How to Attract Taurus Woman With Texting (16 No-Fail Ways)

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Need some texting tips to get a Taurus woman’s attention?

Here’s how to attract Taurus woman with texting:

  • Send pics when you’re looking well-groomed and well-dressed
  • Make her laugh so hard she can’t breathe
  • Keep your texts brief and exciting
  • Show your masculine and chivalrous sides
  • Don’t let text conversations go for weeks without asking for a date!

Below, we’re going to get into the details of exactly how to make a Taurus woman salivate over you via text.

So keep reading!

How to Attract Taurus Woman With Texting

1. Definitely make her laugh

You can try to charm a Taurus woman all day long.

But if you’re unfunny, you’re probably not going to get anywhere with her.

Tauruses love to laugh.

You can have a gorgeous face and an Adonis body, but a Taurus woman might still pass you over for a date with a funny man who’s just average looking.

So make her laugh!

Strike up some effortless banter with her.

Text her a joke out of the blue, or send her a funny meme.

Be playful. A Taurus woman becomes interested in someone who is fun to talk to.

If you can make her spit out her coffee from laughing so hard, she’s definitely going to be more attracted to you.

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2. Be attentive

If you want to impress a Taurus woman over text, show her your caring side.

Pay attention when she says she’s stressed at work and text her to see if there’s anything you can do for her.

A Taurus woman likes it when you pick up on the details about her.

If you know her favorite band is coming to town, text her about it and say you’d love to take her to see them, your treat.

The more you show that you’re paying attention to her, the more she’ll think you’re actually worth paying attention to.

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3. Excite her

If you want to attract a Taurus woman, you’re going to have to shake things up for her.

In the beginning, she wants to be wowed by a man.

Never be boring in your texts.

Only text her when you have something juicy to say, and amp up the excitement for her with a random “Got you running around my mind” text.

Text her that you can’t go to sleep until she sends you a picture of herself and what she’s doing right now.

Tauruses are very physical, sensual, sensory people, so making your texts as close to real-life interactions as possible will ramp up her passionate feelings for you.

4. Don’t overwhelm her

When it comes to texting a Taurus female, less is more.

You want to create a subtle air of mystery and intrigue, not overload her with mini essays to read.

A Taurus’s attention span is pretty short.

So appeal to her shorter attention span with brief messages that are witty, charming and captivating.

Give some breathing room between texts—no need to blow up her phone morning, noon and night.

She needs some time to fantasize about you to become attracted to you.

5. Keep the compliments coming

You want a Taurus woman? Give her compliments, then give her some more.

All joking aside, a Taurus is absolutely a sucker for flattery.

Mind you, they don’t appreciate empty, generic flattery.

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So pick out something unique to her look or personality.

Talk about her heart-shaped lips, or how much you enjoy the way she giggles.

Go beyond her physical appearance and tell her how much you admire her skills and intelligence.

She’ll be glad you noticed, and want to know more about you, too.

6. Say corny, heartfelt things

Tauruses are not overly emotional people, but they are extremely romantic.

Which means a Taurus woman is not immune to a corny one-liner.

Something you can say to make her laugh, but that she also knows is totally sincere.

Something like, “I’m not an organ donor, but I’d give you my heart.”

It doesn’t have to be jokey—just let her know that she’s special to you.

A Taurus woman wants to know that a man is not out there flattering 10 other women.

So make sure you show her she’s the only one you’re interested in through your texts.

7. Send pics of your best features

They say men are visual creatures.

Well, so are Taurus women—they come off as proper, but they’re insanely lusty.

A Taurus woman is turned on by a man who looks good, dresses well and takes care of himself.

So send her a picture when you’re looking fine in a three-piece suit on your way to a fancy-dress event.

Or snap a selfie that shows off your pretty blue eyes and text her, “Do my eyes look blue or green in this shirt?”

Just draw attention to your most attractive features and make her drool.

8. Mind your manners

Taurus women are quite traditional, and they like traditional men.

That means they’re into guys who are gentlemanly and polite.

So take a bit of an old-fashioned approach with her, and treat her like a lady.

Avoid foul language and don’t get overly sexual or raunchy with her.

She’ll let you know when she wants more from you.

But you’ve got to prove you’re the patient, polite and chivalrous man she’s searching for first.

9. Project masculinity

On the topic of liking traditional men, Taurus women are into more masculine men.

They’re into five o’clock shadows and physically fit men with hobbies like boxing and martial arts.

So put your masculine foot forward when engaging with a Taurus woman.

Project confidence. You don’t want to appear timid or like you can’t make up your mind with a Taurus female.

Emphasize the contrast between your masculinity and her femininity.

Joke around about how desperately your bachelor pad could use a woman’s touch (and then maybe invite her over!).

She’d love an excuse to get a whiff of your cologne and get a peek at your hot bod in person. 

10. Be direct about what you want

If you want to get to know a Taurus woman better, say so.

Tell her what your intentions are.

If you’re attracted to her, she’d like to know so that she can choose to invest her time and energy in you.

She doesn’t have time for game playing and trying to figure out if a guy is into her or not.

She’d rather write you off than spend that kind of mental energy.

Text her something like, “I think you’re gorgeous and I’d like to take you out on a date.”

