12 Signs a Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted to You

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Not sure if a Taurus man wants you?

Here are the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you:

  • He shows you with his body language and masculine presence
  • He’ll want to touch you any chance he gets
  • He’s flirty, attentive and full of compliments
  • If another guy gets too close, he’ll get territorial
  • He stares at you with intensity and desire

While a Taurus man prefers to be intimate inside of a monogamous relationship, he’s capable of separating sex from emotion.

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Signs a Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted to You

1. He hugs you a lot

Are you receiving more than the required amount of hugs from a Taurus guy that you’ve been hanging out with?

That’s a way for him to feel your body close to his.

Which means he’s definitely sexually attracted to you.

Tauruses are sensual beings, and touch plays a huge role in their attraction.

If you see a Taurus man hug someone he’s not sexually attracted to, you’ll see the difference.

It will be brief, and he’ll start turning his body away from them before the hug is over.

Meanwhile, you’re getting big bear hugs, and lots of them. Because he’s into you!

2. His touch lingers

On the subject of touch, a Taurus man will find ways to touch you that are appropriate, but which show how he feels.

A touch of his hand will be gentle and meaningful.

He will not just bump into you and pull away.

He may place his hand where it can brush up against yours and when it does, he seems to relish it.

Or he may put a hand on your back while you’re chatting and leave it there.

Watch for added eye contact when he touches you or a pause in the conversation for him to move in closer.

3. He gives you that smoldering look

How does the Taurus man in question look at you when you’re face-to-face?

Does the room feel hotter because his gaze is so smoldering?

He knows exactly what that look can do to a woman, and he’s banking on it working on you.

He’ll stare straight at you. And he won’t turn away just because it’s making you bashful.

Maybe he’ll throw you a devilish little smile.

When you lock eyes with a Taurus man who wants you, he makes sure you get the message without a single word.

4. He’s always close to you

When you’re hanging out, is the Taurus man almost always close enough to grab your hand?

Physically, there won’t be much distance between you. He’s so drawn to you that it’s like it magnetizes his body to yours.

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Taurus men show that they’re into you with their physical presence.

It’s as if to say, “Hey, notice me.”

But it’s also, of course, a good way to get a whiff of your perfume and a little touch of your hair. 

5. He flirts openly with you

Taurus men can be shy and quiet, for sure.

But don’t think that means they can’t also take your breath away with some bold, sexy flirting.

Rest assured, a Taurus man doesn’t flirt for the sake of flirting.

He doesn’t want any crossed wires, and he definitely doesn’t want a woman he has no desire for pursuing him.

It takes a woman he could definitely see himself getting frisky with to bring out his amorous flirtations.

So if you’re getting that behavior from him, it’s not just you! 

He’s feeling you.

Just be sure not to get raunchy. Maintain your elegance, act coy and watch the Taurus man drool.

6. He asks you about yourself

One way a Taurus man shows you that he’s digging you is by getting you to open up and talk about yourself.

No matter how animalistic his desire is, he likes to make a woman feel important, listened to and respected.

He’ll probe deeper than the superficial stuff and show genuine interest.

You need to realize, too, that he has to know more about you in order to let things continue. 

He doesn’t just give up the goods without that added security.

But of course, this adds to the chemistry between you—great conversation and a shared connection.

Since a Taurus man is always testing you, don’t drop the ball here!

Be straightforward but keep him interested with a little mystery.

If you want to do everything right and avoid making mistakes, you can prepare yourself ahead of time with a guide like Taurus Man Secrets.

7. He’ll tell you how attractive you are

Giving you compliments is typical if a Taurus guy wants to entice you.

However, the types of compliments he gives you will be hard to misinterpret.

There will be at least a handful that draw attention to your body.

How good you look in your dress.

How incredible your shampoo smells.

What an amazing smile you have.

You’ll feel like a million bucks with all the confidence-boosting compliments he gives you.

8. He’s territorial

A jealous Taurus man is a captivated Taurus man.

If you see him pulling you in close when another guy starts chatting you up, it means he’s trying to claim you.

Any behaviors that show he’s jealous give this away.

He might also make rude comments about the other guy he fears you might be into.

Taurus men are incredibly possessive, but only when it comes to someone or something that’s theirs or that they want to be theirs.

9. He stands taller when you’re around

Whether he’s short or tall, a Taurus man will make himself as big and masculine as he can when you’re nearby.

It’s part of his performance to make you attracted to him.

He wants you to see him as powerful and strong. And good-looking.

He may even puff out his chest a little.

10. He’s only looking at you

Taurus guys won’t do that thing some other guys do where they try to ignore you to seem cool as a cucumber.

Or flirt with other women to get a reaction out of you.

Instead, a Taurus man will do just the opposite—he’ll be so attentive to you that you’ll wonder if he even has eyeballs to see the other women around.

He’ll also give you priority over other distractions around him. He’s not looking around or checking out his phone every few minutes.

You’re all he wants to focus on.

11. He doesn’t shy away from your touches

Here’s a good test for you.

Reach out and touch him (in a polite, respectful way) a couple of times and see what he does.

If he jerks away from you, you may have caught him off-guard, but it can also reveal that his feelings toward you are purely platonic.

If he’s not feeling you, he’ll make sure he doesn’t linger or reciprocate your touch.

But if he seems like he really likes it or touches you right back?

You’re in.

12. He makes subtly sexy comments

Remember when I said that a Taurus man can take your breath away with his boldness?

Don’t be surprised if he drops a sexual innuendo or two into the chat.

That’s no mistake!

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He’s trying to make you blush.

If he’s directing a one-on-one conversation toward a sexual turn here and there like this, you can be sure that he thinks you’re sexy.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you tell if a Taurus man is playing you?

If a Taurus man is playing you, he may not tell you so as to not hurt your feelings, but he will be honest with you if you want to know the truth.

Just be sure not to be confrontational or accuse him.

He’ll tell you, whether in person or in an email, what his intentions are.

Otherwise, you’ll notice that he doesn’t take you out, he doesn’t spend much time with you and he doesn’t bring you around his friends.

Read Taurus Man Is a Player for more tips.

Where do Taurus like to be kissed?

Being that Taurus rules the neck and throat, these are good spots to kiss a Taurus.

Being slow and sensual will drive a Taurus man’s desire.

Brush your lips against his skin and nibble his neck.

Teasing kisses will heat things up.

How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Be sure not to put too much emphasis on getting a Taurus man to open up.

An explosion of emotion can weird him out.

He shares an emotional connection with you through spending time with you and being close to you.

Touch plays a big role, as does his environment.

Get him comfortable on a comfy couch with some good food and relaxing music.

Set the mood for a Taurus first and the rest will follow.

Read more in How to Emotionally Connect With a Taurus Man.

What signs are Taurus males attracted to?

Taurus men tend to be highly attracted to Scorpios, Cancers, Capricorns, Virgos and Pisces. 

These signs give off an abundance of energy that a Taurus male lusts for, including classical femininity, mystery and sensuality.

Taurus men can also be attracted to the females of their own sign, though there’s a chance they’ll find each other too similar for a sustained spark.

Bear in mind, these are the textbook signs a Taurus man is into.

There are also tons of other successful combinations, such as Taurus-Aries and Taurus-Libra.

Regardless of your sign, you will need to know your Taurus man well enough to make your relationship successful.

Taurus Man Secrets will give you an insider’s view of the way a Taurus man’s mind works.

Because he’s not going to tell you!

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