How to Get a Cancer Man to Forgive You (4 Steps You Can’t Skip)

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If you’ve hurt a Cancer man, you’re going to need help getting back into this emotional guy’s good graces.

Here’s how to get a Cancer man to forgive you:

  • Take the time to know and understand why he’s hurt
  • Give him a genuine apology
  • Let him have time to process his feelings
  • Prove your sincerity with actions

With Cancers, you can easily make a serious mistake and have no idea—because this sign won’t tell you.

A road map to his heart and mind will help. We like Cancer Man Secrets for practical tips written by renowned Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach.

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Do Cancer Men Forgive Easily?

Unfortunately, when it comes to forgiveness, the Cancer man is extremely stubborn. He will hold a grudge and play the part of the victim until he’s ready to let go.

It’s just that Cancers are a water sign. Water signs are sensitive, emotional and prone to moodiness, which describes the Cancer in a nutshell. 

If his feelings get hurt, it brings to the surface his vulnerability—something he does his best to protect and hide.

Instead of telling you what you’ve done to upset him, he’s going to sulk and ignore you, all the while expecting you to figure out what’s wrong.

You see, Cancer men are very intuitive. It’s easy for them to tell when something is wrong with another person.

The trouble is, they don’t understand that not everyone can do the same.

You will have to give your Cancer guy time to process his feelings. 

If he believes that the relationship is worth it, he will forgive you.

But with his keen memory, he might not forget it—so you have to be sure you’ve really resolved it before trying to move forward with him.

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How to Get a Cancer Man to Forgive You

1. Listen to understand

couple sitting and watching a sunset with a quote about understanding a cancer man's feelings

A Cancer man is not going to tell you what’s wrong up front. 

You’re going to know he’s upset based on his aloofness and sour attitude.

Your job will be to get him to talk.

He’ll be more willing to open up when you’re the one approaching him since he isn’t great at expressing his feelings when he’s upset.

Listen to him when he tells you what’s wrong. When he’s finished explaining, let him know that you understand why he feels the way he does. 

Making it known that you value his feelings is important. Tell him you appreciate him sharing how he feels.

He may still be hurt, but the fact that you show you care about him and how he feels will encourage him to let his guard down some. 

He wants to know his feelings are taken seriously.

2. Apologize 

Along with his feelings being validated, a Cancer man is going to want a genuine apology.

He’s sensitive and easily hurt. He wants you to acknowledge whatever it is that caused him pain.

In Cancer Man Secrets, Anna Kovach talks about how to rebuild your relationship with your Cancer guy.

When you’re having a heart-to-heart with him, put your emotions into it. Cancers respond well to emotional language, so put your feelings in your voice and in your body language. 

Be sure to be genuine, though—Cancers know when you’re trying to get them to get over something vs. being truly apologetic. 

3. Grant him his space

pen and paper with the word dear on it and a quote about getting a cancer man to forgive you

The Cancer man needs time to process how he feels. Don’t expect him to welcome you back immediately.

After you apologize, let him know that you’re there for him. When he’s ready, you’ll be there.

Do not pressure him into forgiving you right away, or he may think you weren’t sincere in your apology.

In fact, that could actually do more damage and make him less likely to forgive you.

Give him little reminders that you’ll always be there for him, via text if need be or even a handwritten note if possible.

But leave it open for him to come to you when he’s ready.

4. Show you’re sorry with your actions

Don’t stop at just telling him you’re sorry with words. As they say, actions speak louder.

Cancers quite possibly have the strongest memories of any sign given their strong emotional attachments to them.

This means that even if your guy accepts your apology, it’s going to take him some time to fully forgive you.

If you said something hurtful to him out of anger, tell him you’ll work on that—and then do.

If you cheated, while there’s no guarantee he’s going to get over a deep cut like that, the best way to work toward his forgiveness is to try to prove to him that there won’t ever be a repeat offence.

Take full responsibility, keep all your promises and check in with him to see how he’s feeling.

Have you ever hurt a Cancer man’s feelings? How did you two move past it as a couple?

It’s tough to know what to do (and not do) in a relationship with the sensitive Cancer guy.

That’s why we recommend Cancer Man Secrets if you’re looking for advice on how to maintain a long, healthy, happy relationship with him.

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