How to Get a Cancer Man to Open Up (8 Tips from a Cancer)

how to get a cancer man to open up

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to open up, listen to another Cancer. As a Cancer, here’s my advice to you: Don’t force it—let him come to you Build trust by avoiding gossip and proving you care about him Open up to him first Don’t judge him (or others) Sensitive … Read more

How to Impress a Cancer Man (9 Easy Ways to Reel Him In)

how to impress a cancer man

Got a date with a sweet Cancer guy—and have no idea what to do? Let’s talk about how to impress a Cancer man: Show off your culinary skills Talk about your favorite books Bring up something he said in the past to show you’re listening Be sweet, confident and willing to laugh at yourself A … Read more

Taurus Man, Cancer Woman: Soulmates? (A+ Compatibility)

taurus man cancer woman soulmates

Soulmates, twin flames—Taurus man and Cancer woman have got it. In this article, we’re giving their true soulmate potential and covering important aspects of Taurus-Cancer compatibility. Here’s the lowdown on Taurus man, Cancer woman soulmates: Cancer woman and Taurus man have very high soulmate potential—a 9 out of 10. They share so much in common, … Read more

How to Seduce Cancer Man (10 Tips to Ignite His Passion)

how to seduce cancer man

Enough tiptoeing around it. You want this Cancer man now. If he hasn’t made a move yet, here’s how to seduce Cancer man: Make him a romantic dinner Be a good listener and care about his emotions Walk on the beach at sunset Make a move but take things one sexy step at a time … Read more

How to Attract a Cancer Man and Keep Him (Your Guide to His Heart)

how to attract a cancer man and keep him

Once you’ve got your Cancer man, you’re playing for keeps. Or at least, that’s how you’d like it to go.  Here’s how to attract a Cancer man and keep him, according to the stars: Connect with him meaningfully Be strong, kind and affectionate toward him, always Be the one person he can depend on, no … Read more

How to Get a Cancer Man Back in 4 Steps (The Only Way to Do It)

how to get a cancer man back

Thinking about getting back together with your Cancer ex-boyfriend? This is not an easy road, so let astrology tell you how to get a Cancer man back into your arms. Do Cancer Men Ever Come Back? Short answer: Yes. But not easily. As cardinal signs, they’re “starters,” representing ambition and new beginnings. Translation: They are capable … Read more

How Does a Cancer Man Show His Love? (12 Signs He’s Yours)

how does a cancer man show his love

If your Cancer guy hasn’t said those magic words, how does a Cancer man show his love? Look for these telltale signs: He’s always taking care of you He’s protective of you You’re in with his family and friends He keeps your sh*t together for you He gets jealous of other men But even in … Read more