Will a Taurus Man Text You First? (Here’s His Deal + What You Should Do)

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You’re waiting by your phone, but will a Taurus man text you first?

Here’s the deal with Taurus guys:

  • Taurus men are fully capable of texting you first
  • However, sometimes they’ll let you sweat and observe what you’ll do
  • A Taurus man wants to know that you like him, so texting him first is a good move

Taurus men are confusing enough. But a Taurus man who likes you? Get ready for compatibility tests and hot and cold behaviors.

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Will a Taurus Man Text You First?

If a Taurus man is really interested in you, he has nothing against texting you first.

He’s a man of physical passions and will go for what (or who) he desires.

OK, so he can text first—but will he?

That, my friend, really depends on what the Taurus man wants from you.

Here’s what will push him to text you first—or make you wait.

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He texts first if you have a good connection

A Taurus man could be the first to get the messages flying back and forth.

But only if he feels there’s something special about you that he could fall for.

Taurus guys are “lazy” texters (they don’t really like texting), so it takes a lot for them to pick up the phone and type you a message.

They won’t text if there wasn’t any potential for real feelings involved.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love and romance, making Taurus men pretty romantic themselves.

Love is a high priority for them and can motivate them way more than the prospect of a booty call.

Then again, he might want you to prove you like him

If you don’t hear from a Taurus man when you expect to, it does not instantly mean he doesn’t like you.

Taurus men are well-known for making a woman wait to hear from them. 

They’ll play it cool as a cucumber just when you want it to heat up.

So, your Taurus man may choose to wait a while to see what you do.

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Why? Because he wants you to prove how badly you want him.

Had a great chat and did some flirting the other night with a Taurus man?

The attraction may have been mutual, but he still likes to know how serious your interest is before he puts his own energy into it.

Because once he does, he’ll open the romantic flood gates.

In this case, you may want to put your anxiety aside and reach out to him.

He plays defense

If a Taurus were on a football field, he’d pick defense before playing offense.

Tauruses would rather react to a text from you than initiate.

But a Taurus man also likes to have control, which is what he gets by pushing you to show your hand first.

If you do, he can then sit back and take his sweet time deciding where he wants to go from there.

Taurus men don’t ever make any hasty moves.

Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t be offended if you keep having to initiate contact.

Your Taurus is just being his cautious self.

He may be considering if he can date you

A Taurus man may not text you if he’s feeling unsure.

Maybe he doesn’t know how you feel, which can give him a reason to back off.

Or, perhaps something you said or did made him pause and consider your relationship compatibility.

You don’t need to make any rash decisions or drown him in texts.

If you want to know how to get past his walls and hook him regardless of your compatibility, get Anna Kovach’s advice in Taurus Man Secrets.

At the end of the day, if he’s sitting tight to see how things play out, you should not press him.

Let him mull them over.

He’ll reach out when he’s ready.

Should I Message a Taurus Man First?

Taurus men are always happy to have you make the first text move.

Sure, a Taurus man wants to be the one to chase you, but he won’t throw himself at you.

He’ll take the lead in a more subtle, yet strong way.

You might text him first, but he’ll be the one who will determine if and when you’ll meet up, where it will happen and what you’ll do.

Texting first shows the Taurus that you clearly want to talk to him.

It’s the first step toward showing him you’re interested, which will enable him to pursue you.

So there’s no need to wait.

If you want to, go ahead and text that fine Taurus man and let him guide your interactions from there.

How Does a Taurus Man Text When He Likes You?

He’ll be polite and gentlemanly even through the phone.

He’ll give you compliments any chance he gets and keep in touch with you pretty regularly.

However, his texts will probably be short, sweet and to the point.

Again, Taurus guys aren’t big on texting, so they’ll use it as a means to accomplish something.

Like asking you out on a date.

The Taurus man will set a specific date and time with you on the weekend. He won’t be loose or casual about it.

Overall, don’t expect hours of quick back-and-forth texting with a Taurus guy, even if he really likes you.

Do expect him to be consistent and take action through making plans with you.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you know if a Taurus man is starting to like you?

It’s easy to tell when a Taurus man likes you through his behaviors.

First, he’ll text you and make himself available to you, which won’t happen if he doesn’t see anything happening with you.

He tries to impress you while also pumping up your ego, too. He wants you to feel good around him so he can woo you more easily.

How to Know If a Taurus Man Likes You More Than a Friend explains in more detail.

How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

If a Taurus man is serious about you, he will make clear and solid moves to make you his.

He won’t flirt with any other women. It will be like he’s already in a committed relationship with you, even if you haven’t had that talk yet.

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You’ll start meeting the people closest to him and things will seem like they’re on track to a serious relationship.

Then he’ll pull back a little to slow it down.

Find out more in How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Loves You?

How do you know if a Taurus doesn’t like you?

He won’t give you any special sort of attention.

You’ll be like any other person or stranger to him.

Physically, he won’t show you any body language signs that would invite you to flirt with him.

It’s pretty clear through the way he acts toward you, so don’t worry that you won’t know.

Here’s How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is Not Interested.

What does a Taurus like in a woman?

A Taurus man likes a woman who is classy, independent and mature.

He likes the laid-back type better than a tightly-wound person because that meshes better with his personality.

He does like the feminine types with a domestic streak, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go after an ambitious or even an androgynous woman.

With a Taurus man, personality is more important than looks, despite what you might think.

Be honest and genuine to get his attention.

Read How to Attract a Taurus Man for more details.

How do you drive a Taurus man crazy?

Appeal to his senses as the Taurus is a deeply sensual man.

Put on a heavenly smelling perfume before you see him.

Let him take in the sight of you in a pretty dress that shows your curves while remaining classy.

Make physical contact when you can, like touching his hand when you say something and want him to pay attention to you.

Make his physical experience with you exciting, and he’ll be drawn to you like a magnet.

Taurus Man Secrets can help you navigate your relationship with a Taurus man so things don’t get messed up without you knowing why or what to do.

It’s a powerful resource that will help you unlock his hidden self.

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