How to Deal with an Angry Aries Man in 2 Crucial Steps

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Watch out. Your Aries man’s temper can come out of nowhere. Let’s talk about how to deal with an angry Aries man so you know what to do.

Aries, Mars and the God of War

Story time. Once upon a time I was having a fight with an Aries man that I wasn’t even aware was occurring until he exploded.

We were in the middle of a robust debate about something interesting but trivial—books or something like that. While we were going back and forth in disagreement about one small part of the conversation, it happened—the tantrum emerged.

He literally folded his arms and said in a high-pitched voice, “That’s stupid,” then stormed off.

What did I learn from that encounter? Never test the boundaries with an Aries man. If you push him, he won’t back down. His short fuse WILL lead to an explosion.

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What you have to understand (and what I neglected in that debate) is that Aries is a fire sign ruled by that ball of raw energy, planet Mars. Mars is a decisive, action-oriented planet that governs aggression and sexual energy. In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war. Doesn’t it make sense that Aries can be a tad bit ragey when provoked?

On the upside, as suddenly as his irritation erupts, it dissipates. An Aries man’s anger burns itself up pretty quickly, and all can return to normal after a relatively brief cool-down period. That’s good, right?

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How to Deal with an Angry Aries Man

You know that he won’t hold onto angry feelings. But in the meantime, how to deal with an angry Aries man is the question you came here to ask.

A question astrology is fortunately ready to answer.

Basically, you handle him with patience and understanding. 

In the Heat of the Moment

When you’re driving your car and you know you’re on the path to a head-on collision, you don’t keep driving straight for the other car, not if you can help it.

Same with handling an Aries who has just flown off the handle or is about to. The likelihood that he’ll leave the scene after he says his piece is high, but in case he doesn’t, be sure to give him the space he needs. Because he really does need it to regain his composure.

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If you’re together when it happens, don’t walk out and slam the door behind you. Instead, calmly take your leave, explaining if you can that you’re going to give him some space.

Definitely don’t:

  1. Insult him.
  2. Yell at him.
  3. Chase after him.
  4. Beg him not to leave.

None of these actions will help the situation. If you fire back at him, he’ll likely feel the need to have the last word or one-up you. He could get really mad and say something you both might regret.

If you try to go after him or prevent him from leaving, first of all, you won’t be able to. But it might be construed as weakness on your part by the dominant Aries, or it might just irritate him. It probably won’t sway him, though. Best to give yourselves some alone time.

While he’s taking his, focus on helping yourself. Do what you need to do to feel peaceful again so that when you come back together, you can talk calmly and openly.

When He Cools Down

Once the dust settles, you can approach your Aries, or he may approach you first. Now is the right time to talk about what happened.

It’s really important to speak to your Aries significant other calmly and gently. Don’t take the kid gloves out or anything, just keep anything that sounds like blame or harsh judgment out of the conversation.

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He may still be a little raw. If so, you want to make sure you’re not sending any signals that he could interpret as confrontational lest the situation repeat itself. Patience is your friend here. If you aren’t used to being the patient one in the relationship, it’s worth practicing because you won’t win with an Aries man if you push him.

When you’re both calm and he’s telling his side of the story, listen to him. Don’t cut him off or contradict him. After he’s done expressing how he feels, let him know that you heard him and tell him what you need to tell him while keeping in mind his sensitivity. 

If you’ve had an argument, it’s not a bad idea to mention how you would like to approach each other in the future so that you can avoid the same kind of incident. While it may not be your golden ticket to escaping all fights, it will show your Aries man that you’re serious about working on things.

With these tips, you can keep the Aries from becoming defensive while you retrace your steps through past events and he can feel heard, understood and appreciated.

A Final Word About the Aries Temper

At the end of the day, Aries will always have a tendency to be quick to anger. Underneath his strong, independent exterior, he’s an emotional guy and sometimes his emotions get the better of him.

Of course, never let anyone walk all over you by any means, not an Aries or any other sign. Just remember that the Aries genuinely needs to get it out of his system when he’s upset, which is where following the guide above comes into play.

Anyone close to an Aries will need to keep his fiery nature in perspective and not take the occasional outburst to heart. What he really needs is an understanding partner. If he loves you, he will compromise with you and be understanding of your needs right back.

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