Bold and to the point? You bet, and that’s what a Taurus woman likes.

11. Send a voice text

Remember when I said that Taurus women are sensory creatures?

To really make an impression on a Taurus woman, you have to appeal to all of her five senses.

Don’t just text her—mix it up with voice texts so she can hear your sexy voice.

Speak in a calm, soothing and gravelly tone.

She’ll be playing it over and over again just to hear your voice.

12. Call her

This is not exactly texting advice, but if you’re going to talk about how to attract a Taurus woman through texting…

You need to understand its limits.

A Taurus woman needs to see you, breathe you in, talk to you and touch you in order to keep you on her mind.

She suffers from an out of sight, out of mind mentality and will not recall your name next week if you don’t make your presence known to her in a more tangible way.

So pick up the phone and call her if you really want an answer from her.

Don’t rely solely on text messages to attract her.

Texts are good when they’re your only mode of communication, but you need to step up your game and put more effort in if you want to bag a Taurus woman.

13. Talk about your ambitions

A Taurus gal wants a go-getter.

She wants a man with a plan. Someone like her who’s going to get off their behind and make their goals happen.

So if you want to attract her, you need to make it clear that you’re that type of guy.

Say you’d like to call her later after your master’s class and let her curiosity guide your conversation about where you’re taking your higher education.

Share what you’re working toward, especially if it’s going to get you financially secure in your life.

Financial security = big-time attraction factor to a Taurean.

14. Don’t push her

The last thing you want to do with a Taurus woman is get pushy, needy or clingy.

She needs you to be emotionally independent and self-sufficient.

She takes time choosing a man to date, and even longer to fall in love.

If you’re texting her with an agenda, telling her you’re going to make her your girlfriend, she’s going to take a hard pass.

Let your courtship evolve gradually.

Keep the fun, pressure-free text exchanges flowing and don’t get too hung up if you don’t hear from her for a few days.

Remember, she’s not your girlfriend, so don’t get possessive or she will block you, quick.

15. Don’t text her back immediately all the time

It’s not a bad thing to take some time replying to a Taurus woman’s texts once in a while.

She knows—or at least she hopes—that you’re a busy person.

She doesn’t expect you to have your nose glued to your phone 24/7.

And if you did, she’d probably be less attracted to you.

Let life happen and don’t be too obsessed about it.

She can handle it.

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And what’s more, she likes a little anticipation, so you may hear back more reliably.

16. Ask for a date

Tauruses are all about action, so it’s good to frame your texts to a Taurus woman as a means of getting a date.

When you text her to ask her how she’s doing, get to the point quickly: find out if she’s free Friday night for you to take her to this great little romantic Italian spot you know of.

You don’t have to ask for a date straight out. You can just ask her to hang out.

But mind you, she may expect it to be just as friends if you don’t clarify.

No matter what, make sure your texts are not just ramblings and have a purpose.

An earth sign like a Taurus likes knowing what to expect from you.

Put the ball in her court to take you up on your offer.

It’s a move that’s confident, respectful of her time and gives her a reason to think about you for the rest of the week.

And remember, staying on a Taurus woman’s mind is half the battle if you want to attract her.

Taurus Women FAQ

How do you seduce a Taurus over text?

You can seduce a Taurus over text much more easily if you include various media, like voice messaging, pictures and videos.

A Taurus is very sensory in nature and can’t really get attracted to the idea of you alone.

They need more of you—to see you, hear you, touch you.

How do you know if a Taurus woman likes you through texting?

A Taurus woman likes you if she’s responding to your texts regularly, even if she doesn’t respond immediately.

If she’s making an effort to get back to you in between her important obligations and as soon as she can, you’re definitely important to her.

She is not a big-time texter, so if she’s attentive to you, that’s a huge sign.

How does a Taurus woman flirt?

A Taurus woman will use lots of physical touch to flirt.

She’ll use every excuse to feel your arms, ruffle your hair and give you playful hugs.

She’ll also make sure to dress sexy around you, particularly in curve-hugging dresses.

She may also tease you slightly, but it’s all in good fun.

For sure, she’ll put all of her focus on you and she won’t pay attention to anyone else.

What attracts a female Taurus?

Masculine men who are stable, mature and have a wicked sense of humor attract Taurus females.

They need to feel secure, so a man who is straightforward with them, reliable and also financially stable is important.

But you’ll also have to dress the part to attract a Taurus woman—no holey t-shirts.

Smell good, dress well, take care of your grooming habits if you want a Taurus woman’s attention.

Signs a Taurus woman secretly likes you

A Taurus woman becomes very doting and nurturing toward you when she secretly likes you.

She’ll want to take care of you, do favors for you and show you she’s there for you.

A huge sign that she’s secretly feeling you is jealousy.

She may get jealous of your female friends, other women or anyone who takes your attention away from her.

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How to get a Taurus woman to chase you

If you want a Taurus woman to chase you, you have to do more than look hot to her.

You have to have a great sense of humor and make her laugh.

But you have to do more than that, too—you have to project total confidence, like you don’t need her.

Tell her she’s gorgeous, flash her your megawatt smile and then leave the ball in her court to reciprocate.

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