How to Know If a Cancer Man Loves You (7 Signs You Don’t Want to Miss)

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You know your Cancer man is into you, but is he in love? Let’s talk about how to know if a Cancer man loves you so you can put that question to rest!

How to Know If a Cancer Man Loves You

When a Cancer man falls in loves, so many of his “tells” are in the way that he treats you.

Does it seem like he’s suddenly wrapped around your finger? He pretty much is.

The Cancer man is one of the most fiercely loyal, protective and sentimental lovers you’ll ever have. If you know this about him, you can pick up on little clues about what his actual feelings for you are, in case he hasn’t verbalized them yet.

man and woman kissing on the beach with a quote about a cancer man falling in love

And that may very well be the case. That’s why you’re researching how to know if a Cancer man loves you, right?

You see, Cancers are quick to fall hard, a little slower to open up completely, as in come right out and say it. It’s tough for them because they’re incredibly sensitive souls—a thick skin is not something they’re born with.

In fact, depending on the situation, a Cancer man’s highly emotional nature and sensitivity can sometimes push him toward the secretive side to protect himself.

In which case, you might need a guide like Cancer Man Secrets to learn about his love language and keep the relationship strong and steady.

For now, be on the lookout for these signals that he’s totally in love with you.

1. He spoils you.

hands of a man and woman holding a gift with a quote about cancer men giving personal gifts

The Cancer’s desire to indulge you is well known to those he cares most about. 

He loves to surround you with your favorite things. He’ll surprise you with little presents, no holidays or birthdays in sight—just for the sake of seeing you smile.

Often, his gifts will carry personal value to them. Watch closely if that’s the case! 

Maybe he’s gotten you a bracelet inscribed with a saying that only you two would understand. Or maybe he’s attempted to recreate your favorite meal from a restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore. 

Side note: Cancer men are usually great cooks!

If he’s always looking for ways to treat you like his queen, he’s got serious feelings for you.

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2. He goes out of his way for you.

This man is willing, able and highly likely to go to great lengths to make your life easier. When you need help, he’s the first to volunteer. You’re his priority, and it shows.

The Cancer man is the kind of guy who insists on driving you to the airport in the middle of five o’clock rush hour so you don’t have to take a cramped bus.

Even if you just want him to come over for the night, he’ll try to rearrange his plans just to make that happen.

If you’re surprised at how dedicated he is even if you haven’t been together long, don’t be. It’s how he acts with his lady love.

3. He talks about the future, and you’re in it.

woman hugging a man from behind with a quote about a cancer man making plans with a woman he loves

Though Cancers are famous for being past-oriented people who are all about nostalgia, they’re also planners. And they’re very good at making their plans a reality.

So how does a Cancer man show his love? Plans that include you reveal his feelings for you.

Is he talking about taking a vacation together next year? That’s a good sign. Maybe he’s even mentioned moving in together at some point. He wouldn’t throw that out there unless he was sure about you.

Cancer guys are family men, and most often, they’ll want to have a family of their own with their soulmate one day. If you’re in his long-term plans, you just might be a candidate!

4. He tells you what goes on in his inner world.

Go ahead and try to get a Cancer to tell you personal, private things. You won’t be able to do it unless that Cancer fully trusts you and sincerely cares for you.

But, Cancer men in love will eventually begin opening up to their significant others. This is partly because at this point, he trusts you with this heart.

He’s also keen to create a powerful bond with you. So sharing intimate details of his emotional life is natural for him.

Keep in mind that for Cancer men, it’s a process. It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, though it can be pretty sudden. But if he’s starting to tell you things you know he doesn’t share with anyone else, his feelings for you are deep.

5. He wants to comfort and support you emotionally.

man hugging woman with a quote about cancer man defending a woman he loves

It’s second nature to Cancers to be their loved one’s rock. Whatever they can do to protect your emotions, they’ll do.

A very sweet Cancer guy I was seeing once showed up to my work with a funny book about surviving the zombie apocalypse. This was one day after I mentioned wishing I could watch zombie movies but being too scared to. The funny book was his attempt to cure my fear.

See what I mean?

He’ll valiantly defend and protect you against anything in the world that upsets or threatens you. That’s a Cancer man in love.

6. He does little things for you without you having to ask.

Are there small things around your apartment that you wish you had time to deal with but have never bothered to?

Has the Cancer man in your life started knocking them off your list?

Yep—he’s smitten.

The key here is that you don’t have to even ask him—not more than once at most, if at all. If his feelings for you are that strong, he’ll want nothing more than to take care of you.

7. He’s all in.

A big sign to look out for is if he’s openly and fully invested in the relationship. No game playing, no hiding the fact that he wants to be with you 24/7.

Cancer men love hard. It’s because their emotions are vast, and they feel them so keenly.

So as you can imagine, it would be difficult for a Cancer man to hold back when he adores you.

When he’s in love, it’s full throttle. 

Is there more to how to know if a Cancer man loves you, wants to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you?

Sure there is. 

You can do some sleuthing on the internet for more tips…or you can get the insider information in one easy place from Cancer Man Secrets. It’s got everything you need to know about love, dating and commitment with a Cancer man.

Here’s the guide. Check it out.

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