How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is Not Interested (6 Warning Signs)

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Is that Taurus guy you’ve been flirting with getting your smoke signals?

If he hasn’t responded, then he hasn’t gotten the message, he’s seeing someone already or he’s choosing not to engage.

How to tell if a Taurus man is not interested?

Here’s the short answer: He doesn’t direct his attention toward you in any special way.

If that’s something you definitely want to change, you’ve got to put some work in.

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Here’s how to tell if a Taurus man is not interested so you can do something about it—or save your energy for someone who will give it back.

How to Tell If a Taurus Man Is Not Interested

The thing about Taurus guys is that they’re pretty nice to everyone, and they enjoy good rapport with their fellow humans.

Since they’re so congenial, it’s possible to mistake their charming personalities for flirtatiousness.

If you like knowing exactly where you stand, one great thing about Taurus men is that they’ll frequently straight up tell you if they see you as just a friend—that is, if they’re dodging your attempts to turn the relationship romantic.

But not necessarily.

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So, you might need a good compass to tell with him. Here it is.

(If you two were already dating and he’s disappeared, read Signs That a Taurus Man Has Lost Interest.)

He’s Distant

Taurus men are known to put a good deal of attention directly on someone they’re interested in, pretty much whenever they see an opportunity.

In this way, they’re kind of bad at playing hard to get. So if they’re distant, it could be something to look into.

Here’s the kind of distance I’m talking about.

He breezes by you without seeming to notice you.

Tauruses NO-TICE you when they think you’re attractive. They simply can’t help it. They’re sensory creatures, after all.

If he’s not acknowledging you when you pass by each other or whenever you’re in the same room (and he’s fully sighted), he might just consider you an acquaintance.

He doesn’t go out of his way to talk to you.

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Let’s say you work together in the same office. 

Scenario 1 (Taurus is interested): The Taurus is frequently at your desk to talk to you, find out how your day is going and joke around with you. Or he’s showing up where you are “coincidentally” when you’re getting a cup of coffee from the office kitchen, eating lunch, etc.

Scenario 2 (Taurus is probably not interested): The Taurus generally leaves your desk alone, or stops at it with the same frequency that he stops at any other desk for idle chit-chat. Basically, the attention paid to you is within a general social context.

When he’s not expending energy talking to you exclusively, it’s usually because you aren’t on his radar in that way.

He’s Elusive

Sure, people have reported feeling confused by some Taurus men’s behaviors, as in why is this Taurus man hot and cold with me? Sometimes they can act a little weird and they’re just testing things out, so it’s no cause for serious concern.

But usually, it’s not the case that a Taurus who’s into you will show no sign of concern about you.

If you’re just getting the cold, it’s a good indication that he’s not really pursuing you.

Taurus Man Secrets is an in-depth guide that can help you learn the difference if you’re having a hard time.

You don’t hear from him very often.

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Texts zero or nearly zero? No phone time? The lack of communication is often indicative of a Taurus who isn’t prioritizing you, which means a Taurus who probably isn’t trying to win your affection.

Smitten Tauruses may bombard you with text messages and goofy memes throughout the day, or they may show a little restraint and send you the odd, but definitely regular, text.

But outside of the occasional call for some non-exciting reason, a Taurus who isn’t texting or calling probably doesn’t want anything more than friendship.

He doesn’t make solid plans with you.

“Sure, let’s do coffee some time.”

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If you hear these from your Bull but plans never materialize, it’s a warning sign.

Of course, if he tries to set dates with you but has legitimate reasons for canceling, that’s different. He may just lead a regular, busy life just like anyone else.

It’s the intention (or lack thereof) behind his words that counts.

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His Body Says It

Being the most physically oriented sign of the zodiac, the Taurus is going to communicate quite a bit with his body.

See if he’s doing these things if you’re wondering what his body language is communicating to you.

He looks closed off.

Folding his arms and standing several feet away from you is one way that the Taurus indicates that he’d prefer to keep it professional, whether he does it consciously or unconsciously.

Typically, Taureans who’ve got you on their mind will want to be close to you. Even if they’re shy.

He deflects physical contact. 

Rather than finding excuses to touch your arm, hug you or give you a quick shoulder rub, the Taurus who sees you as just a friend, coworker, acquaintance, etc. is going to keep physical contact pretty nonexistent.

Equally, contact from you is not going to be reciprocated. He may even pull away. That’s a sure sign he’s not into it.

It may be easier to understand why your Taurus guy does what he does (and what to do about it) with a guide like Taurus Man Secrets.

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