures you post.
  • Take photos of yourself as you go through your day. Let the Taurus man get a glimpse of your personal life and see who you are.
  • Take pictures (while looking cute) hiking, taking an art class, on your lunch break—just keep them coming.
  • Try not to show too much attention to other men even on social media, or the Bull will back off.
  • Comment on his photos and compliment him. If he posts photos of himself dressed well, tell him how nice he looks.
  • If he doesn’t message you first, go ahead and message him to get the ball rolling.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

If a Taurus likes you, he’s going to take the time to talk to you.

Tauruses aren’t big texters and verbal communicators, and they definitely don’t waste any time with a woman they’re not interested in.

So if he’s consistently communicating with you, that’s a good sign.

He’ll make you feel special with compliments and the close attention he pays to you.

And if there’s any competition around, he might get a little bit louder to drown it out.

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How do I make a Taurus man fall in love with me?

Time and patience are the biggest things.

A Taurus man won’t give his heart away unless he’s in complete control of it—and he’s sure it’s to the right person.

Create a space for him to relax with you and not feel judged or pressured. Be gentle, romantic and supportive.

Show him that he’s the only one for you and prove your loyalty to him.

Being consistent, trustworthy and reliable will allow him to develop feelings for you without letting his fear of rejection or his possessiveness get in the way.

Read more in How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You.

Signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you

You’ll know the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you through his touch and his gaze.

Any innocent touch of his hand will feel gentle and meaningful, like you’re something delicate he wants to pamper.

If you reach out and touch him back, you’ll find that he’s all over you with the flirty touches.

He’ll lean in close when he talks to you and turn his body fully toward you.

And he’ll look at you with a new intensity in his eyes.

Maybe even stare a little!

Anna Kovach shares tons of valuable secrets to unlocking a Taurus man’s heart in Taurus Man Secrets.

It’s worth understanding what motivates your Taurus man, and also what pushes him away, as soon as you can.

Check out Taurus Man Secrets here.

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