How to Impress a Cancer Man (9 Easy Ways to Reel Him In)

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Got a date with a sweet Cancer guy—and have no idea what to do?

Let’s talk about how to impress a Cancer man:

  • Show off your culinary skills
  • Talk about your favorite books
  • Bring up something he said in the past to show you’re listening
  • Be sweet, confident and willing to laugh at yourself

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What a Cancer Man Likes

Quiet and meek? Loud and opinionated?

Low-cut, tight and sexy or chic and modest?

Traditionally, Cancer men are known to love the girl next door.

But the truth is, whether you’re a tomboy, a girly-girl or a siren, Cancer men like it all.

Example: Famous Cancer comedian Colin Jost and sex symbol Scarlett Johansson.

What does Scarlett have that all Cancer men are putty for? A mix of deep emotionality, intelligence, empathy, kindness and assertiveness.

All of this makes for a nurturing yet strong woman—what the Cancer man really craves.

That should give you some hints about how to impress him.

Let’s get into that right now.

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How to Impress a Cancer Man

1. Skip dinner out. Cook instead.

There are several good reasons to try this.

One is that Cancers are shy people.

These homebodies have a much easier time getting to know you—and opening up—in a more private atmosphere, where they’re not feeling “on display.”

Another reason is that Cancers love a home-cooked meal.

This sign rules the stomach, so you can bet that showing off your culinary skills will impress.

Also, cooking at your place or his gives you two a chance to interact more than if you were sitting across from each other at a restaurant.

You can even have fun cooking together and make the date novel enough to intrigue your Cancer man but close enough to tradition to stay in his comfort zone. 

2. Nurture him

The nurturer of the zodiac, the Crab loves to receive nurturing as much as give it.

Fortunately, this is a pretty easy one for most.

Here’s how to do it.

Show your supportiveness when he talks about reaching his goals.

Don’t crush his dreams by being pessimistic.

Show concern for his cuts, bruises, aches and pains.

Bring him soup when he’s sick.

Be empathetic when he talks about having a crappy day.

And yes, cooking for him counts here.

3. Look effortless yet put-together

While Cancers don’t consider themselves to be superficial, appearance does matter.

They like when you look natural, not sloppy—that might signal that you don’t practice self-care, which is not very attractive to Cancers.

Of course, there’s a way to pull off the effortless look in jeans and a messy bun without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

As for what to wear, you don’t necessarily need to follow any style rules.

If you’re comfortable in what you wear, you’ll be confident, and that’s a plus.

That being said, it can give the wrong idea if your fashion sense looks like it came from the strip club.

Just a little bit of cleavage goes a long way.

The takeaway? Make your look comfortable yet polished, and steer clear of anything too revealing.

Impressing a Cancer man is all about “communicating” with him on an unspoken level, which you can master with Cancer Man Secrets.

4. Talk about the last book you read

As mentioned before, Cancer men like smart women.

Specifically, Cancers like women who read.

Before you start fretting about not having time to keep up with the New York Times’ best seller list, just expressing interest in a book you’d like to read counts.

Especially if it’s fiction—Cancers tend to prefer storytelling over more impersonal nonfiction.

And they love real, solid books as opposed to Kindle books—blame their attachment to the past, anything old-fashioned and “vintage.” 

So you get extra points if you can offer to let him borrow your book!

5. Do something sweet for him

A surefire way to amaze a Cancer man?

Any act that puts your big heart on display.

Favors and volunteering to help him out without him asking are great ideas.

So is offering a meaningful compliment that brightens up his day.

If you don’t think this is powerful enough to stick with him, you don’t know Cancers!

For those who like gift-giving, you can always pick something up for him.

Better if it has some sort of sentimental value. (Tip: make it yourself if you have time—Cancers are suckers for stuff like that.)

The reason these gestures work so well is that Cancers love to give of themselves to others and will do so freely, especially when they like them.

But, they can get hurt when people don’t show them the same consideration.

So, by doing sweet things for your Cancer man, you’re showing him that you are that special type of person who will appreciate him as much as he appreciates you.

6. Demonstrate confidence

When it comes down to it, Cancer men want someone who is sure-footed.

A lady who knows what she wants and will go get it for herself.

In short, someone with confidence.

If you want to be impressive to this man, go ahead and show him that you believe in yourself.

Speak your mind and have an opinion. And don’t sweat the haters.

Bear in mind, believing in yourself is different from having an overinflated ego.

OK, that, too, might impress a Cancer man—for a time—but ideally, you’ll need to have a balance of self-confidence and humbleness to win him over.

Not only will he eat that up, it will inspire him.

If you can inspire your Cancer man, you will be his queen.

7. Have a good sense of humor

Along with humility goes the ability to joke and not be so serious about ourselves.

Cancers have reputations for their shyness and sweetness, but don’t underestimate their own goofy senses of humor.

They might not put it on full display unless you do first, though.

They want to make a good impression as much as you do, and one way they do this is by trying to match the general vibe you’re putting out.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t have a great time getting silly with you!

8. Pay attention to what he says

Can you repeat something someone said five minutes ago?

If you can, you’re a good listener.

This is the kind of skill that’s important to a Cancer man.

As great listeners themselves, Cancers know when you’re giving them your full attention and when you’re on screensaver mode.

When you’re talking to your Cancer, bring up something he said earlier and connect it to the present.

Want serious points? 

Mention something he said yesterday to show him that not only are you listening, but that what he says really matters to you.

Not many people do that, and it’s a good way to stand out to him.

9. Show that you’re loyal

Cancers are very loyal people.

They feel a strong urge to protect their loved ones and support them no matter what.

For sure, Cancers are equally impressed by others who do the same.

So, show that you have that same instinct.

Find a way to mention that your friends and family are very important to you and that you are dedicated to them.

It probably goes without saying, don’t rag on friends and family, especially your parents.

Cancers have strong ties to family, and to their mothers in particular.

If you can show that people you care about can trust and depend on you, it will show the Cancer that he, too, can trust and depend on you.

That’s crucial if you want him to come out of his shell!

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