How to Win a Cancer Man Heart (4 Easy Tips to Earn His Love)

how to win a cancer man heart

Found the man of your dreams and turns out he’s a Cancer? Here’s how to win a Cancer man heart: Nurture him, but don’t mother him Really listen when he talks Use your touch to arouse his emotions Show him how important family is to you Before you read any further, you should know that … Read more

How to Keep a Cancer Man Hooked (5 Things He Can’t Resist)

how to keep a cancer man hooked

How to keep a Cancer man hooked? It’s in the stars, baby!  Here’s the secret to keeping your Cancer man coming back for more: Give him your undivided attention Nurture him physically and emotionally Make him feel needed and secure OK, here’s the bad news. The truth is, you probably won’t know when a Cancer … Read more

How to Attract a Cancer Man and Keep Him (Your Guide to His Heart)

how to attract a cancer man and keep him

Once you’ve got your Cancer man, you’re playing for keeps. Or at least, that’s how you’d like it to go.  Here’s how to attract a Cancer man and keep him, according to the stars: Connect with him meaningfully Be strong, kind and affectionate toward him, always Be the one person he can depend on, no … Read more

How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You (6 Things You Should Be Doing)

how to make a cancer man miss you

Does your Cancer boyfriend hug your pillow when you leave his apartment? Want to make sure he does?  Here’s how to make a Cancer man miss you: Lavish lots of attention on him when you’re together You do you when you’re apart Use his superhuman memory to your advantage and remind him of your romance … Read more

How Can a Libra Woman Attract a Cancer Man? (6 Tips to Win Him Over)

how can a libra woman attract a cancer man

Libra ladies infatuated with a Cancer man: Did you know you’ve got some natural-born traits he can’t resist?  How can a Libra woman attract a Cancer man? By knowing which of her qualities will win his heart. Here’s what Cancer men love about her: Her sincerity Her dedication to fairness and justice Her loyalty Libra … Read more

How to Get a Cancer Man Back in 4 Steps (The Only Way to Do It)

how to get a cancer man back

Thinking about getting back together with your Cancer ex-boyfriend? This is not an easy road, so let astrology tell you how to get a Cancer man back into your arms. Do Cancer Men Ever Come Back? Short answer: Yes. But not easily. As cardinal signs, they’re “starters,” representing ambition and new beginnings. Translation: They are capable … Read more

How to Make a Cancer Man Happy in 10 Easy Steps

how to make a cancer man happy

Because Cancer men are eager to please, it can be easy to take their happiness for granted. That would be a mistake! Here’s how to make a Cancer man happy and keep your relationship strong. How Do You Know If a Cancer Man Is Happy or Not? Many exes of Cancers come to view them … Read more